Godaddy Discount Domain Club Offers

It will be quite surprising if one can get tons and tons of savings on their preferred domain registrations. Hence, the same way GoDaddy has been providing an enormous amount of domain coupons for all purposes like registration, renewals, and so on. It offers the best alternative to signing up for the Discount Domain Club and that too at comparatively lower prices than the regular ones.

How to get Started?

If you wish to join Discount Domain Club, immediately log in to your account and check for discount pricing for the preferred domain names. During the checkout process, the discount will be automatically reflected in your cart.

“However, when you purchase any domain names through your Discount Domain Club, those domain names are not eligible for other coupon codes or discounts.”

GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Offers

It costs just $9.99/month to be a member of discount domain club which offers low prices for new domains, transfer of domains and renewals. It also includes Cash parking premium and GoDaddy Auctions Membership for free. Here you can have a keen knowledge of the pricing features:

24 months           –              $8.99 (Save 10%)

36 months           –              $7.99 (Save 20%)

60 months           –              $7.99 (Save 20%)

120 months        –              $7.99 (Save 20%)


Gain full access to GoDaddy Auctions

More savings on domains with industry low prices

Good Revenue Generation with CashParking Premium

Extra Savings on domain negotiation services

Enjoy VIP Savings on Domain names

No need to wait for the next domain sale or email offers. Now, you can save up to 60% every single day with the Discount Domain Club. GoDaddy Discount Domain Club is said to be an annual membership package for the GoDaddy customers, and it enables them to save more on .com, .net, .org and several other domain registrations. It gifts you with the various benefits as follows.

Godaddy-lower priceLowest Prices you haven’t ever heard

You no need to roam around for the best deals. Using the Discount Domain Club, you can get the lowest prices ever on everything starting from .com and .net, till the next generation domains like .nyc, .club, and .city. These discounts apply to all registrations which include pre-registration fees on your newest domains.

Godaddy-cashparkingEarn more with CashParking Premium


This is the best way to cash in on your domains using the pay-per-click ads option, and you can even search for engine-friendly articles too. The plan comes in two categories namely basic plan and premium plan.

Basic Plan:

The basic plan starts at $3.99 per month and amounts to $59.88 per year which is to be billed annually. You can gain up to 60% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains using this plan.

Premium Plan:

Choose this plan to have 80% earning of the advertising revenue on your parked domains. This plan starts at just $9.59 per month and amounts to $143.88 per year to billed annually. It also includes free GoDaddy auctions membership of $4.99 value.

Godaddy-biddingBid, Buy & Sell


Once, if you become a member of GoDaddy Auctions, you can quickly deal on any of the hottest domain aftermarket sites. It is a free membership program for buying and selling domain names.

Buy immediately  Just Click the button “Buy now” and purchase it soon.
Expired Auctions Bid on expired ones and let the domain be yours if you are the highest bidder.
Offer/Counter Offer Make an Offer on a domain and Auction will notify the seller, with the option of accepting it or countering the bid.
7-day Public Auction Sellers used to set a bid price and the bidders need to place higher bids, and finally, when the time runs out, you have the chance to win if you are the highest one.

Godaddy-domain buyGet the Desired name with Domain Buy Service

Is your domain name taken by someone else? No need to worry about it. The experts in GoDaddy will consult with the owners only for you. If you become one of the members of Discount Domain Club, you can get up to 28% OFF on their Domain Buy Service, which costs only $4.99 per domain name.

Everyday Deals that beat the sale prices

It is a kind of great pleasure if you save a bundle whether others are paying the regular price. Being a member of Discount Domain Club, you can save more every day on a broad range of domains. As already said, these discounts apply to all new domain registrations, renewal of domains including pre-registration fees on the newest one. The only exception to this is high-value domain names.


Now, you can come to know that GoDaddy’s Discount Domain Club offers more and more savings. These deals depend mainly on the size of your domain name. GoDaddy promotion codes will help you to save more if you are a small business owner or just running a couple of websites.

What are high-value domain names?

As you all know, every domain name gets owned or controlled by a particular company. Whenever a new domain enters into the market, these companies identify high-value domain names and mark their price at a higher level. For example, a .training domain has a registration price of $39.99, but a highly demanded domain name like could have a price of $139.99.

GoDaddy’s search engine results page will clearly display both the initial and renewal prices and so you will know exactly about the payment for a particular domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does CashParking mean?

CashParking is a service rendered by GoDaddy to save more money on the parked domains. If you are ready to associate your domains with this CashParking account, the advertising partners will place the advertisements relevant to the context on your page. Each time, when visitors click the ads, you will get a share of the click-through revenue which depends on the plan.

Q. Whether this Domain Discount Club suits me?

It is a must to have a discount domain club if one invests in domain names. You can see lower prices during bulk domain registrations so that you can calculate the savings by your own.

Q. What should be done if my domain names are at another registrar?

This is not a problem at all. You can have a great deal on all of your domains which also includes renewals and transfers. Save more money and keep all of your assets in one place with the best prices.

Q. How can I sell domains?

You will be given access to our massive domain name aftermarket, GoDaddy Auctions. The discount domain club provides you the venue so that you can move your domain registrations and get money. This membership will help you to sell your listed domains.

Q. How to list Domain Auctions on the Auction Homepage?

First of all, log in to GoDaddy Auctions

From the Selling List menu, pick “List a Domain.”

Fill the fields as specified.

Kindly select “Make my listing a Home Page feature”.

Accept Terms and Conditions and Click Finish.

Here with, We conclude that this part helps you to have a keen understanding of the GoDaddy Discount Domain Club Offers and its pricing features. Kindly, avail those offers and if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We are waiting to hear from you.


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