Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Tutorial Guide & Discount Coupon Code 2018

In the Technical World availing the new and best WordPress SEO Settings in WordPress are handled by a different number of plugins. One among the plugin named Yoast SEO – a premium Plugin, which is mostly used by wordpress.org users. You can incorporate every detail from a snippet editor and access real-time page analysis functionality. It helps you in optimizing the pages content, images title, meta description and number of XML Sitemaps with the optimization loading power.

In this exclusive Tutorial, you can grab more knowledge about Yoast SEO Plugin and its settings which give fantastic work for the majority of wordpress websites. A perfect guide for configuring this Yoast plugin will lead to best SEO features such as RSS Footer, Robots meta or Yoast Breadcrumbs.

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How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin

install and setup yoast plugin

The complete installation of Yoast SEO plugin is relatively straightforward in wordpress websites. If you own a wordpress website, navigate into Plugins – > Add New – > Search For Yoast SEO Plugin -> Install the plugin with right steps. The configuration options are categorized into two types namely Global Settings and Local Settings. The Global Settings are valid only in sitewide, and local settings are set on per page or with per post basis.

Know about General Settings

When you click on the newly Generated SEO in the main menu, you will be taken to the general settings tab, and it has some submenus.

In General Settings menu, click on General tab and you will be required to know about the necessary details, where you can track the data from the installation date. You can be aware of your security and privacy which are exactly safe with our portal. Your info shows your website name in the search results and will react with default purpose of the website in which you can adapt. Here you can enter an alternate name, company name, and logo.

general settings of yoast seo

Web Master Tools will allow you to verify the website, and you can just forget about the meta value. These tools will provide you with insights and data on your web traffic from different search engines. In Security Tab, you can uncheck the boxes which allow the authors and editors to redirect posts, no index them if you don’t trust the writers.

Steps to Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

In WordPress SEO by Yoast, you will able to perform keyword research, page analysis and content creation with the simple steps in the plugin. In Keyword research, you will get noticed with the plugin for adding a new couple of item for the wordpress admin bar. Just find Google’s Keyword Tool and Google Insights with the SEO Book Keyword Tool, which will support you in the search for the keywords for writing the proper content.

wordpress seo by yoast

The Page Analysis will let you know about the number of links which are gaining with the insights in your On-page SEO techniques. Go with the important SEO Markers as inbound links, keyword density, Google Cache, Headers, Rich Snippets, Facebook Debugger, CSS Validator, Google page Speed and Modern IE Site Scan.

The content creation will require you to add the content quickly in your additional box which is present at the bottom of the wordpress editor.

Using Yoast in Social Settings

social settings of yoast

In SEO by Yoast 3.0 just add the Google Knowledge Graph feature, and it will let you show your social media profile in a search engine. When someone searches for the brand name and the configuration is very much easy for the adding social media profiles in the format which are shown in the image below. Similarly, you can configure with the Facebook Open Graph meta tags and the default image for Facebook; Twitter Meta card will guide you in depth.

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