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So far we have discussed many web hosting providers, but if you have a brilliant idea for creating a website, you will need a domain name to go with it.

For this, when it comes to registering the domain name for your portal, you may think which is the best one to choose? Who has the better service and regular features? All these queries will come to your mind.

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The most difficult thing is to find out the best domain name registrar for your online business. Hence, we have come up with the good solution for your questions called “Namecheap.”

Namecheap is the world’s #1 domain name provider in the web hosting communication. With this registrar, you may able to register your domain name as low as $0.88 per year.

Why do we Need to Register a Domain Name?

The perfect domain name is very critical one for today, where the people have to impressed with your site when they visit your portal. Make sure to secure your domain name for your business with lowest cost registration and unique services from


You have been gifted with options to choose your domain extension by registry or extension type. It is up to you, where you have to pick the correct one according to your needs. Let’s see what they are?

Generic TLDS

The generic top level domains are said to be global extensions, where it has worldwide recognition and anc be appeal to all customers. If you wish to have your domain name with extensions like .com, .net , .biz and so on can go with it.

Extension  For What? Pricing
.com .com stands for commercial, which will be the most popular domain extension and online’s oldest one also for your business. as low as $10.29/year
.net If your site dealing with network technology and infrastructure, this extension will do globally visible for your online business as low as $12.48/year
.biz It says that it will be apt for business sites, which will expand your reach and protect your image. Most of the business people use to solely choose .biz rather than .com as low as $10.88/year
.org This will be intended for non-profit companies or organization, who wish to share about their charitable activities to their site visitors as low as $12.08/year
.info .info is all about information that will be universally recognized and will be the great alternative choice to .com or .biz extensions as low as $10.15/year
.mobi This extension will intimates that your site is mobile-friendly site, where your customers can use it without scrolling, pinching and squinting as low as $2.88/year

View all other gTLDs

Apart from the above mentioned extensions you will get much more such as .asia, .xxx, .bike, .clothing, .guru, .singles, .holdings, .ventures, .equipment, .plumbing, .camera. .gallery, .estate, .graphics, .lighting, .photography, .construction, .directory, .contractors, .kitchen, .land, .technology, .today, .tattoo, .sexy, .diamonds, .tips and more.

Whatever be your field, you can choose an extension for your website according to your business easily at an affordable price via Namecheap.

 Country Code TLDS

The country code top level domains are country or region specific extensions. It will be the great option for linking with consumers in a specific area or location. Say for example, if you like to have .de, .eu, .us as your domain extension then go ahead with it.

Extension For Which Region/Country Pricing
.us America citizens as cheap as $0.88/year United kingdom customers as cheap as $5.69/year
.de Germany business as cheap as $8.87/year
.co Great choice for Colombia associated sites as cheap as $9.88/year
.ca Canadian business and for non-profit organizations as cheap as $11.56/year
.in To reach fast growing market in India as cheap as $9.50/year

View all other ccTLDs

Also available in .me, .pw, .tv, .es, .eu, .cc, .fr, .pe, .ch, .bz, .ws, .sg, .li, .cm, .nu, .io and much more for an economic price under great discounts.

Step by Step Process for Registering a New Domain

Before registering you have to have an account on

If you have an account you can go with that, otherwise sign up for an account

Fill up the details like username, password, email and click on the button “Create Account

You will be get a pop-up confirmation message that your account has been opened. You may proceed with that to choose a domain

In the homepage of the Namecheap portal, you will see the domains page on the top right side of the page. Click on the Domain and then click Register sub-page


You will need to search for a domain what you have to create and select an extension what you wish to have.

Once you find the search comes up with the new domain name, then you can process with registering your domain name via adding it to the Shopping Cart.

Finally, make your payment using a credit or debit card or PayPal. You will see two items in your cart, where you will notice WhoIs Guard that will be free for one year.

What comes up with domain registration?

  • High Security, convenience, and value
  • Robust & Reliable DNS servers
  • Flexible control with its advanced control panel
  • Solid security through WhoIsGuard privacy protection service
  • Quality guarantee support for 24/7 per day


Why to Transfer a Domain Name?

You can move your domain to the registrar who cares about you and your website. The transaction may be completed only if your registers your previous one for more than 60 days.

 What is a domain transfer?

namecheap-domain-transfer-processDomain transfer means, it is the process of changing your existing domain name registrar to the new one where you desired you maintain your site and other information securely.

You can now transfer your domain as cheap as $9.87 per year. But the process will take for action from 3 to 8 days. Before transferring a domain name, your domain must be in unlocked status at the old registrar and must not be in expiring status.

