Top Best CDN Services To SpeedUp Your WordPress Blog

Due to the colossal rise of internet usage and frequent introduction of new websites, managing the site loading time and traffic has become burdensome. If you are a WordPress user with high conscious in achieving exceptional search engine ranking, then beyond any doubt you will need fast loading website as it has a greater impact on SEO ranking.

You know, Google and Yahoo have openly declared that there is no place for slow loading websites in search ranking. But you don’t need to worry! There is the best option to accomplish the work, and that is Content Delivery Network (CDN).

So What Exactly is CDN??? A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of multiple web servers distributed at various locations throughout the world. It caches all the site content and delivers it to the visitor via the nearest server based on their geographic location. It is specially aimed to render fast and efficient delivery of online content to the visitors.

How Will CDN Help Your WordPress Blog?

Using Content delivery network for your WordPress blog, will increase its speed and gives the best performance to the end users and search engine bots. Also, it allows visitors to access the information he needs from your website in much quicker time. Actually, there are many reasons that you need to use content delivery networks on your site. Here, I have mentioned some:

  • Faster the loading speed of the site and increases more clicks and interaction
  • Prevent server crashing by distributing and balancing the load
  • Provides better user experience by decreasing bounce rate
  • Makes your website search engine friendly and improves ranking
  • Protects the site from blocks spammers, scrapers, and other bad bots

Best CDN Providers To Boost Your Website Speed

In the past few years, Most of the business firms have started to operate through the internet as the medium, and this is the reason behind the enormous demand for CDN services. Even now many users contradict to use a CDN service for their website or blog thinking that it costs too much.

But you should know that there are plenty content delivery network providers, who can handle your website speed and performance impressively in affordable price. From this article; you can find such vendors and hence keep on reading!

#1 MaxCDN

MaxCDN is a famous and well-known CDN provider with a comprehensive network consisting of powerful and high-performance SSD servers. Due to the server location on every continent, you can serve your website at lightning speed to the client from any corner of the world.

Unlike other CDN providers, the MaxCDN setup on WordPress is very simple, and it can easily integrate with third party cache plugins that can flush your sites cache in a single click.


Some Highlights of MaxCDN:
  • High-speed global edge server locations
  • More than 600 ISP peering agreements
  • Real-time delivery reporting and analytics
  • API & Github integration for automatic workflow
  • 24/7 instant access to support engineers

 Pricing: Basic Plan starts with $9 per month for the package level up to 1TB.  They also offer pricing plans and custom options according to the site need.

#2 InCapsula

Incapsula offers globally CDN and caching solution which ensures that you have good uptime and fast loading website. This solution promises to make your website 50% faster than other by using less bandwidth on average of 40%-70%. It comes with a reliable dashboard to show your websites activity log in detail like traffic, performance and security aspects anywhere, anytime.


Some Highlights of InCapsula:
  • Machine learning dynamic caching technology
  • Optimal coverage with tier 1 peer transition
  • Intelligent and extensive cache control options
  • Enables dual stack IPv4+IPv6 automatic delivery
  • Integrated DDoS Protection and many security options
  • Global network leverage with shortening round trip time

 Pricing:  An entry level Incapsula plan is called Pro plan, and it starts from $59 per month. A 14-day free trial is also available with all the advantage that comes with the paid program.

#3 CloudFare

When it comes to best CDN service at free of cost, then there is no other better option than CloudFlare. Among web experts, the CloudFlare has greater reputation due to the utilization of next generation CDN technology.

CloudFlare operates out of 28 data centers around the world and uses a technology called Anycast to route the site visitors to the nearest data center to avoid traffic. In addition to speed improvements, it also reduces the site’s bandwidth usage.


Some Highlights of CloudFare
  • Content delivery with 100% uptime guarantee
  • Image Optimization and Mobile Acceleration
  • DDoS protection & web application firewall
  • Access to China CDN points of presence
  • Excellent customer support via phone and email

 Pricing: The CloudFlare offers a free entry level plan and three levels of paid plan. The open plan itself provides live site performance and high-security protection.

#4 KeyCDN

KeyCDN is another premium provider with advanced CDN service which is a good alternative to MaxCDN. Even though it does not have same popularity like MaxCDN, it is best as it offers same features and cheaper rates. This useful CDN is designed to provide a fastest content delivery network with high-performance servers and data centers located all around the world.


Some Highlights of KeyCDN
  • Real-time reporting and performance analytics
  • Built on IP Anycast for geolocation routing
  • Highly optimized TCP stack and SSD coverage
  • Two-factor authentication and security option
  • Pull or Push zone boost for super fast delivery

 Pricing: KeyCDN claims to offer the lowest price CDN service with prices starting from $0.04 / GB up to first 10TB. Even there is an increase in bandwidth; KeyCDN remains the cheaper option.

#5 SoftLayer

SoftLayer is an IBM company which provides outstanding CDN service by partnering with the Edgecast. It offers cloud infrastructure as a service from data centers and network points around the world. Because of the presence of data centers in four continents its serves the website to the end user with top notch speed and security.


Some Highlights of SoftLayer
  • Over 24+ global footprint of data centers
  • Streamlined security tools for managing content
  • Exceptional speed and user experience
  • 13 data centers and 17 network points

Pricing:  Looking at pricing, In SoftLayer, the CDN cost is calculated only for the bandwidth we use and for the estimation particular pricing table and the calculator is provided on its website.

#6 Photon By JetPack

If you need a free CDN service for your image rich website, then Photon by JetPack is the only solution. The photon is the ideal plugin which helps in increasing the page load of the website by optimizing the images. Actually, it is not a CDN but made a name in the list due to the image caching service which lessens the load on your hosting server.


#7 CacheFly

CacheFly is a familiar name for most of the web experts in the area of the content delivery network. This robust platform results in an excellent delivery of media content which makes your website to run ten times faster than the normal one. This company also guarantees cent percent network availability or anytime money back option. Cool right?


#8 Highwinds

One of the largest and super fast content delivery network service providers in the web world is this Highwinds. It aims to render customized solution for media, games, ads and software that means it speed up your entire website. It also focuses on security and support with dedicated real-time solutions. In Highwinds, you can find the pricing plan based on your CDN needs at affordable rate.


#9 Coral CDN

CoralCDN is an open peer-to-peer (P2P) based CDN network that comes completely at free of cost. With its service, the users can run the site efficiently and securely by improving its availability. There are billions of computers connected using this CDN, and they will help you in delivering your website or blog faster.


#10 is a common name in the field of CDN services which can manage your content intuitively in a streamlined user interface. This CDN provider helps you in accelerating HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, JSON, XML, multi-format video, flash, audio and each little thing you find on your website. Moreover, the global load balancing features ensures that your website is served best in every location.



#11 Microsoft Azure CDN 




#13 JSDelivr


#14 Meta CDN


#15 CDN Sun


In today’s internet world, the content delivery network is a beneficial one in maintaining  the stability of website speed. If you are dreaming for a global scale site, the make sure to do it through the best way called CDN with multiple servers. But know that speed isn’t the only thing you need for a successful ranking; CDN is just a way to go.

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