Servermania 25% Discount Coupon February 2020

You know Servermania is the best solution to your dilemma and till now it is an optimal choice for all people because of its decisive support. As a leading hosting provider they renders great ambituous services that make your business glow.

New ServerMania Coupon for February 2020

 June server Sale, Save $10 $20 – Offer available on new orders only and for limited period. This offer can’t replace an existing service.

 75% OFF on Your First Month – Get 75% discount on a single processor dedicated servers. Get the Servermania coupon through your email.

 In servermania dedicated hosting is now available with 25% discount and by making use of the coupon you can grab the deal. This deal is valid only on the first month of purchase.


 Hurry Up and get a Dedicated Hosting services at Just $249 per month. This exclusive offer is only at server mania and for this promo code is not required.

 Avail the enterprise servers within the deal time to make huge savings and from this offer you can get the enterprise server at just $79 per month.

ServerMania WebHostingTalk Forum Offer

We also got your very good deal posted by servermania team at WebMasterTalk.

Based on that ,

    • Save 50% on ipv4 ip addresses
    • 20% discount on cpanel license
    • Bulk 20% reduction for resellers and massive orders – You can chat with them and ask quote for your big orders. I am sure, servermania will surprise you with best discount without compromising any quality.
  • Save 15% by pre-paying for long term like 1 year.

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How to Use Servermania Promo to Claim Better Discount

Servermania coupons are the perfect one to boost up your hosting experience with least price. They render incredible discounts on each and every hosting plans with coupons and in this page, you can grab current deals and promo codes to save your hard earned money.

servermania coupons

So it’s easy to save extra on Servermania by using coupon codes and here we have created this smooth step by step procedure especially for you to help in the process of signing up. Simply save the coupons and continue the order process and then apply the save coupons at the relevant time.

Choosing Hosting Plan

Once you have decided to host website, then as an initial step choose a plan that suits your need and servermania offers you VPS, hybrid, dedicated and cloud hosting plans. If you are intended to make a simple website then choose basic VPS plan starting from $10 per month or if you are in need of larger website like e-commerce sites then move on to dedicated hosting plans listing from $49. Still confused to choose a plan? Then check out our reviews.servermania-plansTo deliver immense effective and flexible hosting data centers are required and unlike other hosting provider servermania comes with datacenters on 4 premium locations Buffalo-NY, Los Angeles-CA, Atlanta-GA, Chicago-IL. These data centers ensure high speed maintenance, guaranteed DDOS protection and many.

Deciding Add-On’s & Platforms

 Platforms –  Next the most important step is to select a platform and at servermania you can avail services for both linux and windows platform. These both options have equal recognition on business side and they use similar control panels, whereas the hosting prices and services only vary.

Configurations – For each and every hosting there will be specific configurations and there you can choose the desired service, specifications, IP address, location, operating system and control panel. The price of each services and configurations varies based on your selection and those prices are listed on the right side of the page as shown below.servermania-addons Add ons-Simply hosting is only not enough for some kind of business and to secure you from threats and attacks servermania promptly gives DDOS and Data Back Ups as add-ons.

Data Backup: In servermania, data backup option is available only for dedicated hosting plans and it’s pricing ranges from $15 for 25 GB storage, $25 for the storage of 50GB …

DDOS Protection: To secure your website from mind-boggling traffics and attacks, Servermania offers DDOS protection up to three levels in different price range.

  • 1 Gbps – $10
  • 5 Gbps – $50
  • 10 Gbps – $100

where as in dedicated hosting service the  enterprise DDOS protection of 1Gbps comes as free.

Verify your selections and add-ons , choose your preferred billing cycle and then proceed to next page by simply clicking “Continue” button.

Final Cart Page – Recheck your order

In this page you can see your order amount and to “Proceed to checkout” provide the hostname because it is mandatory. If you have any promo code? enter the valid promo code on the provided box and click “Apply” then the total amount will get discounted. If you do not have any promo codes avail one from the coupon section on this page top.

servermania-promo Set Up Your Account

If you are their existing member them simply login using valid username and password, Else register with them by proving basic informations like Name, company, address, Email and password and then continue. Be sure to provide valid information since servermania may do background verifications to ensure genuine customers and to avoid spammers.

servermania-accountpage Do Payment

After the successful creation of your account you will be directed to the payment page and there select a payment method and do payment. These process are very simple and if you have any further queries contact the support team or check on the below FAQ section.

Servermania Billing  FAQs

Q. What are their Billing Cycles?

Like other hosting providers, Servermania also offers monthly payment option and as addition you can pay the bills on the cycle of three months, six months, one year and up to three years. For more savings grab on yearly payments.

Q. What Payment Methods do they Accept?

Servermania renders payment option in three types : credit cards(VISA, Mastero, American Express), Paypal, Skrill. Choose you desired payment method at the time of check out. If you want any other clarification on payment we suggest to contact them directly.

Q. How do they do billing?

According to servermania, all the payments are calculated based on their stated payment charges and apart from this current tax rate of Ontario and Canada will be added to your billing amount.

Q. What is “Suspended and Terminate State”?

In servermania for each late payment 10% fee will be added and they offer service to 5 due days and if the payment is delayed more than the due date your account will be move on to “Suspend state”.

If the payment is delayed more than 10 due days your account will be enter in to “terminate state”. It is a delicate one and your data may get lost if you prolong in this state.

Q. Can I avail Refund?

No You can’t; In servermania refund is unattainable because it has one time set up fees regardless of usage. If you are seemed to be overcharged in billing then you can contact them within 30 days of that circumstance.

Q. How to cancel My Account?

Any member can cancel their account anytime in servermania and to cancel, Simply login to your account page and make an account cancellation request from the portal. After that you account will be cancelled and your server will be kept online until the end of your billing cycle.

Q. Does Payments are Secure?

Of course; servermania has an pertinent encryption and security policies against unauthorized access. Hence no need to worry you are safe and secure.

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