7 Popular Native Ad Networks 2018

Native Advertising has gone viral nowadays all over the web. You should have probably heard the term “native advertising” but can you guess what it is? Let me explain deeply about it along with some of the best Native Ad networks you should be aware of.

The Hottest Native Ads for 2017

Native content Ads are the most interesting advertising formats, and it is said to be the savior of online and mobile content monetization. Native just means placing ads in a particular spot on the web page where the viewers are buzzing around to search something.

List of Native Ad Networks

Here are some of the best native advertising networks which should be taken into consideration so that you can increase the traffic to your websites.

Outbrain – Trusted Content Discovery Platform

Native ad-outbrain

Outbrain has kept its footprint of service in the content discovery platform, and it is said to be the most trusted one among all the native ad networks. What do they provide? It offers the content recommendation for the publishers as well as promoted ads by its WordPress plugin. It can be used when the publishers need to outsource their related posts functionality and can make money irrespective whether the people stay or click and leave the post.

Here are some ideas to advertise on OutBrain

First of all, Sign up for an account while advertising on OutBrain to bring in traffic and “Amplify your Content”.

Decide on the type of the content whether you are going to advertise an RSS feed or just a handpicked piece only. Good practice is you should go with the handpicked piece of content which should be in the manner of good to go.

Set the budget parameters for getting good potential traffic. Also, be aware of the start dates as OutBrain has to approve the content before it goes live.

Finally, watch for the approval mail. That’s it! Now, Advertising on OutBrain will become very easy if you know all these parameters.

Taboola – The Best for Mid-Sized Publishers

native ad-taboola

Now, it becomes effortless for the advertisers and publishers to drive traffic and monetize the web property. It will be the best option for major publishing sites like Yahoo, USA today, NBC and so on. Taboola is nothing but the same as OutBrain with a slight variation in its pay more per click option so that you can easily access the platform’s top publishers. If you want to check report or create campaigns, you just need to log in using the backstage.


native ad-mgid

MGID is one of the native advertising solutions, and it is simply a non-invasive CPC and traffic exchange network for both publishers and advertisers. It is responsible for integrating the sponsored content or products into the natural activity stream of the users without turning off the viewers with the annoying, troublesome ads.

 For Publishers – It has come up with an engaging solution which is persistent with the behaviour of the publisher’s platform. They can either monetize the traffic or again circulate the audiences.

For Advertisers – It includes means of widgets will deliver advertising types such as recommendation widgets, ads or content links which are also paid with CPC and Widget based traffic exchange.

RevContent – High Paying Native Ad Network

native ad-revcontent

RevContent is one of the most powerful native advertising tools for both advertisers and publishers. It allows more content recommendation that many other competitors by dealing with innovative technology.

It features a premium network of high-quality and performance in which their sites have more than 50% higher page views per visitors (PPV). Transparency and control play a significant role in which it can optimize in real time with the self-serve platform. It provides either way access to advanced reporting in a 24/7 manner.

User experience + Engagement = Happier users and Higher RPMS

Features of RevContent:

It performs a user experience driven implementation through which you can easily create a truly native look and feel to the one who are visiting it.

It provides fully responsive widget no matter what devices it is going to operate on such as mobile, tablet, etc. It just responds and adapts the way they are in.

You can turn your dream into reality with the unlimited customization/API and it comes with infinite scroll and other industry-first technology.

Content Ad:


A content recommendation platform which is created to help site owners to generate time-on-site and monetize their content easily is none other than “Content.ad”. You can get this and run efficiently using the WordPress plugin.

Key features of Content.Ad:

It features a 3-step guided installation so that you can create your first widget in just a few minutes. You can feel the flexible styling in the way how the widget creation wizard customizes the widget simple and straightforward.

It has free enterprise-level features to make you control the widget integrating into the site and make aware of kind of content appears without leaving the WordPress admin.

The plugins won’t slow down your site as the optimization takes place in the content.Ad servers and that too the widget gets loaded asynchronously.


native ad-go2mobi

Go2Mobi is the highly responsive native Ad network which performs advertising in the mobile moment. It connects advertisers to the ideal consumers by just merging the data of the first-party audience with the real-time location science.

i) Full-Service Mobile Advertising

This full-service mobile advertising solution is built to focus on precise audience and make them engage at the most relevant and timely moments in their mobile journey.

ii) Self-Serve Mobile Advertising

Go2Mobi’s self-serve mobile advertising platform is created for performance marketers, trading desks, and app developers to reach the certain mobile audience segments which are responsible for driving performance and ROI. It provides the tools and technology to focus and report on every aspect of their mobile advertising campaigns.

Avazu mDSP:

native ad-avazu mdsp

Avazu mDSP is also one of the self-serve mobile advertising platforms with more than 35 Ad Exchanges all over the globe. It operates on performance oriented along with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.  As a direct advertiser, you can make use of it to advertise your products or services among the mobile users across the world.

Quick facts on Avazu mDSP

With this convenient and transparent marketing solution, you can start your campaigns within 5 minutes. It is not that much easy to gain lifetime value or new user acquisition. Multiple Bid types and real-time reporting boosts this platform and hence, impressions, conversations are updated minute by minute.

Hope you will have a better understanding of the native advertising networks and how it actually works. Feel free to ask us if you have any queries.

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