Best Woocommerce Product Attribute Variation & Swatches Plugins

Are you looking for Woocommerce Plugins to add product variations and color swatches for your e-shop products? Then, this post will be very useful for you, where we have concentrated on the best collections of premium + free WordPress plugins to improve WooCommerce Product Variations and other Attributes for products.

There are many numbers of plugins are available for products variations feature with Swatches, colors, images and much more. The below-listed plugins allow you to replace your standard WooCommerce select options with icons, dynamic labels, radio buttons, custom images, etc.

So, What’s a Variable Product?
It is nothing but a standard product type in WooCommerce. A Variable product has multiple attributes and the buyer select one from each attribute.

Why We Need it?

Generally, Woocommerce will display product variation options as a drop-down list, where it is easy but looks bad. So, when you use image and color swatches that will offer a much pretty way to show off the available colors, styles, sizes of the products. It will make customers to have an overview of their interesting items and also saves their precious time too.

Best Woocommerce Product Attribute Variation & Swatches Plugins

WooSwatches – Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches

WooSwatches is the top selling Woocommerce swatches plugins, which is available at the very least price. It has come up with an easy to use admin user interface that will allow you to assign image, color and other options quickly.

When you use this plugin in your online store, your normal variable attribute dropdown select will replace with a nice and catchy look color or image select.

Pricing: You can purchase regular license for $25 and extended license for just $120


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Some Features

  • It supports color, image and text variation swatches and dropdown select
  • It has global color or image value for attributes
  • Supports both square and round swatches
  • The plugin contains inbuilt image or color product filter
  • Distinct sizes from small to large for swatch

Improves Variable Product Attribute for Woocommerce

The plugin is easy using and has enough option to improve your shop’s product variation features. This Improved Variable Product Attribute plugin prevents your consumers from choosing unavailable combinations and only let them choose the available ones.

The plugin will extends the default variable product select box in your online shop. It can improve your buyers product selection by setting up the attributes styles and it will never show off “out of stock” option.

Pricing: Add to your cart, where it offerd regular price at just $25 alone


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Some Features

  • It is fully compatible with WordPress Multilingual
  • 100% perfectly works on all templates
  • Has drag and drop customization to customize your attribute style
  • Never show out of stock option again
  • It is integrated with the Woocommerce interface

WooCommerce Variation Master

If you wish to make your web page better for your customer, then use this Woocommerce Variation Master plugin in your WordPress. It allows you to embed number o gallery images for each variation. So that when users select the variations, it will be shown as gallery image instead of main item images.

The plugin is quite easy to use, where you can export or import the variation gallery images and color swatches. You can have a full control over each variation with the easy global features.

Pricing: The regular price of this plugin is $26 and an extended license is offering for $100


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Some Features

  • Contains module wise control from a single page
  • Easy to import or export attributes and swatches
  • You can add any number of gallery images for variations
  • Options to choose color and image combinations of swatches
  • Responsive design and popular browser compatibility

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations

Try to show off your product variations in the most effective and fashionable manner using YITH Woocommerce Color and Label Variations plugin. With this one plugin, you can replace all the standard options by adding unlimited variations like sizes, colors, patterns and so on.

If you display your products options via ad hoc images and icons, then it will be very helpful for your customers to understand immediately while entering into the page.

Pricing: Select your license according to your needs, Single site at $69, up to 6 sites for $99 and up to 30 sites for $149


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Some Features

  • It is extremely versatile and adapts to any kind of items
  • You can add tooltip to your attributes
  • Allows you to add description for attribute
  • 100% WPML compatible & translation ready
  • You can select a color for each variation

JC WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes

You can fins easy to improve you’re the look and feel of your e-shop product page by having JC WooCommerce Advanced Product Attribute plugin in your portal. The plugin allows you to take control of your product attributes and dropdowns with images, text and colors swatches. It grants you to build sets of attributes, which can be simply loaded onto products with just a single click.

Pricing: They have been getting $17 for regular license and $85 for extended license


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Some Features

  • Allows you to display modern circular attributes or default circular one
  • You can easily customize style options
  • It improves products management with attribute groups
  • Easy customizable attribute styling
  • Display attributes in product catalog

WooCommerce Visual Attributes & Options Swatches $12

Using WooCommerce Visual Attributes & Options Swatches offers a nice ways to display the available color, style, size, and anything else of a product. You can use labels, colors, pictures, radio buttins, text fields and more fancy drop-downs instead of standard product attributes. Here, the plugin is available in 14 different skins, choose what suits you.


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WooCommerce Product Colorizer $17

If you like to have a live product color change for your items, then try to purchase this Woocommere Product Colorizer plugin. When you use this extension, it will generates live preview of different colors of items.


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Openswatch WooCommerce Variations Image Swatch $17


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WooCombinator for Variable Products $14


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Woocommerce Attribute Swatches $20


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Color and Image Swatches for Variable Attributes


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You can try any of these and share your experience with us, we always happy to hear for you guys!!! 

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