NameCheap Hosting Review

Do you feel it’s quite tedious to find a perfect domain name for your business? This is because various factors come into mind when you are actually searching for a domain name. The domain names you choose should attract search engine rankings without breaking the rules of Google.

To be short, NameCheap is one of the most popular registrars for your domain name registration. It becomes the doorstep of the web knowing the importance of a domain name for your business. Here comes the brief overview of the NameCheap Hosting Reviews and Discount Coupons with the pricing plans and its features.

Why NameCheap?

Unique Approach and shared hosting for fewer costs

High Server Speeds and 100% uptime

Maintain the most secure servers

Includes WordPress and other apps

Works with the latest Dell Server Technology

Shared Hosting Packages along with cPanel features

Offers 24/7 support

Hosting Plans Pricing & Features

NameCheap involves in providing the following hosting plans to the customers and that too at a discounted rate with all of the features included. Each hosting packages comes in a broad range of sizes and prices.

    • Shared Hosting
    • Reseller Hosting
    • VPS Hosting
    • Dedicated Servers
  • Private Email Hosting


Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting is the one in which a user can create multiple sites under one server itself with each websites having a different domain name. The allocated storage space, size and the number of sites gradually increase with each plan. It enables the clients to host on the server. This shared hosting plan provides storage space RAID protected, unlimited bandwidth and multiple websites to be hosted.

Value                   :               $9.88 per year

 Professional    :               $19.88 per year

 Ultimate            :               $29.88 per year

 Business SSD  :               $19.88 per month

Reseller Hosting Plans

This type of plan makes the user sell the space of their server to customers who need their sites hosted by the user. NameCheap provides reseller hosting in four categories such as Reseller 1, Reseller 2, Reseller 3, and Reseller 4. Every Reseller plan comes with free cPanel/WHM whereas Reseller 3 features an additional WHMCS and Reseller 4 has SSL. The bandwidth goes on increasing from Reseller 1 to Reseller 4 starting at 500GB.

VPS Hosting Plans

VPS otherwise said to be Virtual Private Server helps the user to work on any operating system with all of the features available. This type of hosting plan is essential for the users can fully customize the server along with the add-ons necessary for the website.  It offers its plan in four ways such as follows:

 VPS lite-Xen                       :                 $19.95/mo

 VPS 1-Xen                          :                 $29.95/mo

  VPS 2-Xen                          :               $49.95/mo

VPS 3 –Xen                         :               $69.96/mo.

Dedicated Hosting Plans


Users can purchase a dedicated machine using this dedicated hosting plan at a cheaper rate of just $58.88/mo stepping up to $449/mo with increasing RAM, hard drive space into solid state drive space, 12 core processors and bandwidth. NameCheap has offered server management plans in this type of dedicated hosting.

E-Mail Plans

It is a web-based or mobile based hosting which comes in three packages which also include the previous scheme’s features in it along with an extra amount.

Private                  :               $9.88/yr

Business               :               $28.88/yr

Business Office    :               $49.88/yr

You can go with private if it is the web-based mail with the storage capacity of 3GB and file storage of 1GB.  If it includes the mobile support, Business plan will be the suitable one with an additional capacity of 10GB storage.

UpTime & Performance of NameCheap

You should rely on uptime whenever you sign up for the web hosting service. Hence, your site should have an uptime of 99.9%. After a testing, it is found that NameCheap servers tend to be down less than 4 hours each month which is an excellent thing.

NameCheap features a status page on its website so that you can check whether there are any issues or problems with your server. Most importantly, NameCheap takes daily backups so that we can say that security is up to the mark.

Performance is an important parameter when one likes to develop a website for a customer. NameCheap performs well decently meaning that they use the latest hardware, and they don’t even oversell their servers by making other websites to run slowly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to use Coupon Codes

This information will be very helpful if one walks through the process of signing up using the coupon codes for their hosting plans.

 Make a Click on one of the Promo Codes

The only thing you need to do is to click the coupon codes available. Once if you had done it, you would be directly taken to the website and the code will be automatically pasted to the clipboard. Finally, right-click and select the “Paste” option in the coupon box.

 Pick out the desired hosting plan

At the top right corner of the webpage under “Hosting” menu, you will find the types of hosting offered by NameCheap. For an instance, if you want to use the promo codes for the shared hosting plan, follow the screenshot given.

namecheap-sign up-shared

NameCheap offers four plans under Shared hosting. Just click the “Add to Cart” button after choosing the preferred one. You need to check the Terms and Conditions which focus on what should be stored on their servers such as it should be in connection with the active website or else.


DataCenter Locations

NameCheap involves with multiple datacenters all around the US and in the UK. So, now you should choose between the US and the UK datacenter.

 Provide your domain information


The next step after adding it to the cart is to enter the domain information. No matter whether you are registering a domain, transferring or using an existing one. You can use only one coupon in each shopping cart, so just select “I want to use a domain I own through another registrar”. If you have purchased the same domain already using then domain offers, select “I want to use a domain I own through NameCheap.” Click the “Continue” button to move to the next stage.

 Enter the NameCheap Coupon and proceed to Checkout

As already said, you should right-click in the Promo box and pick “Paste”. Some of the offers involve creating a free account if you want to use the coupon. Once if the yellow alert message appears, click it and create a free account providing all your details and select “Continue”.


During Checkout process, you need to either log into your account or create an account for making payment. The customers will receive a confirmation message regarding the hosting service.


NameCheap Coupons & Billing FAQ’s

Q. Can you say which plan suits me?

Once if you wish to buy shared hosting, we would recommend you to buy Business SSD plan which comes with SSD storage, CloudFare Railgun, and xCache. The business plan will also be very good if you wish to store credit card details on the server. If you are searching for budget hosting, Value plan of shared hosting will be sufficient for you.

Q. What are the billing cycles offered by NameCheap?

If offers yearly plan on all hosting plans and the only exception are Business SSD plan which you can pay for it monthly, six-monthly or annual.

Q. How comes the payment in NameCheap?

NameCheap is ready to accept the payment by PayPal, Google CheckOut, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin and American Express. Dwolla is also an acceptable one for US customers.

Q. Will my hosting on NameCheap be a guaranteed one?

NameCheap guarantee is said to be the mark of excellence, and so, they always provide a guarantee for the products and services you have bought. It is consistently doing its best in uptime, performance, security, and support, etc.

Q. Can you assure me money back guarantee?

It offers a 14-day money back guarantee for shared and VPS hosting. You will be refunded only to the source account from which you have made your payment.

We strive hard to provide professional web hosting reviews which are entirely independent of other entity. We love to hear feedbacks from you.

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