11 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you don’t like to work with Google Adsense? No issue. There are lots of alternative ad networks are available today. Those who are seeking alternatives to Google Adsense, they can make use of this article.

 Let’s see some common scenarios…

Why looking for Ad Sense Alternatives?

For this query, there are several reasons to find the ad network alternative and some other ways to monetize your websites. But the usual reasons we noticed are:

 It will reject many websites because of not having sufficient content

 Sometimes, they feel that the site wouldn’t be relevant for their advertisers

 It has lots of rules if you break even a single rule you and your site will be banned. So that you may not be able to open new account

 If you try to open one somehow, they will ban your new account

 Even you will be banned for your lifetime when you click on an ad on your portal by mistake, did you aware of it?

 Some people feel that it has too strict rules, which may lead to site design problem

 It will not perfect for some sites design and layout and doesn’t give better support

Whatever be the reasons for disapproval, if that happens you will not be allowed to flash the ads from Adsense anymore. Instead of bashing Google act profession and try out any other alternatives.

Google Adsense is believed as one of the largest PPC programs today and of course, it is. But getting an Adsense account or retaining long-term in it is more difficult as it has strict approval system.


You will be happy to know that there are plenty of fantastic options are available to consider as good alternatives. Take your own time and check out each one of them, where you will find several things will work good with your site.

 Here are the best alternative ad networks, where you can use instead of Google AdSense. so let’s start:


PopAds is specialized in pop under ad delivery, which will have superb rates and they can monetize all countries. The most thing about this one is, they can pay daily as much as you may earn about over $5 for a day. Getting approval and setting up your ads will be quite easy with PopAds network.

 You can request them for your payment for you revenue at anytime without any hesitation.


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It offers several monetization options to publishers like in existing content option, text option and text ads option. It doesn’t provide contextual ads like Google Ad Sense, but they can be the good alternative to adsense if your current in-text ad network is not working well. It has been having a minimum payment threshold.

 With Infolinks, you can show ads that are matching your website keywords and content, and it suits effectively for high traffic website to boost its revenue with no time.


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Bidvertiser  provides you on both clicks and conversions, which will helps you to make more money for your websites. It affords a referral program that pays for referrals of advertisers and publishers. It pay monthly and the current payment threshold is $10 for PayPal and $100 for checks.

 They offer a point-and-click ad tool to customize your ads that will be very useful to fit the look and feel of your portal.


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It is a strong network with several year experience in the industry. Unlike other advertising networks, it is the performance-based ad network that  means it offers ads depending on the traffic of the site rather than advertiser needs. The minimal payout of this is $50 via PayPal.

 It has many distinct monetization channels, where you can create banner ads, sliders, pop-unders and more.


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This is probably another top choice for online advertising network, which has been servicing around 4 billion ads for a month. They provide banners and pop-up advertisements similar to the Google Adsense based on the search engine query. It pays minimum $10 via PayPal, min $50 via checks ant its payout time is Net 30.

 You may make use of its referral program to gain even more income.


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PopCash is similar to PopAds that has pop under ads with somewhat great CPM and mind-blowing inventory for all countries. When you use this network, your pop-under advertising is the most effective one for mobile and desktop traffic.

 Pays are processed daily with super fast, where the minimum is $10 via Paypal, Payza and Paxum.


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 PropellerAds Media

ProPeller Ads is the most biggest ad network , which is well-popular in monetizing websites like games, entertainment, dating finances, gambling, software and more. If you have any of these type of sites, then use this network to make more money with pop-under adsense. It pays on a Net 30 basis for tier 2 & 3 countries.

 It is good for pop-under ads but also offers standard banner ads, on-click ads and in-banner video ads.


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One of the excellent Adsense alternatives which can help you in earning more money by selling advertisement space on your site or blog to the advertisers directly. To get quality with this network, you will need a niche website or blog with quality design. But one thing is difficul with it is approval, to get approval for it, your site should have a decent amount of traffic.

 Once you submit your blog, it will automatically fetch your site stats that includes PR, Alexa rank and more.


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Viglink is totally different form all other alternatives, which would helps you to monetize your site via converting existing links and key phrases into affiliate links automatically. They pay publisher on a net-60 day basis and the payment threshold is $10.

 This will be the great choice if your portal discusses a lot of products.


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This is one of the most dominant alternatives for Google Ad Sense. Media.net is the direct Adsense competitor operated by Yahoo and Bing networks. It is a best contextual ad network in offering high paying ads similar to Adsense. One of the main drawbacks for this by bloggers is the time it takes to register and get approved.

 It shows ads to mobile phones and tablet users, which offers customized ad units that will fit for your sites.


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 Amazon Affiliate Ads

It is the one of the popular choices in 2018 in site monetization. It is ideal for those who are having US and EU traffic. The commission rate for this affiliate program ranges from 4% to 8% based on the value of the product.

 Better value products mean better revenue and the good thing is everything buy via its links and will generate commission for you.


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Apart from the above-listed alternatives, here even more are available for you. Just see what they are:

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