Top Free Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Searching for an easy way to showcase your consumer’s feedback on your eCommerce portal or blog in a catchy or attractive style??? Then you have to use the Testimonial Plugin on your WordPress build sites. Most of the people are getting confused when they are looking for such testimonial plugin for the first time. But no worries, we collected the vast solution to your issue.

There are many numbers of the best quality testimonial plugins are currently available on the online market, where some are offering for free, and others are paid too.

Why Testimonials WordPress Plugins are so effective to maximize sales?

Getting thousands of traffic to your web page is not means much if your viewers don’t share what they like them to watch your portal again and again. In the real world, it is impossible to convince your visitors to do any of the things like ratings, reviews and so on.

So, having a successful web page will depend on establishing trust with your viewers and social proof like testimonials. It will often help by maximizing credibility that in turn encourages both acceptance and adoption.

Here, we have come up with the top quality free + pro version of WordPress plugins to build elegant testimonials showcase. We collected the handpicked and the most features filled testimonial plugins for your WordPress sites.

Top Rated & Frequently Updated Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Normally testimonial plugins allow you to add testimonials to your WordPress sites in the form of custom post type. Moreover, it provides you many options to showcase your testimonial as full pages, widgets, posts, slideshow and more.

There are hundreds of testimonial plugins out theme, in the following list we have been focusing on the plugin, which:

  • Are more famous and highly rated
  • Are currently being updated
  • Are supporting by many website developers
  • Are having some more unique features apart from the rest

Hopefully, you will find that this post is extremely useful in helping you to pick the perfect testimonial plugin for your post or page. Here are the best WordPress testimonial plugins for this year to support your products and services.

 Testimonials Widget

This type of plugin allows you to choose or list the selected quotes, reviews or text randomly on your portal. With the help of his testimonials widget, you can quickly add social proofing to your web page. You can add it as list or slide reviews through shortcodes, functions or widgets. Even though it is a free version but it has been working perfectly with its great functionality.

  • Simply designed for easy theme adaption
  • Randomly displayed
  • Filter slideshow content
  • Widget and short code ready
  • Shortcodes compatible


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 Testimonial Rotator

Testimonial Rotator is the simple way to manage testimonials, where it has above 20,000 active install with high rating. It is an another popular choice, where you can craft as custom post types that enables you to add testimonials to custom rotators for display. Anyone can easily ass this testimonials to their WordPress blog or sites without any hassle.

  • You can add it to multiple rotators
  • Pagination is in list format
  • Fresh hooks and filters
  • Includes preview and next buttons
  • Support reviews


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 Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonial is another easy to install plugin, which enables you to add testimonial to any kind of posts, pages or widgets. While using this plugin, it may be visible as a list or a random testimonial at a time. With each testimonial, you can include an image, which will be the fantastic feature for adding a photo of the testimonial author.

  • It uses complaint markup
  • Multiple testimonial forms
  • Spam prevention via simple Captcha and ReCaptcha
  • Easy to customize with its several options


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 Testimonial Basics

Testimonials Basics is an amazing plugin for managing testimonials on your portal. It has been affording some of the most advanced features at free of cost. It can be created in content as well as widget areas and can be edited easily within the admin panel before going to display in your page or post.

  • Backup and restore testimonials
  • Using 5 start rating system
  • 4 layouts for content and 6 for widget display
  • RTL compatible
  • Editing can be easy via admin panel


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 WP Customer Reviews

This plugin is very popular, which has been designed to create a page to receive and display the customer testimonial for your business or products. Many numbers of portals are crawling for the user generates review now, including Google Local Search and Google Places.

It has been offering shortcodes for inserting the submission form and the actual testimonials on any widget or page. WP customer reviews plugin is the right choice and the fastest one for managing customer testimonials. Try to use this plugin, where you have full control over design.

  • Full customizable and WordPress MU compatible
  • Shortcodes are available for inserting reviews
  • All submissions are moderated
  • You can add your custom fields
  • Support product services as well as business review types


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 Strong Testimonials

As the name suggest, Strong Testimonials is a powerful plugin, which can works easily for the beginners. It will be well worth a look and comes with more advanced functionality. With the help of this plugin, you can add or remove field, which means it offers a customizable front end form for collecting testimonials from consumers.

  • It is a Front end form
  • Both manual and automatic
  • Completely localized and ready for translations
  • Gravatar support
  • Slideshows with many navigation choices


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 Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is a simple plugin yet it is powerful and flexible one to use and manage without any struggle. It has quite simple settings to configure the display mode, the display of next and previous buttons and the speed of the transitions in slider mode. If you think that it will be enough then try to use it on your portal and feel the experience happily.


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 BNE Testimonials

BNE Testimonials is the best option for managing and displaying testimonials, where it has 4.9 start satisfaction rating. The testimonials are added through the write post screen in the WordPress admin. Each and every testimonial can have a title, tagline, featured image, message and category.

You may also upgrade to the pro version for just $15, where it gives you additional layout options and front end submission functionality. The pro version now includes themes, star ratings, styles and more useful features to make up your site catchier.


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 Handsome Apps Testimonial

If you wish to display attractive and eye catching testimonials on your portal, then Handsome Apps Testimonial is the only choice for you. It comes up with the modern testimonial design, which can be highly customizable one.

This plugin is a shortcode generator, which allows you to change fonts, colors, alignments and more the way you want it. It is available in premium pro version also, if you wish to go with it, then upgrade your free version.


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 Sola Testimonials

Showcase your testimonials in an elegant way with this Sola Tetimonials plugins. The plugin is easy to manage, where it takes fraction of seconds to add testimonials to your site. It shows all testimonials through a shortcodes in a single or random manner.


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 Our Testimonials Showcase


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 Client Testimonials


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 Responsive Testimonial Slider

By using this plugin, you may able to display your happy consumer’s reviews and feedback in a clean and responsive slider format. It is very easy to add, modify and delete testimonials. While using this, you can create unlimited testimonials slider setting with 5 different stylish skins.


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 WordPress Testimonials Plugin


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 AP Custom Testimonial


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 Genesis Testimonial Slider


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 Excited Testimonials Showcase


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 Bootstrap Multi-Language Responsive Testimonials


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 Testimonial Free


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 WP Elegant Testimonial


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Theme Junkie Testimonials Content


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GS Testimonial Slider

It permits you to create testimonial slider anywhere in your website via its shortcode. You can customize design elements in your way from the back-end if you wish. It is available in pro version also at the pricing $15 only. Activate your free version to pro to grab more styles, images, themes and much more control than you get in free plugin.


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Spectoos Testimonials


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 IG Testimonials


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 Awesome Fitness Testimonials


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 Client & Product Testimonials


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Auto Scrolling Testimonials


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Perfect Client Testimonial


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Simple WP Testimonial


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CP Testimonial


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WP-Testimonials Slider


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Trustbadge Testimonials


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Lumia Testimonials


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Client Testimonial Slider


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Awesome Testimonials


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You may easily add testimonials to your WordPress sites manually. But if you use this pre-defined plugin in your portal, then it will potentially save you a lot of energy, time as well as money. So, therefore if you though like this, just try out one or more of the above mentioned WordPress testimonial plugin on your website in a big way, we absolutely recommend you to do so!!!

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