List of High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Are you looking for quality backlinks for your site? Then we have a good idea. Use Social bookmarking sites to support in your target. Before diving into this topic first, know what is Social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is the site that are commenced to share web pages, multimedia files and web links. With these sites, you can bookmark all your favourites and can store your tags online for later review. Instead of saving on your computer you can share them publically by letting other people to access and by this, you can see what other peoples are viewing.

Dofollow link – It is a type of hyperlink that allows both human and search engine to follow your site and hence in Seo Google first prefers Dofollow link when compared to Nofollow links. To get quality backlinks and high traffic we prefer to choose Dofollow.

Social Bookmarking in SEO

In SEO family, social bookmarking also plays a significant role because the web pages we bookmark will be considered as the quality backlink by Google. With this option, you can index your blog and can drive more traffic to your blog quickly. Bookmarking your blog post on the social media sites increases your site visibility and at the same time, it improves the chances of sites ranking. In the case of link building experts has massive support for social bookmarking. By this option, your can reap lots of benefits, and some of them are,


High Traffic– If you bookmark your site in many high PR websites, it will be a great resource and from this you can get more traffic to your site.

Extended Visitors – Many of the people visit your site if you have bookmarked your post with catchy title and unique content and by this way you can increase your site population.

 Quick Indexing – Mostly the social bookmarking sites are constantly mobilized by Google spiders and as the result you can see your site indexing much faster.

Most of the bookmarking sites are no follow, and some are do follow. Dofollow is good, but no follow from the quality site is good for SEO and also in the traffic point of view.

Social Bookmarking for Real Traffic

In early days, social bookmarking has high reliable usage in SEO to get more traffic and backlinks. By simply bookmarking links and posts in N number of sites you can raise the awareness about your site or blog. But today due to Google’s latest updated algorithm all these comes to an end, you know most of the people says social bookmarking is not working, but It’s not true it is still effective. To get a real traffic you have to minimize it usage and has to be more careful before posting your link.

Bookmark your site on the famous sites like Diigo, Reddit, Delicious, etc. for more quality backlinks. These bookmarking sites have millions of active users and so, these kinds of sites will automatically expand your site traffic and rank.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

Most of the people are struggling and paying more than thousand dollars to do bookmarking. But these are all needed because doing social bookmarking is quite simple and with our guide everyone will learn to do it.

Once you have ready with your blog and post, choose any one of the high Pr ranked bookmarking sites from our provided list

Make your profile on those sites by providing your name, email and other valid details, whereas in some site you have to connect with social media profiles. Just like you have to connect them with your Facebook and Google account.

Now you can start bookmarking on their site and to do bookmark select add a page option, or else you can use any extension in your browser related to that.

After that, you can see a window asking for URL, tags and description. Fill up those fields with your links and other mandatory information. If you need, you can connect this link with social media.

That’s all, after submission you can see your link on the list. You can handle this bookmark both publicly and personally. For SEO make your bookmark as public to grab more visitors.


you can see bookmarking your site is so easy, but it doesn’t mean you can raise your traffic instantly. To get a high ranking, you have to put some little effort while bookmarking. For an effective bookmarking here we have provided few guidelines especially for you.

Find ah High PR ranked Bookmarking sites and complete your profile with quality account from Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Always create your profile on the social bookmarking site with your real name and avoid creating multiple profiles on a single site.

Take more time and provide a catchy and meaningful title and description to grab more visitors and if you want you can use keywords here and there but don’t try to stuff.

Make sure that your bookmarked link has unique and attractive content, because the effective one will hold the visitors for a long time.

Create a useful tag for easy identification and be sure to complete your tag with some keywords so, that users can easily find it.

Submit your sites under the right category to avoid any mislead and always try to bookmark latest and relevant blog posts.

Social Bookmarking Tools & Softwares

Till now we have discussed what is social bookmarking sites? And how to do bookmark and now it’s time to discuss their tools and softwares. We know submitting the URL in the thousands of bookmarking sites is the much difficult task and also, take more time if we do it manually. That’s why in online wide range of automated tools are available, and sometimes we can’t afford paid tools, and hence, we have listed out some of the top free automated tools the best satisfy your need.

