WordPress Unveils AMP Plugins to Accelerate Mobile Pages in Google

google amp projectGoogle has introduced a new technique named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aims to make the pages load instantly on the smartphone.  Whenever the internet connection is slow, some people prefer for 2G or 3G connection, but the pages will be loaded instantly? AMP is very important and it is an open Source projects that borrow ideas from Facebook’s instant Articles and brings them back to the open web.

The AMP enabled web pages will load four times faster than other pages, which could be very much useful in bringing the middle of nowhere with a bad cell reception.

The WordPress team is following the project and started working on the implementation of AMP in mobile.  In Yoast SEO plugin, all the types of post URLs will be having amp version and if you are going for the bare minimum, install and activate this once you have done.

The AMP Plugin will be enhanced with the Automatic uses and default set of metadata, bringing back together.

AMP will markup with supporting and wide range techniques in collaboration with AD networks namely Outbrain, AOL, OPenX, Double click and Adsense to create more optimized tags for the mobile pages.

When you prefer for the self hosted wordpress sites, there are various types of hooks in the code, which will customize your AMP Templates. The company is still working on easier customizing interface for the WordPress.com websites and it usually bring the web pages as slow. In recent evolution Javascript heavy content or Flash, WordPress scripts out of this content from AMP pages will also be omitted by the default tag.  The Yoast SEO release cycles have got slightly longer and Google’s rules for AMP to change over for next 3-4 months will be adapted by us more.

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