Best Free & Paid Paper Texture Backgrounds

For any designing work, the background is the most important aspect because it plays a vital role in catching the interest of people. You know the use of paper textures becomes more trending as it has something fascinating and mesmerizing in its look.

The paper texture backgrounds are ideal for greeting cards, invitation cards, posters, as well as for website as backgrounds and banners. No matter how digitized we get, the paper has an inevitable place in our lives, and so most of the designers love to use it in their designs to celebrate its beauty.

Free Paper Texture Backgrounds
Premium Paper Texture Backgrounds

Today I have compiled the best and probably the most famous paper texture backgrounds you need to use. In this assortment, all of them you find are different with each other so download as many of your wishes. The list contains a preview image and download links, so it’s better to check out the preview image before you download. Go ahead and use them all!

Best Premium Paper Texture Backgrounds

Digital Paper Textures – $4

Have you wanted something new in paper texture? Now your wish has come true with this digital paper texture. The damask and polka were designed dot papers best suits for photography and digital scrapbooks. These patterns are supposed to use for both personal and commercial use.


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Old Natural Paper Textures – $7

This adorable paper texture backgrounds is amazingly easy to edit, this creative and colourful pack is suitable for both personal and commercial use. If you use it in your projects peoples eyes will be struck and can’t be taken off from your work.


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Digital Vintage Paper Texture – $5


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Crumpled Paper Texture Background – $4

This paper texture background is now available at just $4, and it comes in 4 different colours. You can use this background for your business or websites, wallpapers, and flyers, etc.


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Checked Paper Texture – $4


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Paper Canvas Fine Textured Backgrounds – $2


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Vintage Paper Texture Background – $4

Vintage is the best premium paper texture background which is available at an affordable rate. It includes the graphics files such as JPG image and vector EPS in it. Buy this right now by clicking the button given below.


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Brown Paper Texture Pattern – $3

Brown is also one of the premium paper texture backgrounds of RGB format, and it is designed with high resolution. It will be very suitable for brochures, wallpapers and even for twitter backgrounds, etc.


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Antique Old Paper Background – $5


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Rainbow Paper Texture Background – $4


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Rich Paper Texture Backgrounds – $3

The wealthy and high resolution featured paper texture images consists of a unique set of backgrounds with unbeatable details and incredible colors. This kind of model is suitable for any project and comes in ready to use format.


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Layered Grunge Paper Textures – $8

The Grunge paper patterns package includes different types of Photoshop patterns in PAT format. Those files contain varying image quality and varying designs. This collection is the great source for all designers as they are cardboard or paper bag-ish, some vintage, distressed or just plain grungy.


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Awesome Retro Paper Backgrounds – $3


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Rose Vector Vintage Old Paper – 46


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Yellow Gold Paper Texture – $6


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Ripped Paper Backgrounds – $2


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Kraft Paper Texture Backgrounds – $3

The Kraft Paper texture comes with many astonishing designs like polka dots, stripes, chevron, hearts and many. This set of 12 seamless patterns may vary in designs but have the same cardboard paper texture.


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Retro Waves Paper Backgrounds – $2


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Stain/ Worn Paper Background Texture – $5


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Pixel Paper Background Textures – $4


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Torn Paper Background Textures – $3


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Wrinkled Lined Paper Background – $4


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Mega Paper Texture Bundle – $15

The Mega paper texture bundle is featured with 51 awesome packed designs that are of high quality. It contains collection of retro paper textures, dirty grunge patterns, carbon grunge, nasty carbon texture and like many.


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Grey Paper Texture – $2


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Tileable Paper Textures Background – $4


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Aged Paper Backgrounds – $2


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Matte Grunge Paper Textures – $4


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Crumpled Paper Textures – $2


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Green Old Paper Texture – $6


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Water Color Paper Texture Backgrounds – $10

A phenomenal and attractive paper background texture in this article is this water color texture pack. This pack contains 28 varying water color textures in the paper which is perfect for achieving new and unique elements in your designing work. Moreover all the textures contains Hue and saturation adjustment layer that helps in changing the texture colors.


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Ordinary Antique Paper Textures – $4


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Obsolete Paper Backgrounds – $4


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Best Free Paper Texture Backgrounds

Web Treats Paper Texture

It is a free combo pack of paper textures images in JPG and as well as corresponding PSD pattern. It is sized 1024 pixel both length and breadth.  The pack will be downloaded in the ZIP format and inside you will get seamless paper texture images.


Free Download

Magpie Paper Pattern


Free Download

Colorful Paper Patterns

The colourful paper patterns pack from Graphics fuel are the great choice to create the website backgrounds, poster cards flyers, wall papers and much more. This download pack contains 12 ready to use images in JPG as well PSD format.


Free Download

Paper Grid Patterns

This free paper grid pattern contains 24 graph paper grid designs in the form of Photoshop and Gimp file. This Photoshop file contains both PAT and PNG file that means in a transparent way to allow you to customize it with your own background color.


Free Download

Grunge Paper Patterns


Free Download

Commercial Paper Texture

If you are looking for a bunch of seamless paper texture patterns at free of cost, there are many available in this article. But in that this pack is somewhat unique. It comes with images that are compatible with Photoshop.


Free Download

Cardstock Paper Textures

The Cardstock Paper texture backgrounds consist of 9 seamless high-resolution images that also in an easy editable format of Photoshop file. This can be optimal for the usage of web background texture.


Free Download

Paper Patterns Pack

This package contains set of 12 paper patterns in PAT and PNG Photoshop files format. I am sure that these steady and cool designs will definitely remind you of your school notebooks.


Free Download

Corrugated Paper Patterns


Free Download

Subtle Paper Textures

The Subtle paper textures zip file includes different shades of paper texture patterns in PAT format which can be customised easily from Photoshop. All the images in this pack are high quality.


Free Download

Handmade Paper Patterns Background

The handmade paper patterns from the popular site every Tuesday is one of my favourite ones. This pack contains eight superb images with high-resolution JPG file and as well as Photoshop file.


Free Download

Recycled Paper Textures

This recycled paper texture designs will be one of the aspiring patterns in this collection. And this pattern has many followers because of its human touch design. The downloadable file contains three types of textures in JPG as well as PSD format also with 1024 pixel size.


Free Download

Wrinkled Paper Textures

These slight, wrinkled paper effects are some of the awesome paper textures used for the decorative purpose or gift bags. In this pack, you will get 22 different texture file in high resolution and also included an HTML file to quickly preview the backgrounds.


Free Download

Ink and Tea Stained Paper Texture


Free Download

Colored Vintage Paper Textures

This free set of 20 colored vintage paper textures can be used the lot in your illustrations, photography and so forth. The downloaded image files can be used right away in your projects as it comes ready to use PSD and JPG format. The image files have the highest resolution of 3600 pixels in size.


Free Download

Paper Texture Cells


Free Download

White Paper Towel Texture


Free Download

Creased White Paper Texture Background


Free Download

High Resolution Folded Background Textures


Free Download

In this article you will find over than 50+ files with varying patterns and textures and that will surely leave you inspired to a greater extent. Don’t forget to share or post a comment if you liked this post, I love to hear from you!

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