Top WordPress Anti Spam Plugins to Prevent Comment Spam

Are you running a WordPress blog? Then you must have undoubtedly encountered the problem with spam comments. The most established bloggers know that spammers are annoying and bothersome If it is left unchecked and unfiltered.

Before getting the solution first, know what Spam comments are,

Spam comments are the comments which are posted automatically to a website by the automated bots. Those comments will have generic keywords and hyperlinks that do not make sense with your article. These comments will leads to an ultimate reduce in SEO score and loss of genuine commentators.

Do you think to get rid of those spam comments? Of course, In online, you can find several ways to limit the spam, but all of them are not useful since spammers are using more creative techniques. Even though the techniques are more complicated, there is some other best way to keep your website clean without unwanted comments.

And that is Antispam Plugins“.

If you don’t want to stress about finding the best anti-spam plugins that secure you from comment spam. Then continue reading this post to see which plugins will help your site the most!

Top WordPress Anti-spam Plugins To Block Spam Comments


Akismet is proudly known to be the best Anti Spam plugin which itself comes as the default one with WordPress. It was the very first Antispam plugins designed for the WordPress and by the same company which developed WordPress.

This plugin reviews each and every comment received on the blog and send the suspicious one to the spam section. Due to is reliability and accuracy millions of users rely on this plugin even after the invention of more advanced plugins.


Remember: To use this plugin on your site, you need to get an API key, and for this, you have to sign up for an account with Akismet. If you try to put the single key in too many blogs, you will get flagged and asked to pay.

Some Great Features Of Akismet:
  • Automatically check and filter the spam comments
  • Provides status history to the comments
  • Easy to track the spammed and un-spammed comments
  • Fix number of approved comments for each user
  • Saves your disk space and speeds up your site

WordPress Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 1+ Million

Antispam Bee    

Antispam Bee is the perfect plugin to shut your spammers out. This plugin validates the commenting time and IP address of the commenter’s to find the trustable and appropriate comments for the blog. With this plugin, you can block and keep track of irrelevant and suspected IP address. It also helps you to control the bots coming to your website with the help of trackbacks and pings.


Some Great Features Of Antispam Bee

  • Cleans your spam folder periodically and automatically
  • Display the statistics of spam on dashboard
  • Notifies incoming spam to admin by email
  • Ability to send comments to deletion directly
  • Includes local spam database to match existing spam

WordPress Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 200,000+

WP- Spam Shield              

An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates the comment spam by working as a firewall. It protects the website against the comments spam, email spam, contact form spam and registration spam.

This plugin uses unique two layered anti-spam mechanism like JavaScript/cookies and algorithmic Antispam layer to block automatic bots and human spam. Also, it displays a counter on your dashboard to keep track of all the spam comments and email it blocks.


Some Great Features Of WP- Spam Shield
  • Two layers of leading edge anti-spam protection
  • Improves user friendliness and security of the website
  • 100% Pingback, trackback validation, and Antispam
  • Integrates well with other spam free contact forms
  • Free for both commercial and personal websites

WordPress Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 100,000+


Whether you want a simple plugin to defeat the comment spam? If yes, then Anti-spam is the best choice for you. This plugin take care of malicious automatic bots on the internet that are used to spread the spam comments on blogs. It can easily remove all the spams that are invisible to users and the admin.


Some Great Features Of Anti-spam
  • Automatically block spam in the comments section
  • No captcha or moderation queues are used
  • Keeps your site clean with its limited space
  • Paid version has extended support and settings

WordPress Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 100,000+

Clean Talk Spam Protect               

Like Akismet, Clean talk is also a popular plugin which blocks the spam comments through the cloud servers. First, it inspects the spam with multiple validation techniques and then shifts the spam comments to the spam queue where it can get deleted. This plugin works faster than any other plugin provided in the list

Other than comments, it also guards your site against the spam from registration, contact, emails, subscription, bookings, survey, polls and Woo Commerce. This cloud-based plugin offers a free trial, and upon the expiry of the trial period, you have to renew it by making some regular payment.


Some Great Features Of Clean Talk
  • Compatible with WordPress cache plugins
  • Quickly deletes spam comments at once
  • Block the users based on countries you ban
  • Multiple anti-spam tests to filter spam bots
  • Provides advanced statistics of blocked spam

WordPress Ratings: 4.9 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 40,000+

Stop Spammers                

Well, The stop spammers is a robust plugin that offers one-stop solution for controlling the spam from comments, trackback, contact form and registration form. Also, it stops the illegal activities and attacks completely. This great plugin is capable of performing more than 20 varying strategies to avoid spam, and it has the ability to block over 100 different countries.


WordPress Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 30,000+


WangGuard is a phenomenal spam blocker plugin that works extensively in a different way, unlike other plugins.  It is one of the free plugin available in the WordPress plugin directory which can be installed and used directly. This plugin is splendid in stopping the spam registration and comments, and it does not use any filters for controlling spam (e.g.,  Captcha )


WordPress Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 10,000+


A most powerful Anti-spam and security plugins that block the automatic spam bots based on the algorithm without the need of captcha images. If you use WP- Bruiser plugin, it will keep working behind the scene and make sure that your site is spam free and well-secured. Using this plugin you can protect login form, registration form as well as comment section.


WordPress Ratings: 4.9 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 9000+


Spam Destroyer                

Spam Destroyer is another comprehensive spam blocking plugin for WordPress which can be used in every site to reduce the spam issues. It uses a common and simple method fairly for blocking the spam, and it does it invisibly. In order to make this plugin user-friendly, the author has not included the captcha validation in it.


WordPress Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 6,000+

Alpha Omega Anti-Spam                

The alpha omega captcha and anti-spam filter secure your site against spam by including a unique and interesting captcha. This plugin will easily protect your site from the automated comment spamming bots and further remains to block illegitimate commenters. It also has a spam counter to show the number of comments it blocked.


WordPress Ratings: 3.3 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 4,000+

Captcha Bank     

More than a comment spam, Captcha Bank plugin safeguards your site from the spam that comes via login form, registration form, admin form and contact form. This plugin contains a bulletproof captcha validation that displays captcha in different forms. It also offers a variety of advanced protection features such as login logs, auto IP block, security protections and many.


WordPress Ratings: 4 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 4,000+

Advanced Invisible Anti-Spam   

Last but not the least, the advanced invisible Antispam plugins work actively in the background and keeps spam visitors away from your website. This solution acts as a user-friendly solution and automatically blocks the spamming bots from the comment, registration, and BBpress.


WordPress Ratings: 4.4 Out Of 5           Active Downloads : 800+

Now you have attained pretty good idea about the best anti-spam WordPress plugins; there may be thousands of tools to choose from, but I think, the plugins given in this post are enough to keep you away from spam comments.

Now no more delay, Give a try to each plugin in this list and then use the one you like the most!!!

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