How to Integrate Google Forms to WordPress

If you are not familiar with the term Google Forms, then it’s good time to get conversant with this free powerful service. Google Forms is not as famous as apps like Docs and Sheets, and it is an excellent manner to collect data from a user through online forms.

Getting suggestion and criticism from your users is a necessary thing for improving the quality of your WordPress website. If you are using WordPress platform, then there are an expansive selection of WP plugins are available with loads of customizable features. The plugins can acknowledge you to have user submission forms on your portal.

Google Forms can be easily added to your WordPress site or blog with just a few more clicks. Exactly what we are going to tell in this post means, here is the simple guide on how to add Google Forms into your WP site. Get started!!!

With its rich features, Google Forms is an excellent choice for many WP developers who are all in need to create simple forms to collection data from users.

What is Google Forms?

As we mentioned, Google Forms is just one of the lot free to use online apps and services from the search engine giant. If you have a Google account, then you may start creating new responsive forms, which can be very useful for collecting information, asking questions, hot quizzes and almost anything else as you wish.

What’s the need to use Google Forms?

Google Forms is integrated with Google Drive, which can be very useful service for the people wish to create surveys, signup forms, quizzes, event registration forms and much more. With Google Forms, you can,

  • Quickly format your custom fields like checkboxes, text and more
  • Create applications, polls, quizzes, surveys and more easily
  • Gather email id for newsletter subscribers
  • Integrate YouTube videos and pictures
  • Customize your confirmation page
  • Preview your live forms
  • Drag and drop queries to easily rearrange the forms
  • Also use add-ons for even more powerful forms

Let’s find out how to create your first form with Google Forms and integrate it to your WP website.

How to Create a Custom Form with Google Forms

As we know that Google Forms is very powerful and efficient way to gather data online. But most of us don’t know about creating a form for use it on your WP portal. Therefore, the very first process is to create a Google Account and then directly into the Google Forms.

Go to Google Forms

Create a Fresh Form

If you have Google account, then signup with it and go to Google Drive. From Google Drive, you can enter into the Forms sections via hitting on the “New Button” on the left sidebar menu of the dashboard.

New >> More >> Google Forms

After entering into Google Forms, you will be offer with many numbers of amazing templates.  If the form what you need to create covered in that collection, then just select that one and save your precious time.


You can also begin with a blank form and add your content, which will be quite comfortable with pointing and clicking on the user interface. In the blank page, you have to edit the untitled form with your desired form name along with form description. Also, you can add the elements like fields, buttons, and range of other content to your forms.


Additionally, you can add questions, title, description, and image from Google Photos, videos from YouTube and add other sections.

Customize the Appearance & Settings of your Form

At any point in time, you can quickly change the color palette for your design from the pre-set color scheme. Click on the last image icon, where you will find more themes to select and make your best choice for your form and use it.


Before making your form public, you can click on the settings icon to check the form configuration. You can find few more settings that will grant you to configure how your form functions are accessed. With it, you can add a custom message to the confirmation page, select the link and more.

Publish the Form

When you have done everything, and you are happy with your forms, you can make it available via clicking the send button on the upper right corner for the page to publish.


Suddenly you will get the pop-up window, where you can share form via email, link or embedded on the website. There are some handy buttons for sharing your form on social media too.

Add the Form to Your WP website

There are two ways to add a form to your WordPress site, one is adding the embed code in HTML editor, and the other is by using a plugin. The best option to add a Google Form to your WordPress site is to copy and paste the iFrame embed code into the HTML editor of your post on the web page.


If you wish to have even more control on how your form is displayed, then use the free Google Forms Plugins, which is worth check out.


How to Add Google Forms to WordPress Website

A good thing about using the plugin is, it will remove the wrapper HTML so that few presentation elements will be removed. Apparently, you may manage more Google Forms on your portal quickly to achieve distinct purposes by using the plugin.

Introducing Free Google Forms WP Plugin


Download the Plugin

Here Google Forms Plugin is the free plugin, which will remove the Google wrapper HTML from your forms and embeds them to your post of your webpage. While using this plugin, you can manage the forms little easier on your site.

Each and every form is first added to the website via the plugin dashboard and then inserted into the content by Shortcodes. Apart from displaying the default confirmation text of Google forms, you can set your custom confirmation page.

How to Publish a Form with Google Forms WordPress Plugin

After created a form in Google Forms, you have to install and activate the plugin and then start with integrating the forms into your WP website.


You can see the Google Forms on the left side of your WP dashboard, where you can click and find the Add New Google Form. On the page, there are many fields to deal with, first, enter the form URL that you found on the form page by clicking Send button in the exact area.

Each Google Form is assigned a shortcode, which provides you the ability to insert a form into your posts or page without visiting the Forms page and copying the URL link.


Under the sub-menu of Google Forms, you will find the list of forms with a shortcode ready to use. To use any of your forms in your page or post, you have to copy and paste the shortcode to the place you want.

However, we have explained with the free plugin Google Forms WP plugin. If you like to get even more features and ready to pay, the go for the premium WordPress Plugin to Embed Google Form for just $16 only.

Now you have a good idea of how to work with Google Forms and how to embed it with your WordPress portal right. We strongly recommend you to use the Google Forms is a highly essential thing to know about good services.

Do you use Google Forms in your website or Blog? Share your tips in the comment box below.

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