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We all know that managing multiple WordPress sites is not an easy task to do, where you have to take care of many things like SEO, plugins, accounts and much more.

There are many great tools are available like WPRocket, JetPack, etc. In this, “ManageWP” is a fabulous tool, which grants you to run numerous WordPress sites smoothly and manage them with ease manner from a single dashboard.

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There are lots of features and benefits are available for using ManageWP for WordPress blogs and websites. So, let us discuss the tool, where you can come to know how essential it is !!!

Hot Reviews about ManageWP WordPress Site Management Tool

ManageWP is one of the most dominant ways to manage multiple WordPress blogs. It is an ultimate productivity tool for a professional WordPress sites, which will take care of the daily WP routine works like backups, updates, logins, migrations and more.

 Signing Up Process

In fact, you can sign up for any if its premium value packs, where the plans are very affordable. On another hand, you can have 14-days free trial to test, how it is and whether you can understand it clearly or not? Before going to premium purchases. You will avail this free trail pack for up to 5 websites with business features.


Sign up for Free

After signing up, you have to install its worker plugins to establish connection among your sites and ManageWP dashboards. Because it works on the client-server technology, where it requires ManageWP Worker Plugin on your site.

 Why is it the Best Tool for Managing Blogs?

You can access sites from a single Dashboard
With the help of this tool, it will access all of your sites or clients blogs on a single click from a dashboard. This will lead you to free from remembering password and login details.

You can easily manage your themes & plugins
Maintaining your plugins and themes is no longer a hassle one, it is now quite easy to review that which of you site have themes and need updates. With a quick look and in a one-click your plugins and themes will be updated soon.

Uptime Monitoring is simple
The tools lets you manage the uptime of your hosting server and make sure that the sites are running smoothly without any downtime. It there is any downtime found out, you can be the first person to know it.

Powerful SEO Analysis
Without any additional cost, ManageWP will include the powerful SEO analysis tool to improve yur search engine rankings.

Automatic reliable backups
Use this tool and enjoy premium quality backups services for all of your WordPress sites or blogs. Because all of your WordPress data are a precious one.

Easily migrate your site
This tool can take all of your sites for one web host to another web host without any effort.


 How about Pricing & is it worth buying?

For how many sites are you going to manage? According to this question you can choose the desired version plan for your WordPress sites. Here it is:

Standard for $0.80 website/month

Professional for $2.40 website/month

Business for $4.80 website/month


For More Details

We recommended you to choose the plan for annually or biennially payment, where you will be able to get 2 months free on annually payment and 5 months free on biennially payment. Are you maintaining large business, SEO or Web marketing companies, then go with business value pack taht will be very helpful for you than the other two.

Pros of using ManageWP

Offers many features to manage multiple sites

Nothing to install, just sign up and start using it

Lowest pricing plans are domains based not websites

White labelling option is available

Purely content management, where you can view and edit posts for all of your sites

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