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Looking to add YouTube Video to your WordPress blog or portal? There is no doubt about it that the YouTube video plays a vital role in internet marketing. Today most of us are expecting to have video, which can be certainly very helpful to satisfy your needs. Adding videos to your website is not always so easy for non-technical users.

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Adding videos to your portal is a phenomenal way to boost up the readership, which will keep your readers engaged with your information or content.

Beginners Tips How to Add YouTube Video to WordPress

Are you a Video Bloggers? Then this section is crucial for you, where you have to familiar with it.

YouTube is a powerful tool, where it handles storing, encoding, compressing and playing videos in many numbers of browsers and devices. It is one of the most dominant videos sharing platforms, where we all know that it embed its videos on our web pages. But it not enough just copying the embed code and pasting it into your website. It is not a responsive one, and it will lead to a lot of unwanted weight to your web page.

To resolve these issues, we will help you how to embed video into your WordPress website responsively without maximizing the weight of the page.

There are two methods are available to add a YouTube video to your website, let’s see what are they???

Embedding with a URL link

Embedding with ShortCode (Embed Code)

Method 1: Copying & Pasting a Link in Your Post or Page

The easiest way to add a video to your site is by pasting in a link to the video on its line in the editor. Before that, you have to make sure that your media setting is properly set up or not.

Process 1:

Auto-Embed Settings: In order to do it,

First go to Settings –> Media –> Auto-Embed (checkbox)

If it is disabled means, just click the box to enable it.

Process 2:

Get the Link: when your setting is correct, then you can get the link to the video you could like to embed it in your blog.

In YouTube, you can find the “Share” button that is on the right-hand side of the page. Click that button, and it will give you a shortened link to the present video.


Sometimes it may not work for you, at that time you can get the long link via clicking the “Options” link on the shortened link.


Process 3:

Once you get the link, you can now paste it in your WordPress dashboard text editor wherever you like to have that particular video to appear.

That’s it, you have added YouTube video to your website, and  the result will be your video in your page or post….

Method 2: Pasting Embed Code

Perhaps, it is the second choice, where you can use YouTube Embed code. If you think that the above one doesn’t work for you, you may try this method via the embed code.

Process 1:

Getting the Embed Code

Likewise the above, click the Share button below the video and then you will see the Embed & Email buttons. To get the embed code, you have to click the “Embed” button to configure the video size and to get the code.


After that copy and paste the embed code, the code will be changed based on your selection.

Process 2:

Paste the Copied Embed Code

Paste the copied code; do to that go to the “HTML” or “Text” tab in your dashboard editor. In that paste the code where you wish to show up the video.


You can see the result on your page. If you would like to customize the size of the video, you can do it via setting the width size and the height will be automatically sets, so the videos remain in proportion.


Some of the Popular Plugin To Embed YouTubes in WP

There are many numbers of plugins are available to embed YouTube videos easily into your WordPress website or blog. Most of the popular plugins have an ability to set up the width and height of your player as well as set the starting and ending time of your videos, and much more functionalities are included of your embeds.

Here are the most famous and highly rated plugins, which will almost install by many of the users today. So, we hope that the below-listed plugins inevitably meets your needs to embed YouTube videos into your WordPress website.

YouTube Embed Plus

YouTube Embed WordPress plugin helps you to manage the complexity of YouTube embedding in a secure manner. When you use this plugin on your website, you will post any size of videos in a fraction of seconds. It offers you dozens of basic and advanced features of the YouTube embedded player. What you have to do is, just paste an unformatted YouTube link on its line. The plugin will show off whenever you preview or publish the post.


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YouTube Advanced Embed

When you prefer to use YouTube Advanced Embed plugin, it will offer some of the special functionalities like auto HD, styled controls for instant replay, cropping and much more to you and your visitors. This plugin will enhance the YouTube videos that you embed in your WP sites. With it you will not only get the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also some playback options.


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Simple YouTube Embed Plugin

Simple YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin is a powerful one but simple to use, where it has hundreds of control automatically. It is pretty mobile friendly and fully responsive one with advanced player parameters. You can embed video with a URL or even shortcode and then customize easily the player through this fantabulous plugin.


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YouTube Widget Responsive

This plugin helps you to embed YouTube in your sidebar or in your content page along with all available options and fields. It allows you to customize the width, height for your videos, automatic controls, custom starting and stops time and much more.


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YouTube Embed WordPress

This plugin is the most beneficial tool for adding YouTube videos to your web without any coding knowledge. You can add this plugin to adding videos in pages, post or widgets at anywhere in your portal. It is very easy to use and install, which will works accurately in all versions of wordpress. The plugin has many options to asset or add and have come up with some heavy useful features that you will need definitely to embed videos into your websites.


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