Top Free Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins

Over the last few years on the internet, affiliate marketing has gained so much popularity and days after days it has reported as the most compelling earning method on the web. As a result of this, the count of emergent affiliate marketers is growing highly as it is a cool idea for making some decent income online.

If you are an affiliate marketer linking out many external websites from your WordPress site or blog, then you might consider using a tool for the efficient management of those links. Not only for managing but also be used for cloaking or concealing the real destination of those links.

Affiliate Link Cloaking is a method used to shorten the lengthy affiliate link into a shorter branded link with the own domain name so that search engine bots can’t figure out those links as affiliate links. This technique helps in updating and managing all the links quickly at one place and it also preserves the page rank of the website.

While Selecting a link cloaking plugins for your WordPress site, All you need is just some piece of advice to opt the proper one. Here I have tried my best in suggesting you the top 10+ WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugins which might be useful and worthy of your time.

10+ Must Have Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins For WP site

#1 Easy Affiliate Links   

Even though it is the recent entry of the affiliate marketing plugins, Easy Affiliate Link has gathered high popularity among other WordPress plugins. It is a simplest and easy to use affiliate link cloaking plugin which allows you to cloak links, add and manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard.

This WordPress Plugin contains clean interface all the features you are looking for an affiliate link management plugin.  Other aspects like Link Analytics, Geospecific links, A/B testing for link text, broken links checker are upcoming add-ons to be added in future.

Some Important Features

  • Creates short links to cloak the affiliate links
  • Easy access to the links from visual and HTML editor
  • Assigns categories to all your links
  • Tracks monthly and lifetime click on links
  • Imports and exports affiliate links as XML

#2 Thirsty Affiliates          

Thirsty Affiliates is a simple WordPress plugin which is personally loved by most of the WP users for cloaking and managing the affiliate links. This plugin allows users to create good looking affiliate links and inserts them into the posts, pages and comments easily with a single click through the WordPress editor.

Using this phenomenal plugin, you easily import and export the links. It also offers stunning functionality that can get a massive increase in affiliate income. The PRO version of the plugin contains rich featured essentials to provide an authentic way to handle the affiliate links.


Some Important Features

  • Inbuilt affiliate link shortening¸ cloaking and protection
  • Hierarchical link categorization for quick and easy access
  • Full backup compatibility through standard WP backup solutions
  • Extended Options like DoFollow/NoFollw, Import/Export
  • Handy affiliate links tools for easy addition of new links
  • Ability to add graphics, banners and other images to links

#3 WP Wizard Cloak    

WP Wizard Cloak is an exemplary WordPress plugin for evey bloggers who relies on the income of affiliate links from his blog. The easy to use and ultimate extensions feature make it as an must have plugin in the website. It is the best choice for affiliate marketers who like to promote country specific offers.

The link tracking feature of this plugin is outstanding than other plugins because it gathers exhaustive summary on each link clicks. The reports show you browser type, IP address, referral URL and the country code of the visitors who clicked the link.


Some Important Features

  • Generate click reports for any time period
  • Automatically turn keywords on the site into links
  • Send visitors in different countries to different destinations
  • Support for prefix, Import, and export
  • Identifies and matches existing URLs on the site

#4 Pretty Link Lite  

Pretty link lite WordPress plugin is one of the widely used affiliate link cloaking plugin. This widget enables affiliate link shortening with track feature to provide a detailed report of each hit of the URL. The best part of using this plugin is that it is easy to use and comes with a beautiful set of features.

With Pretty Link shortened links, you can use your domain name to make the links look more trustworthy. This plugin comes as free. Also, a pro version is available for those who need more automatic masking of links.


Some Important Features

  • Clean URL Cloak that can be redirected to any other URL
  • Allows Users to name a custom slug for their affiliate URL
  • Tracks the Number of total and unique hits per link
  • Provides a reporting interface with CSV format download
  • Intuitive JavaScript / AJAX Admin User Interface
  • Enables to create NoFollow, NoIndex and tracking on/off on each link
  • Organize Links into Groups with full tracking ability

# 5 WP Cloaker Plugin

WP Cloaker plugin is the right choice for all those WordPress users who want to shorten and keep track of ugly affiliate links. It opens up with a broad range of features that can be handled easily just from the WordPress dashboard. Whenever there is a click on your link, the link will be tracked and provided with the visitor’s information to let you know them better.


Some Important Features

  • Hide, shorten and categorize the affiliate links
  • Track the each and every link clicks with visitor information
  • Generate link clicks with options to filter the report
  • Includes option to exclude category slug from permalink
  • Custom redirection type and permalink prefix

#6 Affiliate Links Lite  

If you are using the affiliate marketing as main source of income, you must have the Affiliate Links Lite WordPress plugin. It is simple and free plugin used to convert a long link into a good looking short link also it includes some additional aspects to take your blogging to next level. This is the perfect option for the affiliate link masking.


Some Important Features

  • Includes countdown and tracker for link hits
  • No follow and no index for redirects
  • Generates HTML and Shortcodes in link embed
  • Intuitive setup for HTTP redirects and Link Categories
  • Ability to create category slug in the affiliate link


#7 Shorty Lite  

Shorty Lite is a free WordPress plugin solution that is ready to manage and conceal all the professional affiliate links from the single destination.  You can easily cloak as many links you want and can get complete reports on your clicks and your online marketing performance.


#8 WP Dynamic Links  

WP Dynamic Links is a great must have plugin for affiliate marketers for shortening and managing the links. Along with it also gives detailed info on individual clicks and visitors. It is a smart option for the management of affiliate links that can take your business to next higher level.


#9 Click Meter     

A simple and customizable link shortener plugin with powerful real time analytics which tracks everything regarding the visitor. This Click Meter plugin works as a custom domain link shortener, advanced URL redirect, actionable analytics and link monitor

#10 AM-Hili Plugin

AM-Hili plugin is created especially to hide the affiliate links and make your site look clean. With this plugin you can hide any link in your post as per your requirement that maximize your income. To have complete overview of your income and expenses just download this plugin now.


#11 WP Shorties       

Are you searching a professional url shortener and click tracking plugin? WP shorties is the one. It has made the URL cloaking easier than ever and send clickers to selected destinations without their knowledge. One of the best features is this plugin forces visitors to open multiple page with the single click


#12 WP To Affiliate       

WP to affiliate WordPress plugin enables the users to shorten the affiliate links using their own domain name. In addition of concealing the links, it tracks each and every hit on their URL and provides a detailed report of where the hit came from.


As I mentioned earlier, I have rendered the top free link cloaking and management plugins. Now, it’s your turn to pick any of the plugins from the list that fits best to you and your clients. Still wondering what to include and exclude? Just drop me a message for the suggestion. In fact, your personal opinions and experiences in the comment section are too appreciable.

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