iPage Hosting Setup for WebMail Login, NameServers, Domains, DNS, SSL & Ftp

ipage-introiPage is the most affordable hosting in shared hosting sectors, where you can get for just $1.99 price. Even we have lots of neutral and negative reviews, what I can say in one line is, “What You Pay is What You Get.” In this point of view, they are delivering the best for the much lower price. Read more about the ipage hosting discount coupon and promo code.

Here I am going to group all necessary setup and settings stuff for ipage since they have everything in their Knowledge Section which is several pages.

Most of the people have been getting befuddled about the cPanel of ipage, here the company offering control panel is vDeck not a cPanel. I can even say this post will be kind of  ipage cheat sheet for you.

iPage WebMail Login & e-Mail SMTP or POP3 Setup & Settings

iPage is actually providing Ox mail system – Open xChange Mail Server. They were using squirel mail interface once and to improve the user satisfaction they finally moved to ox.

Once you got hosting account, you need to add domain in domain central, later go to Mail central under EMail section and create a new mail account. You will be flashed with a message like “Get Gmail”, which is google apps promotion kind of you need to pay 5 used per user per month.


Even though you logged inside ipage panel, you are request to login again to access webmail,


And on successful authentication you will be forwarded to,


Configuring the ipage mail for Outlook or Mobile Devices Like Android or iphone

You can add your ipage email account similar to gmail or hotmail in your windows or mac pc or even android/ios based devices. Always enter your username like username@yourdomain.com and respective pop or imap settings.

POP  3 Settings,

pop.ipage.com & 110 (or 995  SSL)

IMAP Settings,

imap.ipage.com & 143 (or 993  SSL)

Try this settings and test sending and receiving mail. Sometime the mails incoming is very slow. This is what I experienced from my ipage account.

iPage NameServers

Many web hosting providers have several nameservers based on number of servers they used to serve their customers. iPage is using common centralized name-server and it is pointed to your website hosted IP without any further configuration.



iPage Free Domain & Renewal Price

You will get a free domain for first year with ipage hosting. It is very good to get domain + hosting for just 1.99 per month. So you get 10 used domain + 15 used hosting. Other side the renewal price is bit costly.

.com renewal 14.99 used per year & .net 9.99 used per year

You are allowed to transfer before renewal period and you can use ipage hosting from the transferred domain. Likewise if you want to use domain registered somewhere and not willing to take free domain, you will see yourusername.ipage.com as parent domain at the time of new account confirmation.

 iPage FTP

ipage-ftpWhenever you go for multiple uploading and downloading file, you need the use of FTP. Here in iPage, it’s all done via file manager, windows explorer and ftp client in control panel itself. Before starting to manage and organize files over FTP Client, you have to download and installed it.

FTP Settings

  • FTP Server Address: ftp.ipage.com
  • Username: Your iPage hosting account username
  • Password: Your iPage hosting account password
  • Port: 21 (or 2222 if you change the connection type to SFTP)
  • Passive FTP: Enabled

iPage SSL Guide

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) used to protects your site’s data against any susceptible networks. Here they have been offering 2 different types of SSL certificates:

  • Free Shared SSL – it will be include with web hosting packages
  • Premium SSL – you have to buy, which is staring from $31.99 per year

Based on SSL and hosting Plans, the company will provides add-on services and of course this will be choice and can be added according to your request.

ipage-sslFollow the steps:

STEP 1: For premium SSL, choose the domain where you need to place SSL certificate

STEP 2: Use the below scripting language exactly and correctly on all web pages

<!– GeoTrust QuickSSL [tm] Smart Icon tag. Do not edit. –>

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”//smarticon.geotrust.com/si.js”></script>

<!– end GeoTrust Smart Icon tag –>

STEP 3: Continue to the premium registry server

STEP 4: Go for the registration data for SSL premium

STEP 5: Finally it will be displayed on your website

iPage SiteLock Guide

You will take the sitelock security for as low as $1.94/month, where it is very essential one to keep your private information safe and secure. This will do many including daily scanning, automatic removal of malware, web app firewall, a global CDN and many other.


When you have it in your web site, it will definitely do the below features

  • Protects your web page from malware
  • Protects your web page from malware
  • Business validation
  • Site certification
  • Acts as a anti-theft device for data
  • Email monitoring for spam
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Scan web app, SQL and XSS

Other FAQ You Have to Know,

  • ipage php version – php 5.6 (suPHP-not supported)
  • iPage cPanel – They are not using cpanel/whm. You will get vDeck control panel.
  • iPage SSH – No they don’t provide ssh access.
  • iPage phpmyadmin – No phpmyadmin available but you can manage your database using in-build vdeck db system which comes with MySQL
  • iPage mysql hostname – http://localhost/
  • iPage SSL Certificate is compulsory – no not necessary, if your site has sensitive info then go for it
  • iPage is Green Company – Yes, it is
  • iPage Support MySql – Of course, it is supported
  • iPage allow Google Adsense – Ya, you can display Adsense on your sites.
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