Here is the Step Process to Transfer your Domain

To submit a transfer request for your domain, you need to follow the below step to get it:

First, go to the portal

Visit Domains —> Transfer section, request for transfer via entering your Auth code from your old registrar.


Once you logged in to your account, go to domain list and then click Authorize Transfer that will be next to the required domain name

The process of transferring your domain name begins here once you entered the code


You will be receiving an approval email, and thus your old registrar will have to release your domain within five days

The process comes to end, your domain will be released from old and added to Namecheap registrar

Benefits of Each Domain Transfer

  • You can transfer your domain with zero dollar transfer fee
  • The domain value priced one-year renewals
  • There is no or low downtime with rocket solid support
  • With your transfer, you can get free subscription to WhoIsGuard privacy protection service
  • You can modify anything with its reliable DNS servers
  • Each transfer can be eligible for 1-year positive value priced SSL certificate for just $1.99

Want to Register a Personal or Business Domain Name?

Of course, you can do it through the, where you can get it for as much as possible for $8.99/ year only.

 What is Personal Domain Name?

When you go to the personal domain, your name or your brand name followed by extensions like .com, .me or .biz. It will be the superb choice to show off your credentials to your clients and show to the world what you can do and who you are. You may also create a brand name for yourself in an eCommerce platform.

Why do we need it?

 You can show to the world that you have the full ownership of your online presence

 Increases the visibility that leads to rank first in Google

 High-authority sites will be carefully crafted and protect your reputation

 Last but not least, it is perfect to market your business or product or yourself

How to Protect your Online Privacy?

 What is Whois Lookup?

Whois is a kind of database that stores all contact and personal information of owners of the registered domains. Namecheap offers Whois Lookup options, so legally anyone can view the stored information.

Therefore, Whois database is accessible to all on the internet. If you wish to make it privacy and secure your information, then go with WhoisGuard privacy protection service.

 Why you need WhoisGuard PP Service?

WhoisGuard is crafted especially for domain owners to protect their privacy and so their confidential info is no longer for public consumption. With each and every new domain registration or domain transfer, the company will afford you a WhoisGuard privacy protection at free of charge for the first year only.

If you don’t want to share your personal info with anyone, then it will be done via WhoisGuard. This privacy protection is very affordable, and your personal data does not go on public record.

Your personal info like name, postal address and phone numbers are remains private

All data will be safe from identity theft, telemarketers and more

You will enjoy WhoisGuard privacy protection for absolutely free

It will replaces your email address in Whois database with a unique address, so that every email is filtered

Flexible control via one simple control panel, where you can easily enable and disable it

After the completion of one year, you have to pay just $2.88 per year to continue WhoisGuard privacy protection service, which is the global best option with guaranteed.

Get DNS server for High Level Security

The company has been offering you a secure and reliable Domain Name Servers to increase your site’s performance and speed. Namecheap provides free as well as premium DNS hosting services, which will support any domain or subdomain.

FreeDNS will be working as a great backup for your DNS servers or your hosting provider’s servers. It will support A/AAAA/CNAME/NS/MX/TXT/SRV DNS record types with dynamicDNS options and updates. Apart from FreeDNS, the company is very proud to inform that they have launched PremiumDNS service recently.

 Get 100% Uptime & Confidence with Premium DNS

You all know that how important is DNS uptime for your eCommerce business, so they have come up with Premium DNS service for the least price $4.88/year. It is one the most robust DNs platform and globally available service, where your business will take advantages of security. It can be used with any domain name registered with any registrar.

Quite easy to use for both beginners and experts

Backed up by Namecheap reliable consumer service

Has DNSSEC support and powered by Verisign

Fast responsive time in the market

Specifically designed for mission-critical portals

Domain Renewal FAQ & Billing Queries

How do I Renewal my Domain?
You can do it at any time via your Namecheap control panel by sign into Namecheap account.

Can I Renew my Domain automatically?
Ya, of course you can easily turn on the Auto Renew for your domain as well as WhoiGuard subscription also.

Is there any Refund Policy for my unsuccessful domain Transfer?
The money will be automatically refunded to your Namecheap account only if your domain transfer is failed.

What can I do if my Domain is expired before renew?
No worries, you will have Grace period of approximately 27 days to reactivate the domain.

In what way the confirmation is received for my orders?
You will get an email confirmation with your order number, service, and price what you paid.

Overall, Namecheap will be the phenomenal choice for registering a domain name with some popular extensions at an affordable price. Choosing portal for domain registration is a brilliant choice to run your business in a success way!

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