QTS Managed Hosting is Gearing with CISCO Power

QTSQTS is an innovative and leading web hosting provider of secured, compliant data center solutions and it is propagated with hybrid cloud and fully managed services. QTS is operating on its own and they are managing 24 data centers and able to support more than 1000 customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It is grilled with integrated technology platform on the serviced type of custom data center C1, Colocation C2, Cloud and managed Services C3 are contributing with highly flexible, scalable, Secure IT solutions for web, IT applications. CISCO Cloud and Managed Service Program is a recent launched version which helps partners to envision market, build and sell cloud managed services.

QTS has appealed today with the legal portfolio of Cisco Powered Services in a regularized document

QTS Managed Hosting solution is considered as a part of the company’s infrastructure and it is servicing as an Iaas platform. They can subsidize its clients with a bigger and sharper range of cloud capabilities that could help them to increase on business agility. As QTS is previously certified by Cisco on behalf of Advanced Partner and crowned it be one of the top tiers of Cisco CMSP Partners.

cisco poweredThey are required to complete the meticulous third party auditing services and now it verifies the services are getting delivered with help of enterprise class such as reliability, support and security. The Advanced Designation recognizes the QTS investment in bringing back the cloud and managed services as the Cisco’s highest Standard ever. QTS is very much pleased to inform the customers about expansion of its Cisco Powered Portfolio in partnering with Managed Hosting Solution. In recent times, Cloud platforms is serving as a best of breed architecture, who are in meet with Cisco strict standards and giving customers scalable, secure and complete solutions without any stuff.

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