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There are most popular WordPress themes are available in the market, but the thing is you have to choose the best thing. Here it is!!! Headway is one of the leading online Drag & Drop WordPress website builders, which will be more flexible and become more popular by the day in the WordPress platform.

Who they are?

Headway is the first and powerful drag and drops WordPress Layout builder in the market, since 2009. The tool grants you to customize everything whatever you wish to do including page layout, colors, fonts, styles and much more visual elements.

Most of the website developers prefer Headway, where the company made WordPress design very easy for freelancers, designers, business owners and hobbyists.


What shall I do with it?

  • You can create any unique layout for each and every page of your blog or website
  • With the help of its Design Editor, you may make your web page more unique
  • If you wish to make changes, it is will do fast with its visual editor
  • Get start creating your website with its pre-defined templates
  • Fully responsive, where it will adapt to any screen sizes
  • You can put GSS or HTML custom code to the work

Discount & Coupon Code

The company has been offering flat 40% offer on their pricing, hurry up to grab it!!! To redeem this offer, you need to use the coupon code headway40.

Get 40% OFF: headway40

All the license need renewal after the completion of 1 year, for your satisfaction, the Headway has been affording 30% OFF on the plans when renewing.

Get 30% OFF on Renewal

Know the Plan & Pricing

The company has been offering two different kinds of pricing plan for getting access to Headway, they are:

1. Standard for $89/year
2. Deluxe for $199/year


Both packages have 1 year of free support & updates and free to remove Headway link from the footer. If you want maximum 3 sites, then go with Standard plan otherwise vice versa.

If you are unhappy with the services, the stop will simply have 30 days money back guarantee for your purchases.

What do you get with Headway?

  • Headway Grid
  • Headway Blocks
  • Unlimited Design Controls

Headway Themes Templates

Generally speaking, whenever you wish to extend your content area means, you need to go for the code and have to adjust the existing code. But with the help of Headway themes, you may simply drag the side of the content area and enlarge it as you like.


Currently, the shop has around 12 themes for official and community purposes under lowest price guarantee. Before going to purchase a theme, you can go with the live demo, where it is offering by the company at free of cost. Just preview it and take a decision whether that will be the proper choice for your site and need.

View More Templates

Blocks of Headway


If you wish to improve the look of the site as well as your visitor’s experience? Block system is one of the leading features of Headway, where the blocks are the distinct elements that can be added to your layout. With the help of Blocks, you can add widget block, content block, social block and much more. Here, it has 11 blocks that are unique and specially designed for you!

View More Blocks

Finally, it uses an HTML5 doctype for its pages, where you can take an advantage of the latest semantic markup capabilities of HTML5 if you like.

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