How to Transfer Domain using Godaddy Authorization Code

If you feel that your domain registrar is not providing competent services for the money you are spending. Then you should make an exit from that registrars by transferring your domain to any other which you feel worth.

Domain transfer is nothing but transferring a domain from one registrar to another.

GoDaddy is the best option for the domain transfer because most of the peoples think that it is more fortunate one. GoDaddy prices are lower compared to other hosting companies and many esteemed services.

There may be many aspects for you while transferring a domain. With GoDaddy, all your lust will get achieved. Then why to hold on? It time to action.

How to Transfer a Domain to GoDaddy

The domain transfer process is the most complicated work for domain owners, especially the newbies don’t even know where to start? You find out more than 60% percentage of domain transfer are break down in the mid due to confusion regarding the process.

But you don’t worry; I have made it easy for you with this phenomenal guide.

While transferring your domain to another registrar, there changes nothing; only the payment will likely to be differing. Your DNS record will have no changes it will remain the same.

Steps to Followed at Current Registrar

First of all, login to your Current registrar account and unlock the domain. Until it gets unlocked, you will not be able to transfer your domain.

Some of you may have enabled privacy protection and theft protection for your domain. If so disable all those extra services.

Be sure that your administrator email address which you used while registering a domain is working. Then Identify the domain EPP key (authorization code or secret code) as it is needed later.

Points to remember: A domain which is close to expiring and new domain that are still in their first 60 days can’t get transferred.

Steps to be Followed at GoDaddy

To transfer a domain to GoDaddy, you need to make an initiated to transfer a domain. Go to GoDaddy site and purchase a domain transfer plan. Here enter the domain name and extension you like to transfer. Click on “Go”.


If your domain is available for transfer, you can see a “Proceed checkout” option. On the next page, you can review your product and you can add more add-ons additionally whether you have a need for it. If you are satisfied with this step means continue to next.

Next login if you are an existing user of the GoDaddy else create a new account to complete your payment. That’s all you have purchased a domain transfer.

The purchase process is similar to the Domain registration process step 2 and three . For a detailed explanation of this check that also.

Once done, check your domain admin email for an email from GoDaddy with the transaction credentials like transaction ID and security code which are required to authorize the transfer.The email will be sent only if the transaction is accepted by the GoDaddy else redo this process again.

Authorize your Domain Name Transfer to GoDaddy

This is the most critical phase in domain transfer where we are going to add the new domain to your account or hosting. Most of the times the steps in this process will be differ based on your registers you like to transfer. These are the steps that are followed in GoDaddy so make sure to follow this to get authorized.

Sign into your GoDaddy Account and Click “Manage” that appear next to domains

Within the Domain Menu, select Transfers -> Authorize Transfer and click “Add Now”.

Provide the Transaction Id and the security code that sent to your domain admin email address.


Click Add, then select “I authorize Transfer” to complete the authorization.

Points to remember: If you can’t see the manage option, you can get it from products -> domain – > and in the menu select “Manage Domains”

The transfer process may take a long time than registration. Thus you have to wait for some time until the GoDaddy authorize your transfer. After receiving confirmation, do check your new listing is accurate or not.

Why I chosen GoDaddy for domain Transfer?

Domain registration and transfer companies are more in number featured with different services and process, all of them are not good and not bad. The important thing of choosing a domain registrar is based on your need and some functionality allowed in the registrar.  I have opted GoDaddy, some of you may think why I go with this?

Hence, I have come with some interesting facts that grab me towards GoDaddy. Here are few,

Due to an established reputation and trusted domain registration.

 Reasonably priced for all domain and there are no hidden fees.

 It has accreditation by the government body: ICANN.

 It provides you domain emails even though there is no hosting account for you.

 Obscure your WHOIS data with domain privacy protection.

 They offer 24/7 instant customer support with skilled technicians.


GoDaddy Domain Transfer Billing & Promo FAQ

Q: How to check the progress of my domain transfer

Login to your GoDaddy account and choose Transfers under the domain -> Mange menu. In order to see the transfer status click on “Pending Transfers”.  The current status of the process will be mentioned as a progress bar.

Q: What does “Unlock the domain” means?

By default, the domain will be locked to prevent the unauthorized transfer. But once you have decided to transfer you have unlock it, and this will be done from your current registrar.

Q: My Domain Transfer is Rejected, What to do?

Sometimes it may happen due to the issues raised by your current registrar. If do resolve the outstanding matters with current registrar first and then perform the process again.

Q: Why I didn’t receive transfer Id to my email?

Generally, the transfer credentials will be sent to your admin email of your domain provided at the time of registration. Make sure that you have provided the same email address. If your email address is currently not in use. First, update your current register and then continue.

Q: Can I transfer my domain without authorization code?

Probably Not! In GoDaddy, you may have purchased a domain transfer, but authorization is the must. The code can be in your current registrar account If not contact them to get your authorization code.

Overall I believe that there may be no chance to face any dispute in your domain transfer using this guide. Still, anything goes wrong, don’t panic! Just contact the GoDaddy customer support or share us your problem via the comment section. We are always available to help you.

Stay tuned with GoDaddy Domain Registration Post too in order to pick some coupons for this deal…

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