Top 70+ Free Html5 & CSS3 Search Form Examples

You can see many websites and blogs have a beautiful search box on the top of their homepage. A good search box will help your visitors to find the desired thing within a few seconds. So the users no need to waste their precious time as well as energy.

What is Search Box???
It is nothing but one of the most frequently used in many websites or blogs, which has been allowing the users to navigate through the site quickly. To make your portal more user-friendly, search box does an act of finding the requested content for the users.

Therefore add a stylish search form, which will not only help on searching content quickly but also makes your websites look modern and highly professional.

Adding a search box to your portal provides the power to find the needed information in an efficient way. So, when you conclude to corner a good looking CSS or HTML Search box on your web page. What you have to do is, you need to look one that compromises with your site design.

For that, the search box should be visible on the very first look for your user without making them search for it. By keeping this in mind, we have gathered the best free search form examples with different animation effects and creative ideas.

If you are looking or replacing a search box on your site, then here is everything you need. In this post, we are going to provide stylish search boxes that are designed with only HTML and CSS3 coding.

How does a search box is important for a website?

Search Box, it is one of the most primary elements of each website. A Search box will help users to enhance interface and navigate throughout the website.

Therefore, a Search form is a much-needed component for a well-structured website. Once you decided to place a search box on your website, you have to find for the best one that comprises with your webpage look.

What are the benefits of having Search Box on the website?

search-boxWhen you use the best search form to your site, there are many advantages for you. Some of the most important things are:

  • Improves navigation and enhances the user experience
  • Makes your site more user-friendly and interactive
  • Simplifies the searching process
  • Embellish your website design
  • Upgrade user experience
  • Saves a lot of time

Scroll the below search forms examples and enjoy the kind of cool things with amazing color, creativity, and animation. Here, we have collected the best from the millions of collection, which will be very helpful for you.

Top HTML5 & CSS3 Search Box Examples

Are you among the one who doesn’t have an HTML CSS search form?? Or looking for some better search bar for your website here is everything you need.

Glowing Pulse Form

The search box is much needed and most frequently used element in the blogs or websites. It is centrally aligned HTML CSS search form with a glow effect text area, and a simple submit button. This Glowing Pulse Form gives an attractive and interactive look whenever the text is entered into that search box. This tool is designed with jQuery functional CSS3 and HTML5 functions.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Menu with Animated Search Box

Live Demo

Beautiful CSS3 Search Form

If you like to boost user experience in a simple manner, then you need to add a search engine form on your site. It will make easy to search and find the content for your user without any loading time. Today, in this tutorial we are going to cover how to style a search form using the most beautiful CSS3 features. This simple CSS3 Search form tool makes your portal beautiful and more user-friendly one.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Flat Search Box

With flat and most beautiful responsive search box widget for your website. You can insert it into your sidebar, column, header and more places. In this flat search box example, you can customize the color and generate the code for a search box.

Live Demo

Expandable Search Bar Deconstructed

It is one of the classy search forms, which has its unique style with expandable features. First, only a search icon appears on the desktop and when you click it, the search field pops out. Once the box is empty, it will automatically moves back to usual icon. Expandable Search Bar Desconstructed has so many features and amazing functionalities with CSS# and HTML5 based design.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Google Powered Site Search with jQuery

Using this Google’s AJAX Search API, you can create a custom search engine. With this your users can search for any web result, images, news, videos and anything on your site easily. It can quickly explore and navigate the site in fraction of time. Just try out this one and enhance the experience of user through offering such well structured search form option.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Stylish Search Box Practice with HTML & CSS

If you wish to add a stylish search box to your website, then learn step by step process of this Stylish Search Box Practice with HTML & CSS tutorial. It is designed using pseudo element with awesome background pattern and little triangle pointer to the search field covered with the better border. The attractive color of the box will attract more visitors and makes a long lasting impression of your website.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Loooong Search Bar

Want a simple and powerful search box? Look into Loooong Search Bar form tutorial, which will improves your search process. As the name suggests, it will automatically expands whenever the search are is clicked. With this amazing search box, you can hold back your visitors to your portal.


