Best Website Crawler Tools – Online & Software

Are you striving hard to boost the revenue of your website? Truly to get high income or visitors SEO is the most important factor on the internet. Some misstep done on the SEO process may hold you back from ranking and to deal with you have to inspect your website.

If you asked anybody to guide you in solving this augment they suggest you to perform an audit by hiring SEO experts. But this can be done by you itself without losing money.

Yeah, you heard right! You know by using the right tools every task can be completed quickly. One such tool used for analyzing and indexing is called web crawler tools.

Web crawling is the process of locating and indexing the website for the search engines by running a program or automated script called web crawler. The web crawler travels through the web pages to collect or crawls the data’s from the internet.

The web crawling tools are the decisive one for those who are striving hard in page ranking. These tools not only help you in optimizing your site but also hook you with the Google to make your site indexing faster.

Pick a Leading Web crawler Tools

On starting I have stumbled more in finding the web crawling tool as you know, the web industries are evoked with more SEO tools. So, that I thought to reduce your workload by providing the top inspiring web crawler tools I found at one place. If you want something with flexible and extra functionality, then check out the following.

Best Website Crawler Tools – Online & software


ScrapeBox is the well known and most favorable SEO tools for Data crawling and scraping as it really does than things more than your expectation. Hence, the users of ScrapeBox describe it as “Swiss Army Knife of SEO”. You can use ScrapeBox as a White Hat tool to make the Internet a better and safe place for your site.

Pricing: Single Package – $97



ScrapeBox is loaded with tons of features and free Add-ons, and here I have highlighted just few core features.

Search Engine Scrapper – Harvest URL’s from more than 30 search engines.

Comment Poster – Create comments on million of websites with your backlink.

Keyword Scrapper – hunts long list of popular keywords including Google suggest.

Proxy Harvester – stay anonymous then discovers and test free proxies found online.

Email Scrapper – Used to gatherer email address from the WebPages and websites.

Web Page Meta Scrapper, Domain Availability, RSS feed creator and submit, Comment scrapper, Name and Email generator and much more. is a high flexible and customisable web scrapper tool that is used for scrapping website and can be used for posting or collecting data from the website. The usage and functionality of this tool is nice and clear so that it fits for all level of users. In order to please you presents both free and paid versions, that also with monthly and yearly billing option to satisfy the business and individual need.

Pricing: Essential – $249/mo, Professional – $399/mo. Enterprise – $799/mo


Once you have created your account with, you will benefit with more number of features with loads of potentials.

Web Data Extractor – extracts the data’s from the web pages and convert it to data sets.

API Integration – Integrates you data’s directly in to spreadsheets or Google sheets.


Xenu’s Link sleuth

Xenu’s link sleuth is a stand alone desktop application that scans the websites to identify the broken links, images, frames, CSS and scripts. Beyond broken links this tool can be used for identifying the duplicate content, missing sections and structure. This software also helps users in generating reports anytime.

Pricing: Free



Has a simple and easy to use interface without any frills.

Easy to detect and report the broken links and URLs

Can re-check broken links (useful for temporary network errors)

Gives Executable files with a simple report that can be shared via Email.

Supports SSL (“https:// “) websites and partial testing of ftp, gopher and mail URLs.


Botify is best known as web crawler and server log analyzer tool that makes the web campaign life easier. With this cloud based web crawler solution you can get more actionable information for the improvement of SEO traffic and revenue of your site. This tool crawls your website seamlessly and provides you SEO strategies.

Pricing: Genius – $569/mo, Premium – $999/mo, Enterprise – Request a Quote



All the features provided in the Botify helps you to start up a healthy business by bringing more SEO values.

Unlimited Analysis – Analyse and Explore unlimited URL’s you want on a single website.

Share & Collaborate – Aid you in presenting the reports and documents easily with the extended team.

Track & Compare – Every change in the websites are tracked and compared to schedule.

Geek Settings – Control, analyse and monitor the search engine crawls actively.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Whether looking for a desktop application to perform web crawls? Choose Screaming Frog SEO spider as it is a web crawler application runs on PC to perform quick audit on a site’s link, images, CSS and many based on search engine perspective. It is an effective and quick access tool comes with task that can be easily handled by newbies and professionals.

Pricing: Free version, Paid Version – $110.44 Per Year



Find Broken Links – Finds broken links and server error pages in a website instantly.

Discover Duplicate Content – Use md5 algorithm and discover duplicate URLs and elements.

Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data – Identifies whether the URL is long, short, missing or duplicated across the site.

Audit Redirects – finds temporary and permanent redirect chains and loops in the site migration.

Google Analytics Integration – fetch user data’s, bounce rate and conversions by integrating with Google Analytics.

XML and xPath – Generate XML site maps and extracts the data from HTML using CSS or xPath.

Review Robots & Directives – Shows URL’s blocked by robots tags and directives.

Deep Crawl

Deep crawl is the world’s leading online web crawler tool designed to deliver the high SEO aspects. This tool is built perfectly for handling the large website as it has excess level of features with high capability. You can use this Deep Crawl tool for Seo purpose, site audit or to compare your site with the competitors.

Pricing: Starter – $80/mo, Basic – $250/mo, Pro – 4450/mo. Enterprise – $1,750/mo.



Test Vs. Live – Crawls the test environment of the website and compare it to live site to know the impact of changes.

Href Lang – checks whether the search engine servers results to the users in the specified language.

Google Analytics – Integrate with Google Analytics to provide the Google views of your website.

 Redirects – Improves sites crawls by identifying all redirect links, chains, and loops.

Thin content – Shows the pages with low-quality content that affects site’s rankings.

Canonicals – Review canonical pages and check whether the tags are implemented correctly or not.

80 Legs

80 legs web based tool is really a money saving and web scrapping and crawling tool comes with massive amount of SEO aspects. Due to its adaptive controls it is the most accessible web technology by non technical users. The 80 legs software contains variety of services that lets users to customize the web crawls easily without hurdles.

Pricing: Free Plan, Intro – 429/mo, Plus – $99/mo, Premium – $299/mo


Beam Us Up

If you are in need of a technical related SEO web crawler, then the Beam Us Up software is the wise choice. It has quite awesome features like duplicate Meta description, missing page titles, canonical tags, broken links any many more features you can find in other paid web crawler tools. The Beam Us Up software is free to download and it is available for all the latest versions of the platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Pricing: Free


Rob Hammond SEO Crawler

Even though the Rob Hammond Seo crawler tool is free it serves the best to the site owners in crawling their website. This web tool is more advanced with on-page optimization and SEO audit functionalities that guide the site owners to indentify the SEO issues effectively in less time. It also generates real time feedbacks and web crawl reports immediately.

Pricing: Free


Data Scrapping Studio

DSS or Data scrapping is an effective data extraction and web crawler tool that lets you perform advanced web crawling within minutes. Even though it is free of charge it includes powerful features like batch URL crawling, Data Export, Data extraction, web scrapping scheduling, anonymous and simultaneous web crawling such as Google Analytics and many more.

Pricing: Free


In this post, I have included both desktop and the web-based tool and in future, I continue to develop this article with the more interesting tool. Most of the people in the SEO community have already jumped in to use these web crawler tools. What about You?…I’d love to hear your feedback on this.

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