WordPress 4.5 Coleman New Features & Compatibility Updates

WordPress is a publishing platform that aids you in improving your online presence and also holds a gigantic market share of CMS platforms on the Internet. Nowadays, it has become the most preferred blogging tool for all the users around the world. Since the release, it never fails to impress any of its users especially while offering new updates and those releases also become familiar. And today WordPress has just released its latest version 4.5, and it is named as ‘Coleman’ in order to honor the Jazz musician ‘Coleman Hawkins’.

Get Started with Update

Although WordPress get regularly updated with new versions, it may cause issue sometimes and at that time, you have to point out the manual updates. Click “WordPress Admin” to launch WordPress and on the WordPress dashboard, click on updates and after that, you can see a notification mentioning the latest version of WordPress. Select the  Update Now” then WordPress will automatically download and install the version 4.5 for you.

Note: Before the start be sure to perform a full website backup (database and files). While updating you may find some issues, you may easily roll back with your backup hence, it is worth to get backup.

What’s New in WordPress 4.5?

Once, updated you will be able to see a welcome screen highlighting the main features of the WordPress 4.5, and there you can discover more advanced features that you never thought before. Do you want to know about its these newest features? Then come on let’s break things down and look at the features deeply.

Custom Theme logo support

Adding a logo from customizer may not be a big deal for experts but for a newbie it is somewhat difficult because every theme doesn’t support logo in the customize area. But today WordPress 4.5 has introduced the custom logo support and with this, you can insert your logo directly into the theme instead of using individual plugins. For this, an upload form is added under the Site Identity panel of the customizer and with that you can easily customize your logo.


Visual Editor Improvements

Most of the WordPress users spend their valuable time in creating and editing a content and to ease them in this work the version 4.5 renders new improvements in visual editor including inline linking and some useful shortcuts.

Inline Linking Feature – The latest version has made it easy to insert links within your editor. You can directly input your URL within the inline link box without using any modal dialog box for adding the links.  By pressing Ctrl+K, a small field will appear below the text, and there you have to paste your link.


New Formatting shortcuts – Always the shortcut keys let you accomplish the task quickly and like that in WordPress 4.5 there also avail some advanced handy shortcuts that help you to do your content formatting promptly. This improves the speed in adding things like links, bold, and italics, horizontal rule without clicking buttons or moving to the text editor.

  • A backtick ( ‘ ) before and after the content to display code- Eg: ‘code’
  • Use (*) before and after the text to make it italic – Eg: *Italic*
  • Add (**) before and after your text in order to make it bold – Eg: **bold**
  • Use – – – for horizontal rule


Improved Comment Moderation

The latest WordPress version has now refreshed the comment moderation section to make it easier to manage comments. Because of this feature, you can able to see how the comment appears, that means the comment will appear just as it seems on the website and offers a quick glance. Due to this update, the comment moderation has become more user-friendly and so this will be a useful one for bloggers to avail huge comments.


Responsive Customizer Preview

Day by day WordPress is improving, and the latest 4.5 version has rendered another cool feature.That allows you to preview your website on different device screen sizes directly in the customizer. Previously you can preview the changes by using any extensions or developer tools, or by just resizing the window, but now this feature comes handy in the customizer itself. By just clicking the device icon for desktop, tablet and mobile devices at the bottom of the dashboard, you can preview the transition immediately.


Optimized Image size Generation

The image optimization feature has already addressed in the previous update of WordPress, whereas version 4.5’s Image optimization has been little bit enhanced further to create up to 50% smaller images by retaining the near identical visual quality. This feature is the great one as it improves the website speed and functionality after image optimization. That means your images will be even better displayed on the smaller screens by reducing the impact of system resources.

Login Using Email address

We may use different usernames for different sites, and it may be hard to keep track of all the usernames, and those usernames are easily forgettable. Now, most of the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on allows the user to login via email address.

Likewise, the version 4.5 also added this new functionality in WordPress and hence you can use both username and your accounts associated email address to log into your dashboard. This feature makes it easy for users to log into the system without fear of losing their credentials.


Developer-Focused Features

As always, WordPress 4.5 has brought some exciting new improvements for developers and check out them below to get more details.

Selective Refresh – For every change in customizer, you have to reload the entire page and it may take more time and data to reload. Whereas in WordPress 4.5 a robust element called Selective refresh is introduced in the customizer to make an effective difference for users.  With selective refresh, you can do great things like selective loadings and live preview incredibly fast instead of reloading the entire page.

 Embed Templates – In WordPress 4.4 itself embeds have been introduced, and that allows the user to integrate posts from one and other blogs. And now Embeds have received robust and customizable updates in the release of WordPress 4.5. The most important one in this update is embedding new templates and themes in the template hierarchy so that the author can customize their displays simply without any extra add-ons.

 WordPress Multisite Updates – The WordPress multisite has also received some updates in this latest version for managing multisite WordPress installs. A new “WP_Site” object class has been added along with other additional object-oriented approach.

Script Loader – With this fantastic feature, you can add  inline JavaScripts quickly by using the new function “wp_add_inline_script()”

Final Thoughts…

Each one has strength and weakness likewise, this WordPress 4.5 versions also have some advantages and issues so, first understand this version well before using it. This refreshing new features and improvements are designed to make using WordPress just a bit easier for everyone. We hope this article gives you some piece of expertise on WordPress 4.5 and we are also excited to hear your views on this version via the below comment section.

2nd is Compatibility. It means 4.5 is somewhat a little big update which caused issues with many themes and plugins. so the theme and plugin developer need to update and release again which is compatible with WordPress 4.5

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