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When you started creating a website, it is important to keep engaged with the users to radiate your business. The Sign Up or Registration form will definitely help you in that by collecting the visitors info and with that, you can keep in touch with the users often.

The registration and login forms are the essential part of the every website, and these forms are used in the site to provide some access to the users. Creating the registration forms have begun lot easier than ever and for this, you have to pick up and use the below-listed templates.

What techniques are used in designing these templates?

HTML & CSSHTML (Hypertext markup language) and CSS ( Cascading style sheets) are the basic building blocks of Website. Html provides the basic structure of the pages where as CSS adds styling to the pages.

 Bootstrap – It is a front end framework designed for faster and easier web development. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developing the responsive and mobile-first websites.

 Foundation Framework – Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework built with primary tools like HTML, CSS, jquery and many modern technologies.

 Material Design – Right now it is the most favoured framework among the web experts as it adds look and feel to your site. It inherits modern web design principles like browser portability and device independence.

If you have these technical skills, then you can definitely develop your own registration templates, but it needs a lot of time and energy. So you better use the predesigned templates presented below. Once you have downloaded the template you can customize it as you want.

HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Register Form Templates

Tabbed HTML Sign Up Form

A simple registration form with the tabbed look that gives you access to both login and sign-up. The design is immaculate, and this template comes with live validation. The dark background and the hover effect made this theme more stunning. This simple one can be used for any specific account registration or Apps.


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Horizontal Responsive Form

The Horizontal login form carry out the light weight process for the users, as you see the text box includes detailed questions and hence no user will struggle while filling this registration form. In this template you can see many effects such as toggle, hover and dropdown along with responsiveness. You can use this template in your site for career and recruitment process.


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Dual Registration

One of the simple registration form templates that gives your site an appealing look. This template is designed purely designed with HTML and CSS to provide humble features. The icons and the radio button options available in this template are really beautiful. You should truly try this template for your website if you want to present a clean registration form.


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Pure CSS Registro


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Account Creation Form


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Dribble Inspired Resigtration form


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Dark Basic Account Form

This dark registration form creates a simple and appealing look to your website also its responsiveness and effects are the major attraction of this template. You may think that it has limited text box to collect information. But this template is coded in the way that you can elongate up to your need.


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Multi Step Form with Progress Bar

I think most of you will be more impressed by this template as it offers the multi step functionality with in a page.  The sliding between the tabs is completely unique; this template saves your time and data in page loading.


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Campsite Registration Form


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Beautiful Login and Registration Form


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Sophisticated Registration Form


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Cool Sign Up Form


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Levy Flat Registration


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Login and Registration Template


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User Registration Template


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Register Form with Pass Meter


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Sign Up Form Flat Template


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Learn By Doing Register


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OceanToon Dark Form


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Elegant Register Forms


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Register to iApp


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Responsive Sign Up Form


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Widget Register Form


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Bootstrap Based Registration Form Designs

Registration Form with Transparent Background

A free responsive and transparent bootstrap form with both login and registration feature. It also integrated with social media networks. This template is minimal and cleanly coded, and thus, it has an immense impact on page loading.


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Company Registration Page


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Bootsnipp Registration


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Mix and Match Register


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Basic Register Page


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Simple Registration Form


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Megabase Registration

A Registration form with comes with multistep actions that is best suited for survey related sites. This zip package contains all the source files needed to implement this type of form for you website. Download it now.


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Fancy Registration Form


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Dark Model Registration


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Material Design Registration Form Templates

Simple Registration Form with AngularJs

This registration form template is built with Angular Js and material design to provide device and browser compatibility. The validation effect in this template is excellent, and hence, it is a highly efficient form of the modern websites.


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Material Design Register Form – W3 lessons

This material design template has used jquery to animate the template


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Moddled Material Registration Form

If you want to omit separate page for login and registration, you should use this template. As by clicking a button simply a popup box is arising with the login and sign up form and you can switch between the duos easily.


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Sign Up Form with Social Network


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Pure Material Sign Up Form

Are you looking for a clean and classy signup form for your website? Well, this is the one you are searching for. The design of this template is simple with transparent text layout with a background. All the details present in the templates can be changed in your own way as it is easy to customize.


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Foundation Framework Registration Form Templates

Awesome App Form

Awesome App is a quick sign up form for your clients. The simple looking registration form will let the users to sign up without any hassle. You can download the source code and can customize it as it is free to download.


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Sign Up Form with Tabs


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Newsletter Sign Up Form

A sleek and smart sign up form which can be used in your site that makes users to subscribe to your mailing list. The button in this template comes with immediate responsive action.


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Premium/Paid Registration Form Templates

There may be numerous free design templates online and all of them are not secure. Finding the secured free templates is very difficult but we have collected the best error free templates only. Still some people may have distrust so that we have provided the paid registration templates also, to help the users who want something unique and safe.

Bootstrap Xtra Form

This sign-up form contains live validation and animated controls with dark skins and amazing sliding effect for each text box. It is ready to use, and the customization is simple too.

Price: $8


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Subscribe Form

This unique registration template is most favoured by more customers for their website due to it on screen customization option. It includes color panel, backgrounds, and sidebars toggle option especially for the users to make them engaged with your site for more time.

Price: $8


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Sky Forms

Price: $6


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Mastenia Sign Up Form

Price:  $17


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Advanced Security Register Form

Price: $13


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Flat Form with Bootstrap

A complete pack of bootstrap based forms; it contains not only the registration form yet many crucial forms like login, check out, subscribe and many form templates. This package will be best option to consider if you are making a ecommerce based site.

Price : $4


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Are you looking for a better looking registration forms templates then you will definitely find out one from our handpicked collection. These templates are inexpensive way to build your site and typically easy to use as it designed with more flexibility. So, from this list choose a registration template that best works for you and share it with us.

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