Visual Composer Page Builder Tutorial with Demo & Examples

Have you ever noticed how much of time you are wasting for manually coding layouts? No more struggling with it!! With a magic tool called “Visual Composer” you can design anything on your web page without any hassle.

Visual Composer is the most compatible and accessible WordPress page builder plugin. It is not but an easy to use drag and drop page builder, which will help you to create any layout according to your imagination without programming knowledge.

What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is the #1 WordPress Page Builder Plugin, where nearly 1L+ people are getting advantages with it. This fantastic plugin is designed by WP Bakery, which takes full control over your website.

With Visual Composer Frontend and Backend drag & drop page builder, anyone can easily create and mangae their WordPress site contents in few minutes.

Purchase for just $34

Visual Composer Tutorial Guide

 Installing Visual Composer Plugin in WordPress

The installation process of this plugin is not differing from other plugin, therefore you might be more familiar with the steps already. If no, simply follow the below step by step process.

Step 1: Just Login to your website via valid username and password

Step 2: Go to the plugins in the dashboard and click Add New, then click Upload link

Step 3: Browse the purchased plugin zip file and choose that file

Step 4: Click Install Now Button and wait for a moment

Step 5: Once the plugin is uploaded to our server then Click Activate Plugin Button

Buy License Key but never Nulled

Start building your dreamy WordPress sites in a miracle and professional way through visual composer page builder. Today, it has been comes with 3 different license, let’s see what are they and how about the cost!

 Buy Regular License for just $34

 Buy Extended License for just $170

 Buy In Stock License for just $170

Have a deep look on the pricing pack and choose what suits you and for your web portal, where you are in a good hands.

What are the Benefits of Having Direct VC License?

If you prefer to buy a direct license for a visual composer, then there are numerous features available for you.

  • You can access official consumer support
  • Easily update visual composer directly for WPBakery
  • You can use it with any theme, no issues
  • Feel simple to manage and maintain your license at client portal itself
  • Support your page builder plugin for rapid development

Nulled are available in many places, and you may not get proper updates from WP Bakery team. Recently 4.5 Coleman update is a big example where the major incompatible issue with visual composer occurred within two days they released the major update. Another big issue is security where most of the nulled templates are injected with malicious code, which compromised by hackers.

Clear Guide for Visual Composer Plugin Installation and Configuration

WP Bakery guys design the plugin, but it is not openly accessible in the WordPress plugin directory. It is a paid version, where you may purchase and download it from CodeCanyon.

How to Activate & Setup?

First Step

Once you activated the plugin, it will appear in the setting option on the left side menu on the main page of WordPress dashboard, as shown in the below.


Second Step

If you like to adjust some of the plugin settings as your wish, then I can go ahead with that.


Third Step

As you all know, you can enable the visual composer for the pages as well as the post at any time and can set an explicit permission for individual user types. You may enable or disable the VC elements for the distinct users without ant limitations.


Final Step

From the below snapshot, you can get a clear idea about how to change the settings of the visual composer plugins according to your desire. In the Design Options tab, you can change the look of the elements that suits to your theme of your sites. Via Custom CSS tab you can modify the CSS and the license will allow you to enable support and automatic updates.


How about Visual Composer on Pages and Posts

As we point out in the above section, anyone can enable the visual composer for their pages or posts. Once you activated the plugin, you will find it on the top left of the standard WordPress text editor page.


In the above image of the text editor, there are two tabs Backend Editor and Frontend Editor. With this help, you can develop any page or post structure as you like to do.

First we start with Frontend editor and see how to drag and drop the elements in step by step process.

Visual Composer Frontend Editor

Create and develop a responsive website with intuitive frontend WP editor without any programming knowledge. Build a stunning page with the drag and drop tool.


Process 1

Begin with the left side, where you can find the +Sign that will allow you to add best elements, and you can edit the column layout with the button next to it. You may also add new columns or rows within the page content.


Process 2

The front end editor permits you to know different devices to check how your contents are looking on different devices. All the elements of visual composers are fully responsive and mobile ready. You can see the live preview for the distinct screens and devices.


Process 3

Apart from all these elements, there are vast range of things are available that permits you to add and design your project and meets your peak expectations.

In addition to Frontend Editor, Backend Editor is also available to prove that Visual Composer plugin 2 in 1 is the most beloved WordPress plugin in the competition world. It will be the superb way to manage and update your content or anything in a fast and easy manner.

Visual Composer Backend Editor


When you hit on the Backend Editor tab, your text editor will look like a drag and drop. In that, you can add elements quickly by selecting them from the list. Before adding elements, you have to insert a row first and then continue with your imagination designs.


Here, you can add any number of elements that are needed for your site. The Add elements box contains everything you require to design and develop your portals. Just move the mouse pointer on the button and choose what to need to have in your web pages.


All the elements are split into any many categories of Site Structure, Social, Content, WordPress widgets and new elements. But you may see everything together as well. Just click on it and drag what you need into your content box.

If you wish to edit or delete or duplicate any single row, only make use the icons on the top most page of the each row box.


Also, you may save a particular content arrangement as a ready to use a template, which can be loaded from the list anytime you want it.It allows you to add custom CSS for each page and posts, but it is limited only.


Visual composer support many other rocking WordPress plugins including Contact Form 7, Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and Gravity Forms. If you have any of these plugins, then it will be automatically added to the add element box. Without any short codes adding, you can easily insert any if the elements and directly insert into your page.

Common Questions???

Visual Composer – How much Responsive it is

You may come across with many responsive page builders, but it is the only one backed up by WordPress. With visual composer your content will be accessible on any mobile devices and screen and moreover no need of any programming is required. With a drag and drop, you can place any elements you need it in your project and take full control over responsive design.

Visual Composer not loading or working after installed – Troubleshooting

Are you facing any problem regarding VC, below concepts will take you to fix the errors and get it run.

First re-save your post or page through clicking the update button

Please check it out, whether your plugin is  up to date or not. If not, then kindly update it as soon as possible.

Did you have any third party plugins? If yes, then disable it and try once

Double checks that the WordPree URL and your site address are same, check it in general settings

Make sure that the extensions are enabled, to check this go to main Theme Panel page and do it

Check your settings once again that you may miss out core composer modules

Premalinks settings, check redirect ugly URL’s is disabled if you are using the Yoast WordPress SEO

Check out your browser console and deactivate it

Please check Plesk WorPress security settings, if you are not familiar with Plesk then ignore this step.

Final choice, try with another username and create new admin user

FAQ Section

Is it possible to add my own shortcodes to Visual composer?
Of course, you can use the shortcode mapper feature where you will find easy to integrate shortcodes

Are they offering any trail version for plugins?
Yes, they are providing free demo, where you can try it before purchasing via creating a personalizes sandbox

Can I include visual composer to any theme?
Yes, but for this you have to buy extended license for each theme you need to enhance with visual composer

Does it work finely with any WordPress Themes?
Happily it will work perfectly on all properly coded themes without any trouble

Is they offering any multisite or developers license?
No, till this moment they are not providing multisite or developers’ license

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