Only wire – This is a leading automation tool and the best one for WordPress platform. This tool completes submission in 45+ bookmarking site completely.

Social Marker – This is the web-based social bookmarking tool and with this, you can successfully bookmark 50 sites. To use this software you have to create an account on their website.

IMAutomater – With this tool you can submit up to 10 URLs per day. Another interesting feature in this tool is you can set up the interval for bookmarking.

Tribe Pro – It is different from others because it works in syndication. That means if you use this tool real people will add Retweets, Google Plus and likes to your post and by this, you can increase your site’s social signal.

Social Adr – A semi-automated tool with a simple process and it works in the process of credits. The paid version is also available in this tool.

Since these tools are more helpful in reducing your time and effort, its usage in SEO is not recommended because automated tool may waste your time by bookmarking in dead and low PR sites and it will lead to spamming, and you know Google finds spam quickly, and this one may cause your site to ban. Hence, you are better suggested to bookmark your sites manually. For the manual option, you can hire some from; Fiverr is an online marketplace for paid services and from here you can find any gig to complete your work at just $5.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Below we have provided the best of best sites you may already know and by investing your valuable time on these sites, you can find some spark in your SEO ranking. Don’t bookmark your site vigorously and try to promote other blog contents so, that you can increase your credits.


StumbleUpon – It is the world’s most famous social bookmarking site with PageRank 8. By bookmarking your site in this site, you can have more quality backlinks and high traffic. This readily available site comes with more interesting and worthy information. It is an all in one site with complete features like social bookmarking, voting, web surfing, search and blogging.

Reddit – Another popular site for bookmarking, It is a high ranking website with Alexa rank 88. This amazing site allows you to share your content and links and this site commonly focus on the fresh news and all mainstream news

Delicious – A straightforward and popular website and its slick and modern view interface grabs more users to this site and hence posting your URL on this site will be more efficient in the means of SEO ranking and traffic.

Hubpages – It is a passionate and worthy social bookmarking site for SEO, and its backlinks are the one with high quality. This site mostly concentrates on user generated content and so, it helps you to get fast indexing.

Newsle – A part of LinkeIn website and its pageRank is about 6, and it is considered as a safer site for SEO. It automatically scans the internet and notify you whenever there occur new updates. Thus, it a very useful site for both ordinary and SEO people regarding knowledge.

Digg – A leading social NEWS website mainly allows the user to vote on the content, and if your page has more voting then your link will be listed on the top of the homepage and so, from you can expect more traffic.

Metafilter – A community web blog consists of the vast range of topics and it is highly trustable one with high-quality content and to grab massive traffic bookmark your link on this site.

Diigo – is a recommended site in SEO to get backlinks for the reason it is a globally high ranked site without any threats and spam. Hence, it is a good one for social bookmarking.

Slashdot – receive more than 6000 visitors per day and hence by promoting your site on this social site your site traffic and ranking will get increased tremendously.

FARK – It is a similar site like Digg with the source of submitting new and modern content. It also has PageRank 7. This site comes with both free and premium option. Only premium user can write article whereas as the free user can bookmark their link alone. – Most of the people like to spend their time with, so if you post your link ion this site you can figure of rapid ranking and quick indexing of your site.

Dzone – commit yourself with DZone if you are targeted to grab more traffic and you should know that the nature of the site has changed in recent days. So, before bookmarking be sure to make more analysis.

Newsvine – The idea behind is simple and by utilizing this website you can lead most of the traffic to your site. It has a lot of reputation in online and hence it is fully trustable.

Livebinders– This site helps you to organize your favourite blogs and websites. This one looks professional, and it is flexible in sharing. Makes a greater impact on your link. – An ideal tool for SEO for the purpose of can easily share your bookmark list and content with other social media sites, blogs and newsletters.

Edshelf – A new bookmarking site that allows you to share your blog and article. This site is more useful for the learner and from this site you can get the excellent educational tool in all subject.

