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Best Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes (Free & Paid) for 2018

Turning the pages of the morning newspaper are somewhat annoying, at the same time reading the newspaper is necessary to gain wisdom. If you want to bring changes in the way newspaper are being perceived, you should go to online newspaper and magazine websites. Since print editions are the dull and slow process, the websites are the perfect choice to know the news instantly and by this lot of time, effort and money can be saved.

Today more and more newspaper and magazine websites are taking birth and not to be blown out by those sites you have to come up with the WordPress themes for uniqueness and creativity. By now you must be turbulence in selecting the best themes for your site.

 Premium Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes
 Free Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes

Read this article carefully to find the one you are searching for as I have rendered the best WordPress magazine and news portal themes. Even if you are web experts and professional designer, these themes will be more useful. In fact, you might be able to create a high qualified website that attracts the reader to visit your site often.

Premium Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes

News Magazine – $59

News Magazine is a premium responsive WordPress theme with fresh and unique design look. This theme well suits for any news, magazine and even for the blog. The layout of this theme is highly advanced and categorized as the sectional column layout.

The home page is one of the most loved ones in this theme as it represents the things precisely. It is also integrated with social media icons, sliders and many.


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Sahifa – $59

A simple yet outstanding WordPress theme specially designed for newspapers and magazine related website. This well planned and expertly designed theme is responsive and comes with drag and drop builders to make your site more intuitive.

Along with this theme, the enhanced support and exceeding service from its developer is the main thing that compels to buy this theme.


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Soledad – $49


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Voice Clean Theme – $59


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Magone – $49

Magone has earned high popularity in our list because this classic magazine theme offers a simple and clean coded WordPress theme. This theme is well integrated with image sliders, social media and support cross browser compatibility and mobile ready layout.

Even though this magazine theme looks like old fashioned most of the designer prefer this for its fantasy look with standard graphics and visual experience.



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Woohoo News – $59



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Good Life – $49



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Domino Magazine – $69


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Herald Magazine – $59

Herald is a simple and flat paid WordPress magazine theme. This theme is more flexible and coded minimal to provide ease of use. If you are looking for an all in one theme for your business then this theme is best for your need. Its cutting edge feature and amazing user interface renders rich user experience.



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Brixtons Lounge – $39


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The Voux – $59


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Goliath News – $59


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Adams Magazine – $49

Adams is a modern WordPress magazine theme .built for local news magazine and other blog related sites. This theme lets you flexibly choose the layout version among two sidebars, one sidebar, dark skin, RTL layout. For wider social reach this theme includes social media integration.



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Portus News Portal – $49



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Compass – $69


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World Tech – $49


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Subha Premium Magazine – $44

Subha – The premium WordPress magazine theme is an interactive theme focuses on providing the clean and intuitive layout options for magazine site. This theme is enhanced with high edge features that makes user to experience flexibility in usage. The website made with this theme will be 100% responsive and also loads quickly.


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Flex Mag -$59


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Noticia – $49


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Al Youm -$59


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The Fox Magazine – $44


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Interactive – $59


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Quadrum – $64


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Master Blog Magazine – $59


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Bucket Digital Magazine – $59

Bucket is one of the phenomenal and versatile WordPress themes in this list. This amazing theme comes with many incredible features and user experience resulting in eye catching browsing experience.

The mobile ready layout allows the website to get compact on any size of screens. If you strive hard to get better visibility among users regarding SEO, then this template will be very useful.


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Valenti News – $59


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News Desk – $49


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Jupiter – $59


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Jarida – $59

Just like other themes in this list, Jarida is also a WordPress theme designed for newspaper and magazine. With the styling tool in the right side of the site you are allowed to make changes in theme layout, home page, header, navigation, pattern, theme color, background easily. Some of the other options present in this theme makes it highly user friendly.


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Hot Topix – $59


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Fearless – $44


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Legatus – $59



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Wagazine – $49

Wagazine is a fantastic, powerful, well designed and most popular newspaper magazine theme for wordpress users. It contains many advanced elements like font icons, social media integration, video and audio integration, sliders, hover effects and many options that drives user to stay with your site for long time.


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News Plus – $59


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Hunted Magazine – $49


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Wise Blog – $59


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News Peak – $49

News Peak is truly an innovative and lightning fast WordPress theme that is designed with centric for newspaper and magazine. This theme speed is awesome and keeps your server to load faster. The header of this amazing theme is quite simple but intuitive along with the running flash news. This site home page is unique look and designing makes customers crazy.


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Noes Viral Newspaper – $49


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Hash Mag – $59


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Magellan – $59


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SNews – $49

One of the bigger and future based WordPress magazine themes in our list is this SNews. It creative design impresses the readers at first site and it certainly do more than you expect. It also come with social media integration, multimedia integration, mobile ready layout, browser compatibility and much more to offer excellent performance.


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Lite Mag -$59


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Old Paper -$59


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Barcelona – $64


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The Daily Press – $49


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Unicorn – $49


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Supreme Magazine – $49


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Weekly News – $49


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Today World News – $49


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Motive Mag – $44


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Seven Mag – $59

Seven Mag is a magazine and blog style WordPress theme that makes a real impact with your readers, allowing you to highlight and promote the latest news in the home page. Its power packed features and designing elements focuses on attracting the visitors and even help in making some money in the process with SEO.


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Mega News – $49


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Newspaper – $59


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Engine Headlines – $64


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Real News – $49


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Magic News – $49

Luckily magic news is responsive so that it can help the users to achieve better ranking and optimised performance. Transparent layout, creative header, social media integration are the some of the incredible features highlighted in this WordPress theme.


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Flying News Magazine – $59


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News Grid – $49


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Free Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Themes

Color Mag

Color Mag is by far, the most downloaded free magazine WordPress themes since its launch. This amazing free theme is built with responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility so that it can achieve high user experience. It contains all the elements you get in the paid version and so it best by saving cost.


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Envice is an outstanding newspaper WordPress theme developed by renowned developer Themegrill. This WordPress theme is suitable for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, portfolio and all kind of websites. It also comes with paid version, if you need more features you can get this theme as paid version by spending some amount.


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Color News


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Just Write


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Access Press Mag

If you are searching for a light weight and user friendly WordPress theme for magazine, this Access Press Mag theme is the optimal choice and more over it is free to download. This simple theme stands out from others due to its flexibility and the pack fully focused on speed and efficiency.


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Combo Mag


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Since Premium themes help in generating higher revenue you have to take some more time in choosing the theme. The free themes are also designed well, but they may have some malicious code which leads complication later. Hence it is good to buy the paid themes from the reputed seller. Anyhow all the themes in this article are safe to use, just download and enjoy.

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