Godaddy Promo Coupon Code for Domains 2019

Whenever you decided to build a website, the domain name is an ineradicable step to start with. These days the services like Google page and WordPress grants websites with commercial domains. But for a lot of reasons a site with your own domain is crucial so that you can have complete control over it.

When you search around the web, you can find many providers and vendors offering domain names. With them, you can set up your own personal domain. If you are just stepping in means, you often asked, which the best domain name vendor is?

Most of the internet users, I come across have used GoDaddy and hence I also suggest you go with GoDaddy. Because it is priced affordably, has an excellent customer support with the highest security. GoDaddy has the user-friendly interface and clean design features which make it as the best. This company is creative and highly focuses on providing domain with a lot of discounts and offers.

GoDaddy Domains Promo Coupon For 2018

This article is intended for the sole purpose to present you the unforeseen domain related offers in a single section. So, if you are hoping to save on domain names, you can probably achieve that by their esteemed deals from the promo section.

Below are the some of the non-expiring coupons of GoDaddy, which can aid you in saving money with the domain related process.  All these offers are genuine, and 100% is working.

Snag Up to 30% Discount on New Domain Registrations

This offer is especially for all the new entrant of GoDaddy in domain registration process. With this offer, you can select any extensions and domain name to get this offer.

Promo code:  CJC2OFF30 

 Avail Latest Doman Extensions with 30% off

Looking to save money on domain registration, then choose the domain with recent extensions like online, club, xyz, tech and many. By these extensions, you can benefit with 30% savings.

 Enjoy 20% Savings on Domain Name Renewals

Use this promo code for the domain renewal process and save up to 20% discount.

 Pay Just 0.99 cents to get .Com Domain on Transfer

Transfer your domain name from another registrar to GoDaddy and get the.Com extension for just 0.99 cents. No need for the promo code, the offer will be available simply from the landing page.

Promo code:  TE99COMP 

 Fantastic Offer: Domain Privacy Protection at Just $1/year

With this GoDaddy coupon code, get the domain privacy protection for just $1 for a year from the date of registration. Limited period offer, Grab soon!

Promo code:  CJCRMN3CP 

How to Register Domains at GoDaddy – Step by Step Guide

Domain name is an essential one which makes your presence in online. As I mentioned earlier, GoDaddy is one of the most reputed domain name registrars around the globe. Moreover, in GoDaddy, your domain name will be safe so start choosing a domain name that supports your business.

What is the domain name?
Domain name is a human-readable address for your site; it is simply referred as the name of your business on the internet. Technically it is described as the physical point on the Internet (IP address). A domain name contains a web address (www), a name representing your company or anything (example) and an extension (.com) e.g.

Follow this given step by step guide till the end to know about each tiny thing in domain registration briefly.

Step 1: Search for a Domain Name

Go to GoDaddy official website and look around for the “Find your Name” button. It will be in the middle of the page, Click on it. On the text box enter your domain name and search to make sure your domain name is available.

If your domain name is not available, then the GoDaddy will provide some alternatives instead of the registered names. Still need same domain name means you can try out changing the extensions. I am sure certainly there will be one you are looking for.


When you have finalized your domain name, select the extension.Usually your domain name will come with .com extension and below you can find many extension options (info, Asia, co, club, net country related extensions and many).

GoDaddy will prompt you to buy the domain name with all available extensions. Don’t fall for it you have to decide the one that is right for your niche and click “continue to cart”.

After that, you will land on a page where it asks for domain privacy to hide your personal information. If you want you can opt it, else ignore it as it cost $7.99 every year. Also, ignore the options for hosting and email.

WHOIS is the searchable database with the list if every single domain currently registered in the world. With this, you can find the details of the owner of the particular domain name. To keep your information safe from this, the domain privacy services is launched.

My best advice is to just skip all the option in this page and move on to cart page by clicking continue button at the bottom.

