WpBakery Visual Composer Review & Discount Coupon February 2020

WordPress platform is a great one, where you can able to build your website is just like an icing on the cake. Most of the WordPress lovers don’t know about HTML or CSS, but they can customize their sites according to their imagination with the help of Drag & Drop Page builders.

Many Drag & Drop builders are broadly accessible as plugins, where it can build many traditional themes and allows you to make changes to the layout with additional flourishes in a super easy way.

WPBakery Visual Composer is an outlandish WordPress Page Builder plugin, which takes enormous control over your website. It is a fantastic plugin that accumulates a drag & drops page builder to your WP themes, no technical knowledge mandatory.

WPBakery Promo Code 2020 – Offers & Coupons

If you want any discount of offers on your bulk purchases, then contact Envato via their support system. They will grant you with some discount by reviewing each case individually.

Promo Coupon Offer

Plan & Pricing

Get Visual Composer for $45

Start building the real WordPress sites with the help of visual composer page builder, where they have offering 2 instant purchases, including:

  • Regular: $45
  • Extended: $ 245

All the above premium plans, you will receive free updates and premium support completely for a lifetime.

Make your Payments

Just pick the plan, which will suit you and make the payment. Before making a payment, you need to sign up or sign in with matched username and password. Check your billing details what you see in the plan will be your bill and choose the payment gateway for your payment.


You can Test VC for Free

You may have a chance to try Visual Composer for free of cost completely. It will be the No.1 choice when it comes to page building or content management system. In a short while, you may able to create a pro looking WP portals.

Try for Free

Why Everyone Prefers Visual Composer?

Of course, it is an awesome page builder, which come up with more than 40 content elements. Also, it permits you to design very complicated page layouts within minutes. Therefore, no need for any more shortcodes, just drag and drop with a click, what you want to add.


There are tons of reasons are available on why to choose Visual Composer. here, we have highlighted some of the top things like:

  • It will be very faster and easier
  • You will feel an intuitive interface
  • No coding skill & no need to fight with shortcodes
  • Mobile ready design
  • Compatible with most popular plugins

Divi vs. Visual Composer

Both Divi and Visual Composer drag and drop page builders are fantastic with its features and prices. But there will be a slight difference between them, and that leads that specific one more special.


Divi will be quite costly when to compare to other page builders. Moreover, you need to put more effort to get getting with Divi. Whereas, Visual composer is somewhat cheap and will be very easy to use and understand. In Visual composer, there is no choice for adding third-party widgets, and it will be the great one for creating business portals.

Divi is not a new one for the market, where it has gained many users. But Visual Composer is the fresh one that comes with more than 50 add-ons. With the help of Divi page builder, you can split the content into modules, columns and more. In addition to Visual Composer, its elements are very responsive, where it will adapt to any device and provide an elegant look.

Finally, each has its own pluses and minuses so it is your responsiveness to choose the best one according to your needs.

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