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Over the past few years, many facts of SEO has changed but one thing is till dominant, that is the power of quality and natural backlinks.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are otherwise known as inbound links, incoming links, in links and incoming links. Backlinks mean, the links that are received for other domains or sub domains or web page. It is the vital term and most common term in SEO Platform, where it is generally called as hyperlink on the pages that are redirect the users to another page.

 So, before entering into the SEO business world, you need always go forward keeping an eye on your competitors.

Before days, websites has maximum backlinks, where this will be considered for the top most ranking of the site. Nowadays, everyone wish to stave off the competition and like to achieve a fantastic ranking in the search result.

What’s the need of analysis?

You will know what are the sites linking to your portal and your competitors site

To capture the neighbour domains of your competitors and other zone

It will helps you to compare your backlinks with a strong competitors

Make a check who is linking to you, so that you may return them them favor

To get more traffic and earn the top position in ranking, these things will be possible only if you know about competitors in-depth regarding what they have and do. So, keep watching them and steal your competitors backlinks for your site.

Why to Steal Competitor’s Backlinks?

We have come with an example, if you do a search with a keyword on the Google, then some of the top 10 results are displayed in the current page. You think, how your competitors reach this top places. Yes of course you are right, they have been using high quality and diverse backlinks profiles.

Suppose, if you use all of their backlinks on your website, what would happen? Now yours will be in the top page, this will be the fantastic link building tactic for new clients and even for some new SEO, where it will quite easy and scalable.

Get spying on your competitors backlinks and know how to check their profile and other information via below listed free and premium tools. Here, we are ready to help you to increase an improve your site ranking by the way of your competitors traffic sources, keyword they ranks for and the backlinks that are pin points to their domain or page.


Top 10 Backlinks Audit & Analysis Checker Tools


When it comes to backline analysis, ahrefs is a great tool if crawling the web. Ahrefs is one of the reputed back link analysis tools for your website on the market. With its excellent user interface and index, it is super duper tool and very simple to use.

ahrefs is the biggest and most accurate database of live backlinks, which has been powered by 10 petabytes of storage with 5000 CPU cores.  Around 6 lakh users have used ahrefs to rank higher in search all over the world, where every day they crawl 5 million web pages, 12 trillion known links, 200 million root domains ad 2 trillion known URLs.

It is available in 2 versions, free and paid, with free versions you can monitor only 10 backlinks and 2 domains. Whereas when you prefer paid version, you will get the full glory tools for a complete analysis of your backlink profiles.


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Pricing & Plans

They have been offering plans for both monthly and annual pricing in 3 different personal as well as agency packages, namely:

Personal plans

  • Lite Pack for $99 per month
  • Standard Pack for $179 per month
  • Advanced Pack for $399 per month

Agency Plans

  • For 3 Users: $499 per month
  • For 10 Users: $1,299 per month
  • For 25 Users: $2,500 per month

Try Ahrefs for free of charge for 14 days via registering and try out all the premium features.

You will get Site Explorer, Positions Explorer, content Explorer, Position Tracker, Crawl Report and Ahrefs alerts tool with ahrefs packages. Speaking out from our experience, this tools has a phenomenal customer service and finely works with what you wish to get.

  Best to use this Tool: You can find IPs and external links to your competitors and others.


SEMrush is the most famous SEO tool and now it has been added backlink analysis features to its arsenal. It is the powerful way to check what are the links pointing to your website and this tool helps you to know every nook an corner about your as well as competitor’s backlinks.

It accomplishes 4 things such as keyword research, competitor research, site audit and backlink analysis. You can enter any domain names in the specified box, it will shows you the total number of referring domain, backlinks, referring IPs and many other data in a systematic way.


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Pricing & Plan

The company has been giving 3 different types of version for users convenient, where you can choose according to your desire and needs. Let’s see what the plans and prices of

  • Pro Pack for $69.95 per month
  • Guru Pack for $149.95 per month
  • Business Pack for $549.95 per month

The best part of using this tool is it real and all the data and information comes in a graphic formats.

Also offers the basic information about the competitors, which will the best way to boost up your ranking. It is the only tool that helps you to find competitive research on any domain name.

  Best to use this Tool: You will grab organic keywords, ad keywords, traffic numbers and ranks of competitors.


Are you looking for a tool that permits you to quickly create your backlinks and boost up your site traffic, SimilarWeb is the right place or tool to do. The tool helps you to find the global, country and category wise rank of a particular website.

With the help of this tool you may get insights traffic for ant website or mobile app by entering the website or domain name and get started with it. It is one of the primarily a competitive analysis tools for gigging into a particular website, app or any platform without any hassle.

SimilarWeb tool could be very useful to guess how many unique visitors your competitors generate per month. This tool is free to use, but if you wish to gain access to more number of competitive tools you can upgrade for premium version.