Step 2: Review Your Purchase – Enter Promo Code

In this step, you can analysis your selected domain information. Here you can see the domain registration validity time is chosen as 2 years by default. But you can change this from 1 to 10 years. To get some legitimate offers and avoid domain renewal choose validity up to 5 years.

Again GoDaddy has some other additional options and add-ons for domain registration like domain privacy, more domains, domain certification, and searches engine visibility. If you want any one of them to choose it else ignore.

In the right side of the page, the cost of the domain will also be mentioned it asks for the promotional code. If you have one enter it, else grab a one from our coupon section to save money in this process.


Step 3: Create Account – Make Payment

If you are an existing customer of GoDaddy, you can log in and proceed to next step. Else stay on and create an account to continue. Here you have to give the following information

 Billing Information: Name, country, address, phone number

 Account Information: Email address, Username, Password, PIN

Payment Information: Enter the valid payment details you have.


Before completing the payment make sure that all the details provided by you are correct and accurate. That’s all! You have owned a new domain successfully! For now, you will receive an email along with the login credentials. Keep your customer number and password safe.

Know About Domain Pricing

You know GoDaddy offers the bunch of pricing and discount for domains based on the extensions you choose. For .com,.net and .co domain name it costs just $11.99, and likewise, the pricing varies. The cost will get more exclusive based on the expensive one you prefer.

There are probably 100+ domain level with the difference in pricing but don’t worry. Because to compensate this many discounts and coupons are also available.

While registering for a domain, there avail more offers but after that, it raises the process slowly with yearly renewal price. So it’s good to check its renewal price before you buy.

Domain Discount Club – Is It Worth?

GoDaddy domain discount club is the best deal place for the domain plan. It is a membership-based program specially designed for the people who register the domain frequently.

To begin with Discount domain Club account no need of any requirements, it is open to anyone. When you become a discount domain club member, you will get the lowest price on the traditional domains without the need of any promo codes. The membership cost $ 9.99 per month; the yearly plan best saves you.

Check the discount domain club pricing to regular domain pricing table to compare the annual pricing rates and renewal rates in detail.


Other than domain registration services, GoDaddy offers many services and here I have mentioned them in short.

 GoDaddy Domain Transfer – After registering a domain in some domain registrar, you may feel that you are that is overpriced.  For those GoDaddy provides the domain transfer service and with that you can move your domain name from anywhere to GoDaddy, and this process is very much simple.

GoDaddy Hosting – When it comes to hosting also the GoDaddy gained high recognition.  The web hosting plans are ranged on shared Hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting. All the plans are priced in the manner that fit your level.

 GoDaddy SSL – GoDaddy offers SSL certificate and it seems to exceptionally good one. By getting SSL certificate for your site, you can make sure that your customers feel safe while doing transactions. It is the strongest encryption available in the online market.

Domain Registration Billing and Coupon FAQ

Q: Can I register Multiple Domains at a time?

Of course, GoDaddy offers a bulk domain check tool. With that tool, you can register up to 5oo domains at once.

Q: How to register a domain that is expired?

If a domain is not renewed before the given date the domain will be released to the public. From the domain auction, you can get it by bidding and winning on it.

Q: Is there any other option to change my domain name?

In case you misspelled while providing the domain name you can’t change. The one thing you can do is cancel the domain. For this, there is not any refund of registration amount.

Q: What are the payment methods you accept?

In GoDaddy, you can do many different types of payments, but the payment option will be varied among the countries. For the USA, they accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Union Pay, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Gift Cards, money orders and check transfers.

Q: Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, for all the service you buy there avails a money back guarantee. If has purchased monthly plan means you can apply for the refund within 15 days. For the annual plan, you can request the refund within 45 days.

Overall I feel like registering a domain with GoDaddy is best and I also suggest this with others. Do you really think that this tutorial helped you in registering a domain with GoDaddy? Then feel to comment us. We are happy to know your thoughts.

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