Educlipper – do you want to maximize your learning then this site is perfect for you. This website is loaded with fun, interactive lessons and education references. Hence, this blog is perfect to share education-related content.

Symbaloo – This is a user-friendly site, and if you are still lagging in creating back links for your site then this site will be more efficient for you. Because of its voting system, you can drive massive traffic to your blog.

Netvibes – A one-click dashboard with a finite solution for advertising and SEO marketing. It offers 14 day free trials for the new user and with this site, you can manage, visualize and analysis all your bookmarks readily.

Pinterest – Unlike other social media sites it is mainly focused on voting, sharing and making comments and hence it will be an ideal site for SEO to get backlinks. Like Reddit, it also has upper hands in bookmarking.

Folkd – It is a great bookmarking site comes with PR 7 to improve your sites visibility instantly. This site is much safer to use and by sharing and posting content you can get solid backlinks.

Blinklist – An another favourable bookmarking site and this one help you to manage all your favourites at one place. The PageRank of this site is 7, and so, it is worthy to promote your blog.

Storify – This top social bookmarking site has Pagerank 8. It blends all your links, comments and share them with others and hence your link listing on this site will allow your site to benefit with a lot of traffic.

Bibsonomy – It is an interesting site that allows excessive free traffic to its linked website. It has been in the online over the decade, and it helps you to manage all your publications and bookmarks smoothly.

Bizsugar – It is the top most social bookmarking site to get instant traffic. But submitting your blog link in this website is much difficult. Her you can post your blog only if it has high Alexa rank.

Other than above social bookmarking sites, Here we have listed some of the similar bookmarking sites with high PR and in this list, we have collected all the top prior sites with Dofollow links for your comfort. If your intention is to rank legitimately, then you can use all these following sites.

