Google Adsense Ultimate Guide

Simply creating the blog only will not earn you money from the internet and to make some revenue, you have to monetize your blog. For that, there are vast numbers of ways such as affiliate marketing, advertisements, paid post and sponsored posts.

Monetization means converting an asset into money and here we are going to turn our web traffic into money.
When we consider an opinion from web experts in monetizing the blog their best advice is to go with ads. In that, Google Adsense is the choice with high priority because other revenue programs are not successful as Adsense.

This ultimate guide is the one-stop destination to learn everything about Google Adsense. With this, you can learn from basics to advance tips that help you in earning money. Before getting started know that Adsense is very strict towards its policies, so it’s better to read the official Adsense policies.

So, what is Google Adsense and how does it work?

Google Adsense is a very popular and highest paying pay per click (PPC) ad network for bloggers started by Google. It is an easy and free way to make some legitimate money in online from your website or blog. From video content and mobile content also you can earn money. It is a great program for publishers to make money by showing ads instead of selling any things.

Publishers – The one who display the ads on their sites or blogs are known as publishers.

To get along with Adsense you have to understand how it works first. Adsense is the program that displays the advertisement of any advertisers in your blog in order to make money.  The advertisement comes as a small amount of HTML coding; when you place the codes on your site, you can view the ads.

The visitors of your site may click on the ads and for that each click you will get paid, and you can get $0.01 to $10 per click. The amount of the advertisements varies based on the Geolocation and how much the particular advertiser is paying to Google.

Google Adsense – why it is most preferred?

In online there are many Adsense alternatives but no matter what PPC network you try, Adsense will be the best. Because it is one of the old networks that offers ad publishing works at the pay per click system and moreover it is the service of Google.

In Google Adsense, you can find thousands of satisfied advertisers and publishers. It’s paying rates are better than other PPC networks, and also it pays on time. Here are some of the reasons why Adsense is the most preferred choice among others.

User-Friendly Interfaces for publishers.

Offers relevant and dynamic Advertisements.

Highest payouts with flexible payment methods.

Worldwide support for multiple languages and currencies.

Personalized tips and support channels for publishers.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Adsense Account

Recent changes with the Google Adsense program has shaken up many online marketers, but you don’t need to worry I have provided the section to aid you in getting your own Adsense account. You can completely trust me as I have provided only accurate methods.

Get a custom domain

Getting Adsense approval for subdomains and free hosting domains is really tough. So, I suggest you to select  top level domains with accepted extensions. Most importantly your domain should be at least six months old.

Have a Neat Blog design

You may have quality content on your site, but the site without clear design will not be approved unless you recreate your site with good design and easy navigation.

Make it search engine friendly

If you want your site to discover by more people, then make sure that your site is indexed by search engines. Focus on Seo and try to get more traffic from legal sources.

Google Analytics and Webmaster tools

These two tools are designed by the Google, and they provide the statistic and detailed review about your site and its visibility. It also increases the chances of getting Adsense account.

Publish unique and trendy contents

In Adsense, the quality of the content matters a lot even though it is large in size. Also, avoid using the prohibited contents (Adult content and Hacking related content) and copyrighted contents on your website.

Remove Third Party Ads

Even though the Google appreciate ads by other networks, it will create adverse impact if you dump your site with more Ads. So before applying to Adsense make sure that your blog is free from ads.

Add Important Pages

Google always more focus on better user experience this can be improved by creating the pages like About, Contact, and Privacy Policy. The site without these pages will not be considered by Adsense so regularly check whether it is working or not.

Once your site is accomplished with all the above factors, then apply for Adsense account. I guess they are not much hard. Hope for the best!

Steps to Create a Google Adsense Account

When I started using the Adsense, sadly I find many difficulties, and I land on a lot of queries. So for newbie’s, I decided to share this step by step tutorial of Adsense account creation process and with this you will find creating an Adsense account easier.

The account creation does not mean you can straightaway start using the ads on your site. It’s just a process of applying for approval and to get permission you need a website with minimum ten pages, and most importantly it should be indexed by Google.

Okay! Let’s start with it

Step 1:

First of all visit the sign-up page of Google Adsense, there click on sign in and then choose an account to continue the process (To get access to all Google services the Google Account (Gmail) is crucial) else click on create an account.


Step 2:

Perhaps this section has a major role in your account approval, in this section you have to provide your site URL where you are going to insert the advertisement and then provide the primary language of your website.


Step 3:

Next section is the last part, and, here you will be asked for some basic info and your contact details like your country and time zone. And while selecting the account type (Individual or Business) you have to be careful as the payment transactions will be based on that.

Then fill up the name, address, primary contact details and some Adsense related questions. If you have filled up all the details then click on “submit my application”.


As of now you request has been sent, the Google verify your website and its content based on the criteria provided by Google Adsense. Once you passed on all the verification Google Adsense team will approve your site and to intimate it an email will be sent to your Gmail account.

After that, you can sign in to your Adsense account page and can start creating the ads of different sizes and layouts. If you are not getting approved to Google Adsense means, then there will be some problem with your site. Some of the common rejection reasons are,

Insufficient / unacceptable site content.

Poorly designed blog or page type.

Violating Google Adsense Policies.

So try to concentrate on your site more and avoid the above list of things and then continue applying for Adsense.


Few Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earnings

You have heard a lot about Google Adsense, so I am not here to tell you what you already know. But precisely to show the strategies that make you rich from the Adsense program.

All the earnings of in a site are related to traffic so drive more traffic to your site by SEO.

To increase the clicks check the keyword density of the web page and on that serve the ads.

Balance your Ads network and avoid displaying more than three units of display in the single page.

Choose the right Adsense format and try to place the ads in the way it makes the users click often.

If Google suspects any fraudulent clicks from your site they will ban your site without warnings so don’t do such illegal activities.

Making money with Adsense is really not a hard thing to do, but one should understand it takes the time to start making money. Generally, there are more and more tricks for real income, but most of the main thing you need is patience and dedication.

Finally came to an end of this ultimate guide and to be frank Google Adsense is the best option to make some decent money in online. So read up on the tips and tricks provided in this guide and try to make a site that satisfies all the Adsense policy.

It’s the time to explore all the mentioned steps so just dive in and start actions. I am sure success will be yours. If you feel any difficulties in going through this topic, feel free to ask us…

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