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Pricing & Plans

When it comes to premium version, there are 3 types of versions are available for you. Just see what are they:

  • Basic Pack for $199 permonth
  • Ultimate Pack for $599 per month
  • Enterprise Pack for $2,999 per month

Then why are you waiting, just the choose the needed on and start working to earn more revenue and improve referral traffics.

  Best to use this Tool: You can obtain traffic insight for any website and view the data in the graph structure.

Majestic SEO

You can thoroughly evaluate competitor websites effectively with the renowned tool called “Majestic SEO”. The company has been managing a database, which comprises tons of domains to provide data about competitors websites in the good manner.

Majestic SEO tool is the strongest competitor of ahrefs, where they have their own curated list of top ranking sites. Simply enter a domain or URL or search phrase to get the details. You can also compare the competitors information via this Majestic tool.

Most of the SEO’s are use to recommend this tool for get backlinks and ranking or traffic details of their competitors. You can download the profile of your competitors, where you are hundreds and hundreds  of links right at your fingertip, export the link and slice & dice it as you like.


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Pricing & Plans

There are 3 types of plans are available for Majestic SEO, just know what type of plan is suit for which kind of company. Scroll down to know the plan and pricing of Majestic tools.

  • Silver Pack for $50.63
  • Golf Pack for $112.53
  • Platinum Pack for $281.36

Sign up for free and get out how all the sites are link to each other with the largest database. No other tools will give you this much information, how fabric it is!

  Best to use this Tool: You are always free to get access to the profile of your competitors and can twist or export them.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a superb tool, which is perfectly programmed application with awesome features. The tool helps you to see who are all linking to your competitors site via domain authority.

You may start its free through 30 day trial version to improve your ranking of your site and search engine visibility with complete SEO toolset.


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Pricing & Plans

  • Standard Pack for $99 per month
  • Medium Pack for 149 per month
  • Large Pack for $249m per month
  • Premium pack for $599 per month


Open Link Profiler is the great and favorite tools for many SEOs, which will provide up to the maximum of 2,00,000 links in a single report. It has the biggest database of freshest backlinks to the site and shows the links that are active in the last 90 days.

It will give the scores where you can understand the quality of backlinks. The tool holds both free as well as paid version. Free version permits exporting up to 100 backlinks in .csv formats, if you want more you can go with paid plan.


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  Best to use this Tool: You may get the complete idea of backlink influences, link date, anchor page and a lot.

SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a pretty new tool that has been completely evaluating itself to offer great result. In the recent result, its database has 15,000,000,000,000 indexed backlinks, which is higher than Ahrefs and Majestic.

But the thing is, it is not a webs-based one. It is a desktop software, where you can run it from your pc and check for all the links. The software is packed with full time client support and it will be automatically updated whenever you start the program


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Pricing & Plans

This is one of the most tools available at a reasonable price and for free also. It has 2 license for you, choose the right one for your,

  • Professional Pack for $124.75 one time
  • Enterprise Pack for $299.75 one time

URL Profiler

URL Profiler is a powerful tool, where it will suddenly checks your backlinks and returns in the depth anchor information. This tool can be effectively utilized by the beginners and able to increase their leads and revenue.

It is a type of software, where you can download it for Windows and Mac OS X and try it vis its 14-day free trial. The tool doesn’t do one just, it can be configured to retrieve a large array of links, content an much more what you need.


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Pricing & Plans

  • Solo Pack for $11.31 + VAT per month
  • Pro Pack for $18.13 + VAT per month
  • Server Pack for $26.93 + VAT per month
  • Agency Pack for $45.41 + VAT per month

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO has become the most renowned tool to backlink analysis set. It is also same like other tools, where it will pull out the exact backlinks of domains, sub domains and page level. This tool also come up with both paid and free version, where free will offer the list of 25 backlinks and the list of 10 referring domains.

You have to sign up for its 14 days free trail, which will give a some backlink analysis data, social shares, link velocity, domain authority metrics, breakdown of fresh links and more. Use this tool to actively track you site as well as your competitor sites and increase your traffic now.


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  Best to use this Tool: This tool comes with extremely designed interface and dashboard, which gives everything on a single page.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is another great tool for following a different competitors backlinks that will straightly send to your inbox. When you use this tool, you will surely get a nice picture of links, which are nofollow versus dofollow. It will make an analysis between the highest and lowest domains of the links of your competitors.


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Pricing & Plans

  • Start Pack for $24.90 per month
  • Plus Pack for $47.41 per month
  • Professional Pack for $89.91 per month

  Best to use this Tool: It will compare your results with competitors and find new link-building opportunities.


Using Kerboo tool is somewhat expensive, but the services are very good for this range. It allows you to track your website Google ranking around 26 different countries and will offer all the data what and whe you need it. While using this tool, it will rise your position and that it can be easily exportable.


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Pricing & Plans

  • Basic Pack for $169.35
  • Plus Pack for $567.16
  • Premium Pack for $1135.46
  • Platinum Pack for $2272.06

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