How to start a free blogspot blog at Blogger

If you are a person with a lot of innovations and ideas then to express it, the blog would be perfect for you. We know many people’s aspire is to build their own blogs, but they ignore it for the reason of investment and coding knowledge that are needed in blog creation.

But not like that, you can create your own blog for free without any codings even, and there avail many options that help you in making your blog without charge.

Why blog?

The blog is a really proven way to make money not only the money it boosts your reputation in online and also helps you to share your thoughts and voice.

In that free blogging provider list, Blogger is considered as the best as it is a Google product and my suggestion also the same. It is the one of the top blogs right now, and it is highly credible by millions of web experts around the world.

What is Blogger? Blogger is a free blog publishing platform presented by Google in the year 2003. It includes hosting, Google Analytics, Adsense and all you need in a blog. The blogs created under the blogger will be a subdomain of

If you are looking a reliable as well as cheap blogging for you, then choose Blogger. Even though it is free, the blogger presents you a quality and perfect blog for you. The has been around for so long that it is very stable because of Google support.

Some Essential Features of

  • It’s free, easy to customize packed with out of box features to offer no fuss solution to the user.
  • Give you 1GB free storage for all blogs and you can claim additional storage 20GB by paying $5 per year.
  • It is connected with Google so you can connect your friends and others easily with your blog.
  • Provides a Blog backup option so, that if anything happens out of control, your work will be kept safe.
  • As ultimate blog transfer feature is available, with that, you can transfer your blog to WordPress if you want.
  • Allows access to blogging via mobile apps, SMS and as well as email. It also provides quick access to advertising schemes.

And to start with blogger you don’t need to know any of the web designing languages or any others. It is awesome, right?  Okay…that’s enough of intro lets dive into the topic!

How to Make a Free Blogspot Blog Using Blogspot

The Blogspot blog creation process is very much simple to understand even newbie’s also create their blog without any experience. This post is completely dedicated to all who are taking their first step towards the blog. With this detailed guide, you can start your blog today itself, and that’s also within 5 minutes

1 Sign into

First of all, visit and sign in to it using the login credentials of Google account (Gmail account). Seriously you don’t have Gmail account! Then you should get a one because without Gmail account you can’t create a blog with blogger. So create your own Gmail account now.


Steps to create a Gmail Account

Go to “” and there you can see “create account” link, just click on it

On the landing page fill out all the required information and complete the captcha.

Agree to their terms and policies and click “Next step” and this will take you to the profile creation page.

There click “Get started”. That’s it… your Google account has been created. Now you can use this to sign in blogger.

Then you have to confirm your profile, and it’s very crucial because profile gives you an identity and connects you with your readers. Are you not interest in publishing your real identity then you can select “limited blogger profile” and by this you can display your name you provide.


2 Create Your Own New Spot at Blogger

Once you have logged in to your account successfully, you will see a page with “New Blog” button on the lefts side. Simply tap on it can continue to enter the details.


Enter Title or Name:

Now comes the question what is my blog name? I know due to excitement some may have landed here without thinking about the title and for those I have provided some facts.

You have to choose a title that clearly represents your blog niche before that decide what type of blog you focus because there are many types of blogs like travel blogs, marketing blogs, portfolio blogs, fashion blogs. Without passion you can’t maintain a blog efficiently, hence decide it based on your interest.

 Provide Blog Address:

The address represents the URL of your blog, and so make it similar to your site name. With “Check availability” option you can find whether your URL is available or not if it is already chosen you will see a yellow box else you can use it.

 Your URL will be as; the Blogspot extension comes as default for all blogs. It can be cut out by paying $10 per year otherwise it is free.

In URL, you can use as many letters you want but avoid using hyphens, underscores, colons and other similar characters. Choose the one that is short and easy to remember; this will help the visitors to remember your blog easily.

 Select a Template:

Next, choose a template and it is the basic layout of your blog. By default, you will have options with seven types of templates and later you can change it. Favorably, after creating the blog, you will get many templates and most of them comes as free. If you really want something stunning and unique then go for paid templates.

If you have all the steps correctly, then click “Create Blog”.

Wow! Congratulations you have created your own Blogspot blog, and that’s also very fast. Seems like a miracle, right?

3 Manage Your Blog Dashboard

Now your Blogspot blog is created and to enhance this further you need to do some more things. First, start creating pages like “About” page or any other needed page to share any important information about your blog.


Then start writing your blog. To create a  blog post by selecting “Create New Post” on the left side of your blog dashboard Or it can do by clicking Settings -> Posts -> New Post. There enter any catchy title and start writing content as you like.

It’s time to make some additional changes to your blogs like adding a logo, header and any other intuitive template or removal of any features. All these can be performed from the settings option.


How to Earn Money with My blog?

Yeah! You heard right, and the best way for income is promoting ads, the Google Adsense is considered as the one of the best money making option for Blogspot bloggers. When you have filled up your blog with some legitimate posts and then you can start using Adsense. For that select “Earnings” from “Settings” and enable “Adsense” to your blog.

Sign up for Adsense; you can do this by using existing Google account or by creating a new account.

Complete the application form, accept their terms and conditions and wait till your application get approved.

What you can’t find Adsense in you blog or you are denounced by it? Don’t worry; you can use some other Adsense alternative and moreover there are several ways to earn money, and they are affiliate marketing, selling ad spaces, writing paid reviews, using text ads.

Exclusive Tips and Tricks for New Bloggers

To get more traffic to your blog upload the post frequently with unique and related content, also maintain good keyword density.

Be true to your users and post the content that is trending and you should hear your readers voice.

And also make sure to follow the authority blogs in your niche and it will aid you in increasing your blog exposure.

If your blog loads more time, it will frustrate the reader and pressurize them to leave your blog. Hence, optimize your blog loading time regularly.

 Avoid posting illegal and immature content in your blog, If done then Google will delete your blog without any prior notice and all your work will get vanish.

That’s all for now If I found any other tips assuredly I will update it in this post.

I am sure till now you have set up your blog successfully by using our guide. If you run into any issues or stuck in between while creating blog let us know, we are ready to help you. Keep blogging and Enjoy!

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