What is Alexa Rank & How it is Calculated ?

Every people’s aspiration is to place in a top position for making money and even for the website also the position is needed to make money in online. The number and the ranking have placed ineradicable impact on people’s mind and in this website is not exceptional.

For ranking a website, several parameters are available, and the Alexa Rank is one among that. In this post let’s examine the Alexa Rank in detail to know what it is? And it’s importance. As I know, most of you have not heard about Alexa Rank.right?

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is the ranking system that appraises the traffic and web popularity of a website. These ratings are provided by alexa.com. The ranking is based on the traffic perspective, and it offers both global and local rank so that you can you can easily find fame of your site in your location.

Alexa.com: Initiated in 1996 and later it is acquired by Amazon to provide the commercial web traffic approach.

It is the best handy tool for the users who have takes search engine optimization to consideration as it shows how your site is going on. Alexa traffic ranks are constantly updated, and you can see your ranking change on a daily basis.

Alexa Toolbars:

Alexa Toolbars is the one which sends your browsing details to Alexa.com and based on those details only it generates the web statistics. This toolbar also allows you to check the ranking of the sites visit instantly since the data is public.

Alexa only uses the data that gained from the Alexa Toolbar for ranking. That means the visitors with Alexa toolbar will be counted whereas the remaining visitors won’t be computed. In real not all of the user have a toolbar and some may not even aware of it.

So, how it works?

According to Alexa, the site ranks based on the conventional measures like unique visitors and page views. The algorithm used by Alexa is pretty much simple, and it runs at the frequency of 3 months.

Unique Visitors – Number of unique Alexa users visiting the sites in a day.

Page views – a total number of URL request for a site in a day by Alexa users.

Alexa tracks these details from the Alexa toolbar for the time period of three months and then rank the sites by calculating the average of the daily visitors and page views. It ranks the sites reversely as like school ranking. If your Alexa rank is low, your site rank is high and vice versa.

Methods to View Alexa Rank for a Website

The Alexa rank can be viewed in two ways for the detailed view perform method else go to method two.

Method 1

Step 1: Launch the Alexa official website and scroll down to find a text box there give the sites name as Input.

Step 2: Then hit “Enter” to get a bunch of results like global rank, local rank, Bounce rate, visitors percentage, upstream sites and linked sites and even your page load times.

The Alexa ranks only the top level domain like Yoursite.com whereas site build on the subdomain (yoursite.subdomain.com) will not be considered.

There a lot to explore there, but for that you have to upgrade to an account, and this is not free. Each plan (Basic, Insight, Advanced) comes with 7 day free trial so no need to hesitate simply try it.


Method 2

It is a simple and very easy method to find the Alexa global and local ranking of a website. Install the Alexa toolbar to your browser as an extension . This toolbar will be placed default on your browser.

To view a traffic statistics for particular site open the site and click on the toolbar extension then you can see the rankings.

What Else can Find in Alexa?

Alexa is not only used for ranking purpose it offers other good aspects of information like user reviews, related sites, linked sites, the percentage of visitors, bounce rate, daily page views, search traffic, upstream sites and many.

Expose to this data’s to get lots of useful information and as plus Alexa gives some webmaster features like,


SEO Audit Tool – Improve your SEO performance by automatically finding and fixing the problems that block you from ranking.

Keyword Difficulty Tool – With this tool you can find out easy to rank keywords and ideas for your content that improves your performance.

On-Page SEO Checker – It ensures your SEO health by checking out the metrics and Meta tags you use and list out the actions to be carried.

Competitive Intelligence ToolAnalyze the competitors’ data and discover the opportunities and next move to stay forward among your competitors.

Best Breezy Ways to Improve Alexa Rank

To reach a high rank in Alexa various methods are followed by bloggers and here I have mentioned some of the standard methods. It is very important to get started with these steps if you want to increase your SEO.

Get Alexa Toolbar – It important to install the toolbar in your system to get good results. Also, tell your friends, site users, and colleagues to install Alexa Toolbar and encourage them to visit your site.

Alexa Widget – Include the Alexa widget on your blog or site and provoke the users to click on it so that you can get a link.

Seo optimization – In Seo writing the content is more important, if you write the trending content your sites traffic will increase. Try to create a post related to Alexa rank like this.

Buy paid services – If you have sufficient funds then you should get some banners and advertisement for your site to boost up the Alexa Rank.

Use Alexa Redirect – Place the http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? In front of your site’s URL to include the visitors without Alexa toolbar in the counting.

Be Active on social media – Try to be active on social media activities always to build up the trust and authority that drives more visitors to your site.

By doing all the above mentioned process correctly, you can automatically see a rise in your Alexa Ranking.

 A word to wise: Avoid using the false strategies to boost your Alexa rank it ruins your reputation. Do not purchase any plan from any website saying that they help in ranking because all are fake you have to do it on your own.

Alexa – Is it worth to consider?

Of course, Even though the Alexa ranking is one of the unfair ranking systems its fame among the web experts is still not fade out. As Google Page Rank has stopped updating its ranking Alexa is the next option for most of the advertisers to go with this system.

Well, there is another option called “Google Analytics” but the decision is yours. Anyhow I have rendered some advantages and loopholes of Alexa. So, that you can make a wise decision.

Strengths of Alexa

You can perform the comparison between yours and your competitors’ site quickly and can find out their efforts. In plays the main role in web marketing for advertisers to know the true potential of your site, the better Alexa rank increases your marketing value. If Alexa Rank of your site is good, you can sell your domain for a better price as buyer estimate it by site traffic. In Seo, Alexa Ranking has gained some importance in calculating the traffic for external websites.

Weakness of Alexa

The Alexa ranking is not accurate as it limits the searches with its toolbar, so, that it’s possible for high traffic sites to get low ranking. The sample amount of the visitors is used for the ranking purpose. Hence, a small change in site visitors may lead to a significant shift in Alexa ranking. Subdomains are not ranked separately and even the subpages of a top domain also not calculated. The rank is not too much dependable in consideration of web traffic and it is highly biased towards the webmaster traffic.

As I mentioned earlier, Alexa Rank is not accurate and relevant, so it is better to use it as a rough guide only. In the statistics of last five years, it has found that Alexa has dropped down its value in trust and most of the people has moved on to other data rankers.

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