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While starting searching for premium themes and templates, you can find many marketplaces and theme vendor. But if you go blindly there is a chance to stand behind so; it is necessary to know about the marketplace before buying a theme.

When you look at the top marketplace list, you may often see “Mojo Themes” and it will be referred as a popular one.  Do you want to know about it? Well, in this article I have uncovered all the details of Mojo themes. Go through this post for a detailed audit.

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MOJO Themes is a huge Marketplace for everyone to buy and sell themes and templates - Get it from here.
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Detailed Review on Mojo themes MarketPlace

Are you an admirer of Themeforest? Then you will definitely love “Mojo Themes”. As it offers a marketplace approach, that is very much similar to Themeforest. In Mojo themes, you not only buy the theme you also available free membership to sell your theme/templates. For this, you will get 50% commission which is relatively high compared to other marketplaces.

Here is a list of products of MOJO Themes: WordPress Themes, Site Templates, Joomla, Ecommerce, and Tumblr Themes.

The themes and templates are provided in various styles such as the blog, business, portfolio, magazine, resume, photography, landing page, marketing, etc. Entire products of Mojo themes are exclusive that means you can’t get this theme from any other theme providers.

 Quick Facts

 Mojo themes launched in 2009 under the company name Mojoness Inc. till now the company has released more than 1600 themes and templates under the categories of CMS and e-commerce platforms. It is rated in the list of top 5 WordPress theme marketplace.


What about its pricing?

Mojo Themes products are affordably priced, and it themes range start as low as $12 and goes all the way up to $59. The templates price varies from $6 to $25. Each theme is priced separately, and it includes free ongoing support, free item updates and free access to detailed documentation. In this company you can also avail deals and offers on their products and I have earlier mentioned it above.


Some of the Highlighted Features

All the items present in the Mojo themes are ideal for business, and it is customized with many remarkable aspects. Let’s look some of them,

Endless Updates: Each and every customer of the Mojo themes have free access to all theme updates until they prolong with it.

Responsive Design: all the themes and templates found in this marketplace are adaptive to all kinds of screen and devices.

Cross Browser Capability: Its ideal feature provides you look and feel functionality throughout all the browsers including the modern one.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with Mojo products you can get a refund any time by just contacting them via email within 30 days.

Technical Support: A Mojo theme provides 24/7 email based professional technical support for their customers, and it is entirely free of charge.

It seems we have pretty much reviewed about Mojo themes, from my real experience and customer views, I conclude that it is ultimately a good marketplace. It is deserved to be at the top place in the theme provider list.  You know, the Mojo has already won the hearts of many webmasters due to a lot of advantages in prices, designs, features, and support. Hope you also like it!

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