Godaddy SSL Certificate Promo Coupon Codes 2019

godaddy-ssl-securityIf you are running an online website for your business, which is dealing with the online payment transaction, then you have to safeguard your customer’s details and protect them. Today, adding a layer of encryption to your site is becoming more important on for not only for visitor’s safety but also for your search ranking too. You need to add an SSL certificate for your portal, where it says to your customer “That you are safe with this.

GoDaddy hosting provider is a comprehensive supplier of  SSL certificates on the internet, where they have been offering from standard SSL certificate to extended validation SSL certificate. The products are quite affordable that despite the unique quality packages.

 In this section, as mentioned above Godaddy provides several certificates. Before going in-depth discussion about it, we will let you know something that will be necessary one for SSL installation.


Before getting SSL, note that cPanel has the ability to create an SSL certificate without WHM, but will not install it on the server. If your hosting provides cPanel without any access to WHM backend, you need to ask your host to install certificate for you. Therefore, if you have cPanel on your server then it will be very easy to install a custom SSL certificate.

Best GoDaddy SSL Certificate Coupon Code Right Now for 2017

 Save 20% on Regular Price of SSL Plan

This offer will provide you a superb discount of flat 20% on its actual price. So, you will be discounted to %55.99 for first year instead of $69.99.

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 Protect your Site with Flat 10% OFF on SSL Purchase

You can use this offer on ordering UCC or SAN SSL to protect multiple website. You can avail this pack for as low as $134.99 per year after 10% reduction.

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 Enjoy 10% Rebate on Buying Premium SSL Certificate

Normally, they have been charging about $299.99 per year. But today in this you will get 10% offer accurately. Which means you have to pay only $269.99 for first year.

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Some Important Factor and Review about GoDaddy SSL Certificate

“Godaddy” is the top player in the SSL market, where they have been affording an incredible protection at the most rock bottom value.


Types & Plans of SSL Certificates

Each and every GoDaddy SSL will display the https prefix and padlock icon, where most of the online users prefer to check before sharing their personal details.

Standard SSL (DV) Validates Domain Ownership  Warranty $100,000
Deluxe SSL (OV)  Validates Domain Ownership & your Organization  Warranty $250,000
Premium SSL (EV) Validates Ownership & requires Extensive Vetting Warranty $1,000,000

 Protect Single site for as low as $69.99 for a year

If you wish to handle only one website, you can prefer this plan that may have less secure than the other two plans. This will be available in all DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates. When you use to choose EV SSL, it will turn browser bar to green.

 Protect Multiple Sites for just $149.99 for a year

While choosing this plan, you can safeguard your website up to five sites, which is said to be the strongest encryption on the market. Other than this, remaining are same as to above plan.

 Protect all of your subdomains in one Website @ $299.99 for a year

Are you maintaining more sub domains on a single site? Then it will be the right option to pick. Where you can secure one website and all its sub-domains without any hassle. Apart from security, it will boost up your site’s Google ranking shortly.


All plans include strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, protects unlimited servers, boost Google ranking, displays a security seal on your site, compatible with all major browsers, unlimited free reissues, up to $1M liability protection and 30-day money back guarantee.


UCC SSL Certificate Review

This certificate will provide protection to the various domain via a single SSL. It is very cheap, which gives more savings and moreover you no need to have different buy SSL to protect your numerous sites. This type of SSL will be easy to maintain, where you have to manage, update and renew a single certificate for all of your domains.

 It will be quickly installed and if you have any issue regarding installation, the supporting team is always ready to help you about the process.

Wildcard SSL Certificate Review

It will grant the site owners to keep secure multiple sub-domains under one SSL certificate. It will not charge for additional sub-domains, which are registered on this certificate package. You can protect many numbers of sub-domains via Wildcard SSL is unlimited. Where you can avail of excellent savings on buying this certificate for your web.

 This is great option, where you no need to purchase multiple SSL pack to get your sub-domains to protected. Moreover, it is the only certificate to update and renew every year and so.

godaddy-ssl-certificate-reviewWhy We Need SSL in Our Sites?

  Safely accept cards on your website

If your site is dealing with online payment or anything related to the online transaction, they prefer to look SSL.

  Maximize your consumers confidence

Many visitors are having the habit of checking the prefix of HTTP:// in the browser. After confirming, they usually feel free to enter the personal data and address of them to the site. To get personal information of users, it will be the only way.

  Keep safe and protect the sensitive information

When you have an SSL Certificate in your portal, then it will protect your viewer’s sensitive data by encrypting the data that they send to you. And then decrypt it once you have received the data of information of your customers.

What makes Godaddy SSL Better to choose?

 It has the globe’s strongest encryption that will is virtually uncrackable one. Where they have been using SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to stop hackers.

 No any technical or coding skills needed to use it. Within a single click setup, it will take you to install SSL.

 It is Google favors HTTPS=encrypted sites and will push higher in search result, which will leads to better search rankings.

How does it work?

 First of all, the certificate will give handshake

godaddy-ssl-faqWhenever you site viewers enters an SSL-protection section of your portal, your SSL certificate will automatically create encrypted connection with the viewer’s browser.

 The padlock icon & https prefix appears

godaddy-ssl-certificate-faqAfter the completion of the connection, in the browser bar, a padlock icon and https prefix seems to show them that they are in the safe website. So they can share their private details without any hesitation. In this, if you choose EV certificate, then your status bar will go Green.

 Finally, you are ready to go further

godaddy-ssl-certificate-workingAll data are transmitting from and to your web page is now scrambled via 2048-bit encryption, which is virtually unbreakable by the hackers.

How to Install SSL Certificate on the server

 Get Started with it…….

Activate your Credit

  • Sign into your Godaddy account by entering valid username and password
  • Then click on SSL certificate
  • Near to the SSL certificate credit you wish to use, click Setup
  • If you like to have multiple credits, select the credit you desire to choose, then click Setup
  • Finally, reload the page where you will find the New Certificate

Request your SSL certificate

  • After to your New Certificate, click on Manage
  • Choose where you like to host it and what to do, based on where you are ready to host your certificate
  • For UCC certificate only, enter any subject alternate names you wish to us and then click Add
  • Depending on your issuance type, do select any one from Standard, Deluxe or Extended Validation
  • Click Finished

Install it on your Server

  • Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • Request the SSL Certificate
  • Install the SSL certificate to your Server

After a long review and study, SSL certificates are promisingly inexpensive yet excellent. You will experience a friendly support on purchases, installation and manage the certificate without any difficulty.

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