How to Use Internal Linking In WordPress For Better SEO Results?

Are you a blogger? If yes your ultimate aim will be gaining good position is search engines right? Usually, to make a website popular it is vital to add links in it and hence the web designers prefer to build useful link for their site

Most of the beginners prefer external linking to increase the page rank of their site, but they forgot that building strong internal links is far better than external links. According to web experts, Internal Linking is the necessary aspect of search engine optimization as it is the native method of on page SEO.

Building internal links is the single easiest and most evergreen SEO strategy, and the best part is that you don’t have to be an SEO geek to understand it. So let’s see what internal linking is? How can it help you in increasing your page rank? Let’s start!

Internal Link For SEO –What & Why it is important?

In a web page, there are two types of links: Internal Linking and External linking. The internal link is referred as linking a page on your domain to another page on the same domain with relative information and keywords. Whereas; the external linking is the one that links the web pages outside the domain.

A search engine’s ultimate goal is to surface the very best web pages of specific topics on the internet. With the help of internal links, it is easy to signal the relevant content to the search engines and links themselves passes own link authority. There are several reasons why you need to be using internal links, Here are some

Keeps your audience engaged with related reading options

The internal linking has a greater chance of attracting the visitors. By showing the more related post in the article, you can keep your audience attention on your site for a long time.

Passes the link Juice to other pages

Any page of your blog has higher page rank or authority then you can place a link (in the top ranking page) to a relevant post on your blog that has low rankings. This will pass the link juice to the linked page, and that page will start performing better.

Bounce rate and more page views

Right internal linking will decrease bounce rate on your site and will increase pageviews/average time spent on your site by taking the discussion further. The only key here is, your linking should be relevant.

Helps Google in crawling & deep indexing the site

Interlinking helps search engine bots to crawl your articles properly and more efficiently. The Internal links found in web sections, category, and tag pages, support Google to index the web pages more conveniently.

What are the types of Internal linking?

For establishing SEO friendly site architecture, internal links plays a vital role. Generally, the internal linking values different types of relationship and to perform an efficient link optimization; you should have clear cut knowledge. The following are the different kinds of links that have an obligatory hand in On-page SEO, they are:

Contextual or Editorial links – It will be placed in the body of a page and surrounded by relevant pages with desired keywords

Navigational links–  It allows the user to navigate around the website in a structured order. These include menu links, sidebar links or breadcrumb links.

Footer links –  Also known as the sitewide links that serve as a sitemap and help new users to find quick access to the most valuable pages on a site.

To ensure better optimization, it is recommended to use combined binding that means using all the above-said link in a mix.

Tips for Good Internal Linking Structure

You should follow the suggestion below to ensure that your internal links are having a positive impact on your organic growth:

  • Provide relevant data to readers with proper navigation
  • Must have vast number of articles on your niches
  • Always link the higher and low authority pages
  • Use proper anchor tags to look fair in the eyes of Google
  • Avoid adding heck number of links in single page
  • Ensure that the links look natural not manufactured


Must Have Plugins to Internally Link Your Website

Many bloggers spend most of their time manually on related posts section for internal linking, and this is not the best way. If you want to create a sophisticated network of internal links you should have a proper interlinking between your blog posts. So, here I have shared some popular WordPress Interlinking plugins that can be used right away. Check them all!

SEO Internal Links

Adding and managing internal links in the post is simple with SEO Internal Links Plugin. It includes more configurable options like custom keywords, listing, no follow in addition it provides automatic SEO benefits. Due to this option, you can automatically link the similar posts with keywords and phrases. This auto SEO internal links works flawlessly with all modern browsers.

Internal Link Manager 

Internal link manager is another worthy WordPress plugin which can automatically link keywords and the phrases to another post within a website. As added advantage it contains some features to decrease the bounce rate of your site. If you are more conscious of getting better SEO results, then this plugin is the right one to follow.

Stylish Internal Links

So you want a plugin that to improve the reader engagement and click through rate of your website. Then you should use the Stylish internal links plugins as it adds color and styling patterns tin your post in a way the visitors tend to click it. This lightweight plugin is often updating, and it is highly compatible with other WordPress plugins.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

To improve the internal linking of your site you can include the relevant content areas in your articles. Because it not only improves internal linking, also makes visitors stick around your website for a longer time. With yet another related posts plugin (YARPP), you can make income by promoting the products or by displaying the sponsored content in the blog post.

Better Internal Link Search

A great WordPress plugin in the Internal linking process, The Better Internal link search plugin provides multiple features that improve the default internal link searching functions. This great customized plugin helps you in including the often used links in shortcuts and even it allows external site searching without leaving your website.

As you see, Internal linking is something that is really crucial for your Website SEO. Interlinking the web pages on your domain may be time-consuming, but the plugins mentioned here will make your job easier. By carefully planning your linking structure and using the best plugin, you can avail better search engine ranking.

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