Good News For Pet Lovers .PET Domain is Open For Registration

Did you Love your pet more than humans? The man’s best friend dogs have been in world for more than 12,000 years ago.  For all pet lovers, there is a new TLD (Top Level Domain) option for pet services, boarders, breeders and more. The new level domain named .PET went live on February 23, 2018 where it could be registered for the first come and first served basis. The extension may be registered by anyone making it perfect for every use from e-store fronts.

dot pet domains

Pet domains will instantly make convey to the pet lovers and this website will regard more info only about pets, pet products and pet services.  Godaddy, a World’ No.1 Domain Registrar is charging $11.99 for .pet domains and the premium domains are sold at the price of $3,249.99 per year.

In USA, the pet industry had a sale of $61 billion dollars and it includes more specialized pet friendly nail polishes.
 .Pet industry has more companies, veterinarians, breeders, animal rescues, pet owners, pet-owner focused markets like pet day cares and resorts will be grabbing more benefits.

In recent years pet industry has got more necessities like pet food to a vast array of goods and services which would range from clothing and samples to daycares and even pet spas. Pet is designed to serve the pet lovers and it will easily find the pet related products and services on the internet. The similar domains also used by the people are .vet, .dog, .horse are subject to ICANN.

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