Google Adsense Youtube Setup Guide for Better Earnings

 Are you ready to start with online for better earnings? Then this article is for you guys!!!

In this modern world, there are tons of ways to make money in online, but one of the adventures to pursue profits is by using YouTube Channels. Today, YouTube channels are now utilizing Google Adsense to generate more profits.

Most of the people are waiting for 3 to 6 months to get approved their Adsense account. But do you know you will be getting approval easily through YouTube, where it will be a content host type. For this, you have to add site or blog to this account, and it must be an approved site to fulfill all the criteria.

 Let’s see how does this process work…

Google Adsense is a smart way to make money in online from home, all you want to create an interesting video and upload it to YouTube. YouTube channel is an engaged stream for your business. Monetize YouTube videos without Adsense is possible, but while linking with Adsense, it will give you an added benefits.

Adsense is the most powerful tool, where linking your Adsense and YouTube accounts is a simple process.

What is Adsense Account for YouTube?

For making more money from your monetized videos, see your earnings in YouTube analytics. You will be paid once you reach the payment threshold, you have to associate an approved Adsense account with your YouTube account. For this, if you have already then juts associate an existing one or else you may create a fresh Adsense account.

In what way does the Google Adsense work for YouTube?

The way that you earn income via your YouTube channel is the way to becoming a YouTube partner. You need to have an Adsense account to get paid from YouTube. Once you receive an accepted mail from Google Adsense and YouTube, you can then insert ads into your videos. You will get paid on the amount of clicks per ad.


Anyone of your visitors clicks an ad on your video, and you will be given for it. Advertisers bid on the video as space that you and other will be in your monetized accounts. The highest bidder can get their ads presented in a banner ad or the sidebar or pre-roll video on your YouTube channel.

When the user clicks on a video ad, the person behind the ad is charged, and you may also get a share of the money what they pay Google to showcase it.


Process of Linking an Existing YouTube and Adsense account

Already you have an approved Adsense account, then your YouTube account qualifies for monetization, just follow the steps for linking both accounts:

  • In YouTube URL, just visit your channel settings page—-> access the monetization page
  • There will be a section called “How will I be Paid?”
  • Locate the association page and follow the steps, which has taken you to Adsense
  • Proceed to login via your Google account, which is used for YouTube account
  • Finally accepts the Adsense association and grant your browser to redirect to YouTube

Sign Up Step Process for Adsense via YouTube

When your YouTube videos accumulate more visitors, then you can apply for an Adsense account to associate with your YouTube account. If the two accounts are linked together, then you will be eligible to receive payments.

  • First of all, check out whether your Youtube account is enabled for monetization
  • After that submit your application for a new account
  • When it gets approves, you will see a “Host Account” label on the home lab of you account of Adsense
  • If your Adsense account is in outstanding, Google can you send you a payment, once your Adsense account exceeds of $100 monthly

Better keywords = More traffic = Better ads showing = More YouTube ad money

How can you link your YouTube account with your Adsense account?

After getting approvable of your application from YouTube. You will receive an email to accept the terms and conditions to link your Adsense account. If you use Gmail account for YouTube, you may connect any other Adsense account still with your YouTube.

Once accepting the license and agreement policies on the resulting page, you will be taken to add Adsense login ID and last five digits of your mobile number and pin code.


Allowing Access to YouTube From Adsense Account

Log in to your AdSense account, where you will find a notification that you request to use Adsense on a partner portal. To earn revenue on their site, you have to allow them to access your Adsense account.


Click on the review account access and allow access to YouTube


Wow, after completing all the above mentioned things, you will be getting an email, that will be asking you to check the access of YouTube to your Google AdSense account.

If you approve it, it will hold sometime before Adsense ads will start displaying on your uploaded YouTube videos.

Points to Remember

 In order to get a payment, you have to cross a threshold of $100

 Normally, the association will take 24 hours for link your Adsense account to your YouTube account

 To get acceptance you need to have minimum 5000 subscribers, 50000 channel views and 1000000 upload views

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