VpsDime Promo Coupon Code February 2020

In the world of Webhosting, trust is the most important aspect; the recent study states that VPSdime hosting provider is the top rated hosting provider by the customers for the VPS hosting. However, we show you the reason behind its adoration.

VPSdime is a globally recognized hosting provider that offers cheap VPS hosting with invincible service and reliability. You will be amazed by its immense server performance, uptime, and quality customer support.

It is the best option for those who are running a small business and for those who like to resell the space to others. The services and their performance are reliable and beyond your expectation. In this post, there is a chance to acquire the incredible secret set of offers, so keep on reading.


Exclusive VPSdime Promo Codes for February 2020

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VPSdime is a famous hosting provider which provides VPS hosting on reasonable price - Exclusive From Here
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VPSdime is a famous hosting provider which provides VPS hosting on reasonable price - Exclusive From Here
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VPSdime Review – Hosting Plans & Features

Even though the VPSdime gifts many offers with promo codes, the price of its hosting plan also comes as cheap that you never think off. Typically, the VPs dime provides VPS web hosting in three plans: Linux VPS, Premium VPS, Windows VPS.

Linux VPS Hosting

The Linux VPS Hosting is the basic hosting plan of VPSdime and for everyone who is entering into this for the first time is highly suggested to choose this plan.

SSD Space
Traffic Limit
6 GB $7 /Mo 30 GB 2 TB
12 GB $14 /Mo 60 GB 4 TB
18 GB $21 /Mo 90 GB 6 TB
24 GB $28 /Mo 120 GB 8 TB
30 GB $35 /Mo 150 GB 10 TB
36 GB $42 /Mo 180 GB 12 TB
Key features:

 Popular Linux Distros: Highly supports the operating systems like Debian, Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux and OpenSUSE

 Full Root Access: It provides full source control access for your VPs hosting with full root access that connects with SSH quickly.

 Inclusive Control Panel: It manages all your VPS power functions and also allows you to view statistics graph at your client area.

 Full SSD Storage: Guarantees you the smooth running website with fast SSD storage for your IO applications.

 Fast Network: comes with incredible fastest network up to 10 Gbit to protect you from page loading dispute.

 Premium VPS Hosting

This devoted premium hosting plan is surprisingly superb in features and relatively cheap in pricing. You can learn the details of the packages below.

Dedicated CPU
SSD Space
Traffic Limit
4 GB $20 /Mo 1 60 GB 4 TB
8 GB $40 /Mo 2 180 GB 8 TB
12 GB $60 /Mo 3 120 GB 12 TB
16 GB $80 /Mo 4 240 GB 16 TB
24 GB $120 /Mo 5 360 GB 24 TB
32 GB $160 /Mo 6 480 GB 32 TB
Key Features:

 Real Virtualization: It works almost like a dedicated server, and it includes industry-leading KVM virtualization

 Fully Dedicated: Provides you pre-allocated and dedicated CPU with 3.3 GHz and high defined memory

 Nightly Backup: Includes daily backups and nightly – the manages R1 soft backups

 Full SSD storage: You will get a fast and RAID protected Storage space for all your intensive applications

 Designed For Enterprise: Designed exclusively to manage maximum 8 VPs per node to provide consistent performance.

Windows VPS Hosting

The first two plans are based on the Linux platform which you can get from VPS dime itself, but the third one cannot be obtained from VPSdime as it is sold under another independent hosting brand “Winty”. The pricing packages are differentiated as basic, professional and business related to the dedicated memory.


What is Winty? Recently, VPSdime has decided to launch simple and realistic VPS hosting for windows with high storage. As the outcome of this, the Winty.io has been introduced to render outstanding connectivity.

How to Claim Better Discount with Promo Codes

Are you tired of searching any coupon codes for the VPSdime hosting? Stop it right now. Because in the first section itself I have provided you the list of discounts in the VPSdime hosting. You can subscribe to the plans by clicking on the “Reveal Coupon” in the coupon section and also copy the coupon into your clipboard.

 Pick a Hosting Plan – Choose Add-ons

Start with selecting any one hosting plan the meet your requirement, and here I have opted for the basic plan of Linux VPS basic package.  Along with cheap pricing, it offers flexible billing period option and selecting this one is up to you, you can choose it based on your comfort.


Next, provide the hostname you wish (The hostname is your domain name) and the root password is given there should be noted for future reference.

Additionally, it gives specialty services and configurable options (data center location, operating system, bandwidth, Ip address, WHM/cPanel, Plesk license). While choosing this service you have to be sure whether you need it or not. Because all these resources come with hidden fees, that adds into your final cart.


 Review and Checkout- Enter Promo Code

Below you can see a text box for the promotional code, paste the one which you have copied earlier from the coupon section. Next to complete the subscription you have to do two more things. One is providing your billing address, either login to your account or create a new account if you are a newbie.

Another one is the payment process, and it can be done either via Credit card or PayPal. Now, you will need to click on the “Checkout” button to complete the purchase.


Data Centres Locations – VPSdime

The VPSdime claims to build their data centers, hardware nodes, and monitoring tools by themselves to present you the incredible performance. According to a statistics VPSdime data centers are currently available in the four geographically diverse locations such as,

Los Angeles, CA

Seattle, Washington

Dallas, Texas

Piscataway, NJ

Maidenhead, UK

Amsterdam, NL

VPSdime Coupons and Billing FAQ’s

Q: Can I Upgrade my account later?

Yes, you may; just a reboot is necessary so if you decide anything related to this make sure to contact their customer support. For this, you will be asked to pay the difference in-between your plans.

Q: What types of Payments are accepted?

VPSdime accepts only payment methods as of now, and that is PayPal and Credit Card

Q: What about the money back guarantee?

VPSdime allows refund within three days of the purchasing, and when compared I can say that this is the shortest span I have seen ever. Besides, it will be valid only for the first service ordered by the company.

Q: Do they have guaranteed uptime?

Of course, like other hosting providers VPSdime also presents a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Q: Coupon codes are not available what to do?

Don’t worry; The coupon codes are not present means the link itself will activate the discount so that you can avail the offer without using the promo code.

Q: What other billing Cycles it offers?

VPSdime is not only limited to the monthly plan but here you can also pay quarterly, semi-annually and annually. I recommend you to choose the plan with large span to get better savings.

Finally, I am fortunate to share this remarkable VPSdime review and coupons with you, and I hope you liked it more. In web hosting forum you can see many people sharing about VPSdime regardless of its minus. From this review, you better know why the VPSdime is best.

Still, have questions? Share your queries with us; we are very much ecstatic to help you!

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