Tutorial           Live Demo

CSS3 SearchBox with On-focus SuggestionBox

Are you ready to embed a styled search box? Then it is the right choice that has integrated with on focus suggestion box. This CSS3 Search Box comes up with special effects like transitions, box-shadows, and round corner. The tool will surely helps your visitors for quick search just by using the initial letter of the keyword, which they are going to search. The new creative search box comes with a predictive text features in the search area.


Tutorial           Live Demo

CSS3 Search Box Inspired by

This Apple inspired search field is designed using CSS3 alone, which will satisfy the never dying inclinations of Apple users. The search box will slowly expand when clicked or focused and comes wiyj dark and light versions. With some animation cool effects, this tool will help you to create your own search bar for your website.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Cool & Usable CSS3 Search Box

It is another Cool and Usable CSS3 Search Box tool design introducing the use of placeholder text in the input field. Through this tutorial, you can learn how to build a superb search form using the HTML5 placeholder attribute.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Rocking CSS3 Search Field Box

It is an awesome example for creating a search box with 3D effect. You can design a rocking search field with text-shadow, box-shadows, border-radius and transitions attributes. With this tutorial, you can develop CSS3 search bar using HTML5 and jQuery validation to make your search box tool more compatible with your browsers.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Css3 Next Level Animation Search Form

There are tons of search form are available but the new style of this tool is, it is crafted elegantly with CSS3 and jQuery. Through this tutorial, we are going to move your search form to the next level using jQuery and CSS3. Here, CSS3 Next Level Animation Search Form has 3 different styles of search box including Simple style, Cube style and Cube style with animate search button.


Tutorial           Live Demo

Animated Search Box

Live Demo

Beautiful CSS3 Search Form

Did you know how to make a round circle search box with border-radius and inner shadow effects? Have a look into this Beautiful CSS3 Search Form tutorial, which will guide you to create a round circle search bar with border-radius property. It is created with CSS gradient, just view the source code and learn it!


Tutorial           Live Demo

Suggestion Search Box with Pure CSS


Tutorial           Live Demo

Expandable Search Box

Live Demo

Simple Search Bar Form Example


Tutorial           Live Demo

Clean CSS3 jQuery Search Form


Tutorial           Live Demo

CSS Search Bar


Tutorial           Live Demo

Animated Search Form


Tutorial           Live Demo

Bouncy Search Box


Tutorial           Live Demo

Variable-width Search Box

This search box is available with variable width button, which is actually always 400 pixels wide. This search box button will resize.

Live Demo

Retro Search Box Example


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Box and Button Animated


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Integration Form


Tutorial           Live Demo

Fancy Search Box



CSS Only Full Width Search Form



Realistic Soft Search Box in pure CSS



Search Bar Animation




Create Fancy Search Box using CSS

To improve surfing experience, you need to have a search box in your web page. Nowadays, many numbers of portals are come up with a neat and simple CSS search form generator. If wish to make your portal look good, you need to add a Fancy Search Box tool. Here, this tool is created with pure CSS and HTML codes.



Create CSS Animated Search Box


Tutorial           Live Demo

Simply Awesome Soft Search Box

Live Demo

Drop Down Menu Search Box



Modern Search Field PSD



jQuery Animated Search Form


Tutorial           Live Demo

Rocking & Rolling Rounded Menu with jQuery


Tutorial           Live Demo

Very Cool Search Bar Example



Stylish Search Box in HTML/CSS



Search Form with CSS3 and jQuery


Tutorial           Live Demo

Bootstrap Search Box with Icon

Live Demo

Styling your Search Form with CSS


Tutorial           Live Demo

Flexible Search Box



Flat CSS Search Box with Loading Animation


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Green Box Example


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Box with Diagonal Menu


Tutorial           Live Demo

Daily Search Box Form Concept


Tutorial           Live Demo

CSS Animated & Responsive Search Button


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Transformation Box Generator


Tutorial           Live Demo

CSS Search Box


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Form Animation


Tutorial           Live Demo

Plain Search Box


Tutorial           Live Demo

Expand Search Box


Tutorial           Live Demo

Minimalistic Search Box Concept


Tutorial           Live Demo

Compact Search Input


Tutorial           Live Demo

Search Input with Animation


Tutorial           Live Demo

Animated Search Box with Background


Tutorial           Live Demo

Check out all the above tutorial examples for embedding an effective and user-friendly Search Form for your website. You can switch to an effective search box to amplify the functionalities of your portal. Keep watching us for more updates!!!

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