How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

There are thousands of affiliate programs are available for an eCommerce platform, but Amazon affiliate program is one of the most famous ones on the internet today.

First, what is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is the phenomenal way to earn more income via online if you have a web portal or blog. Here, the Amazon affiliate program is called Amazon Associates, which will grant you to earn money using a link on your site.

Okay, let’s see how to make money with this Amazon Affiliate Program….

Before going with it, we will discuss what is an Amazon affiliate account? Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program, which permits you to create links and gains referral fees whenever the customers buy products from portal via clicking link. It is entirely free to join as well easy to use at the same time.

Amazon is the most dominant auction site on the planet, which has been affording any profitable items from the tiny things to the large things. Obviously, this is also one of the specific reasons why people are going with Amazon affiliate programs to make money.

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How to sign up for it?


Before promoting the products, you need to sign up as an associate, and you will be called as an associate instead of an affiliate. The process will be very simple, just follow the below steps:

  • You have to enter a valid email address or phone number, username and password.
  • After that, you will be asking for more details about yourself to provide
  • Just enter the details and finally you are signed up
  • Now, you can log in and get affiliate link, which will be quite easy

How to monetize as an affiliate?

Just imagine that you have signed up and logged in to your affiliate program account. After that, you will be getting links, widgets or banners for your website without any hassle.

According to your slot, you can pick different kinds of links. There are many possible are available, depends on your slot you can add links and monetize your site to an enormous degree with the help of Amazon.

How to Make More Money with Amazon Associates

Point to Keep in Mind to Increase your Profits

 Post the links regularly to increase your earnings

This means, when the affiliate links are clicked once by the valid buyer, then it will be active only for 24 hours. Therefore, when you offer fresh links, there will be a chance to earn more money.

 Create links to many types of products over time

It pays you an ads fee based on the purchase not on advertised. So, the customers can make a purchase using your referral links.

 Try to use your referral links

Share information with referral links among friends and family members. Sometimes, they too request to do, which will lead to making money and improves your commission.

 Add widgets to your website

Amazon associates have widgets, where you can add this to your portal template, which will list numerous recommended items in your sidebar.

 Make ads for the items more than $100

Because when the expensive products purchased by users, you will be getting more commissions and also refer them to buy the high priced products under proper cost.

 Use to have lists

Try to form your recommended list every week or month, where most of the famous stores keep the lists of favorite merchandizes.

 Express seasonal content with your links

For example, if you are creating an annual schedule for your blogs, then post timely and exciting things for many festivals and seasons.

 Upgrade your online portal

Keep on upgrading your site using short URLs, backlinks to increase the traffic. The more clicks, the more you will get.

How will it work?

The programs will pay you the maximum of 15% of the sale price, and it will depend on what kind of deal you are making, this will be a nice approach to make huge money.


Without a doubt, you may earn commissions via linking to any items on, but we recommend you to use book sales, where you will squeeze more profits.

Here are some examples rates for its fee schedule:

For Electronics: 4% For Amazon Fire TV & Echo: 7%
For Grocery: 4% For Industrial Products: 8%
For Video Items: 6% For Fashion & Jewelry: 10%
For Headphones: 6% For Amazon Coins & Games: 10%

Some Tips to Make More Affiliate Income

 Try to monetize your international traffic, where your visitors are coming from

 Provide potential to your users, where your will get low bounce rate and drop your cookies

 Make addition income with high authority websites

 Conversion rate between 5% and 10% and top associates have more than 20%

 Make the readers click your link, where your cookie will drop and earn commission for anything that the Amazon sells.

 Make your product images clicking with affiliate links

 Better to give link as much as possible

How to make more with less?


 To earn more money under fewer traffic means, stop using banners and starts using noticeable links

 Rather than writing post, try to present it as a page, which will make your site neater and right

 Don’t oversell, which means you should not assist anybody to click your links to make a sale

There is no better choice than Amazon Affiliate Programs when it comes to the online store, where it is called as the king of eCommerce stores.

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