Site PR Type Rating/10
101ako.Com 3 Dofollow 4
1888pressrelease.Com 4 Nofollow 5
1look4.Com 1 Nofollow 4
A1-Webmarks.Com  5 Nofollow 7
Aboogy.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Addictionaire.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Adviceblogs.Com 3 Nofollow 5
Aixindashi.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Akonter.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Allvoices.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Alplist.Com 3 Nofollow 5
Applesense.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Askeet.Com 3 Nofollow 5
Bb3b.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Beijingessential.Com 6 Nofollow 8
Bestofindya.Com 2 Dofollow 4
Bibsonomy.Org 7 Dofollow 10
Bignet.Biz 6 Dofollow 8
Bildu.Net 3 Nofollow 4
Bizsugar.Com 6 Dofollow 9
Blinklist.Com    6 Dofollow 9
Blogbookmark.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Blogmarks.Net 5 Nofollow 8
Blogmyway.Org 4 Dofollow 6
Blogospherenews.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Blogregator.Net 4 Dofollow 7
Blokube.Com  4 Dofollow 7
Bloombergcurrent.Com 5 Nofollow 8
Bmaccess.Net 3 Nofollow 4
Bookmark4you.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Bookmarkcape.Com  1 Dofollow 4
Bookmarkgolden.Com 3 Dofollow 5
Bookmarkingcentral.Com 2 Nofollow 4
Bronxhigh.Com 3 Nofollow 5
Buddymarks.Com 5 Dofollow 7
Cama-Online.Com 3 Nofollow 5
Ciconf-2014.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Cifcot3.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Citeulike.Org  8 Dofollow 10
Cloudytags.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Confesen.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Connotea.Org 7 Dofollow 9
Corank.Com  4 Dofollow 5
Cosap.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Cqses.Org 0 Nofollow 4
Craftjuice.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Dealigg.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Delicious.Com    8 Dofollow 10
Design.Fr 3 Nofollow 5
Designbump.Com 5 Nofollow 8
Designfloat.Com 6 Dofollow 9
Dictaf.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Digg.Com 7 Nofollow 10
Diggita.It 5 Nofollow 7
Dnhour.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Dotnetkicks.Com 5 Nofollow 8
Dupioneer.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Dzone.Com  6 Dofollow 9
Earcon.Org 5 Nofollow 7
Ebaumsworld.Com 5 Nofollow 7
Eugendorf.Net 3 Nofollow 4
Examiner.Com 8 Nofollow 10
Factson37.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Fark.Com 7 Nofollow 9
Faves.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Fazed.Org 4 Dofollow 5
Filmdb.Net 4 Dofollow 6
Folkd.Com 7 Dofollow 10
Freelink.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Friendfeed.Com 8 Nofollow 10
Fwisp.Com 5 Dofollow 7
Gardicanin.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Givealink.Org      5 Dofollow 8
Goserp.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Grahamharris.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Gwrbook.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Hotbmark.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Hotel-Jarun.Info 3 Nofollow 5
Hotklix.Com 6 Dofollow 9
Ihaan.Org 5 Nofollow 7
Imcurtain.Com 4 Dofollow 6
It.Toolbox.Com 5 Nofollow 7
Jodohkita.Info 4 Nofollow 5
Jumptags.Com 6 Dofollow 9
Killerstartups.Com 5 Nofollow 7
Kirtsy.Com 5 Nofollow 7
Kwoff.Com 6 Dofollow 8
Leehaney.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Linkagogo.Com 6 Dofollow 8
Linkarena.Com 7 Dofollow 10
Linkatopia.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Linkr.Hu 3 Dofollow 4
Linkroll.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Linksnapr.Com 4 Dofollow 6
London8.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Malaysiastory.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Maple.Nu 5 Dofollow 8
Metafilter.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Metamusica.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Milocalbuilder.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Mister-Wong.Com 7 Dofollow 9
Mixx.Com 7 Dofollow 10
Myhq.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Mylinkvault.Com 5 Dofollow 7
Myusa.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Netvouz.Com  5 Dofollow 8
News4vn.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Newskick.De 4 Dofollow 7
Newsle.Com   6 Dofollow 9
Newsmeback.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Newsocialbookmarks.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Newsvine.Com 7 Nofollow 9
Ninetythrees.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Ohter.Com 4 Dofollow 7
Orangify.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Oyax.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Panodigg.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Pearltrees.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Pinboard.In 5 Nofollow 7
Pinterest.Com    8 Dofollow 10
Pixador.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Prbookmarks.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Propeller.Com 6 Dofollow 8
Pulsimo.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Pusha.Se 5 Nofollow 7
Rebookmarks 2 Dofollow 4
Reddit.Com 8 Nofollow 10
Registertovotetoday.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Relevare.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Rubydojo.Org 4 Dofollow 6
Scoop.Co.Nz 7 Nofollow 9
Searchles.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Shetoldme.Com 4 Nofollow 5
Sinoloveo.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Sitejot.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Slashdot.Org    8 Dofollow 10
Snurotc.Org 4 Nofollow 5
Social-Bookmarking.Net 5 Dofollow 8
Socialdanger.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Socialmonkee.Com 3 Dofollow 4
Soup.Io 5 Nofollow 7
Sphinn.Com 6 Dofollow 8
Spletarna.Net 4 Dofollow 7
Squidlines.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Squidoo.Com  7 Dofollow 9
Squidoo.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Startaid.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Stumbleupon.Com 8 Dofollow 10
Svejo.Net 6 Nofollow 9
Swik.Net 5 Dofollow 7
Tagza.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Targovec.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Technogies.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Technorati.Com 7 Nofollow 9
Techytape.Com 0 Nofollow 4
Theviraltrend.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Tipd.Com 5 Dofollow 8
Totalpad.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Tourdion.Com 4 Dofollow 5
Url.Org 5 Dofollow 8
Usefulenglish.Net 4 Nofollow 5
Utahpolitics.Org 4 Dofollow 6
Wanbookmarks.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Wirefan.Com    5 Dofollow 8
Wobblog.Com 4 Dofollow 6
Wwwhatsnew.Com 6 Nofollow 9
Yemle.Com 3 Nofollow 4
Yenile.Net 3 Nofollow 4
Youmob.Com  5 Dofollow 8
Zabox.Net 3 Nofollow 4
Zypid.Com 0 Nofollow 4



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