Best Free & Paid Website SEO Audit Tools

The website is the platform where the new things turn every day; Subsequently Google also updates its algorithm regularly. So, the webmasters are also in the urge to evolve their sites frequently.

The site auditing has deniable importance in the web industry as everyone want to have a website that is optimized and error free. With the professional site audit, you can find what are the factors lagging in the website.

What is Site Audit? – It is an evaluation process that detects strengths and weakness of websites and provides the detailed report based on the analysis from quality to quantity. It helps the webmasters in saving a great deal of time and effort.

If you don’t have time to perform an audit on websites manually, don’t worry as for the each situation software tools are available. While you check Seo audit tool in online, you constantly get hundreds of web review tools. After consideration of those tools here, I have dedicated the top most free website audit tools you should consider.

  Point to remember – A website audit tool will guide you in optimizing your site and increases its success. With a site inspection tool, you can know everything about your site.

Below I’ve listed each one with the detailed description. Some of you may just step in the web industry, and some may have a lack of budget, for those this article will be more useful.

Best Ever Free Website Aauditing Tools 2018

Google Webmaster Tools

You may interest to ask Google regarding the way it sees your site. Obviously, we have the best tool for you “Google webmaster tool”.  It is exclusively designed to inform how the Google bot is interacting with your website. It is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with the sites owners.


How it works?

Getting started with Google Webmaster is not mush difficult all you need Google account. Then add sites to your dashboard as you can add any much site you want. Once verified the Google will automatically present you all the information that Google sees such broken links, web crawls, and redirect.

 Best Aspects: Easy to locate the factors that Google algorithm looks in a website.


An efficient and essential web audit tool for a website as it is embedded with free SEO audit tool. This easy to use free tool analysis the site and gives info by checking out any five pages as the sample. However if you want to get a detailed scoring report you have to upgrade to a premium version.


How it works?

Enter the address of any website in the Nibbler and it will presents you review of the site in instantly without any registration. Nibbler provides scores on accessibility, user experience, marketing and technology along with key takeaways and points for improvement.

Best Aspects: List outs the top priority points that has to be taken for website improvement.

Website Grader

It is a website analysis and auditing tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your website that can help your site to achieve the better ranking. The tool can also be known as “Marketing Grader” and it is released by a reputable company Hub spot. Within this, you can also find paid SEO tools to help you in better directing your efforts.


How it works?

In the homepage itself, you will be asked for website and Email, by providing those you can see your sites overall rank, performance level, mobile, SEO and security metrics. Also, it notifies you about the task you need to perform based on the analysis report.

 Best Aspects: Helps in sites ranking by generating all optimization and strategies SEO opportunities and strategies. is a best technical and site audit tool built by web experts, and this is the highly recommended tool today. Even though it’s free, you can get a massive amount of details and the pro version of this tool also available, and it starts from $119. As of now for a small to mid level business agencies free version is enough.


How it works? offers a free account and to get this free account just register your site name and email address. And immediately you will be bounced to its dashboard where you can see a rough audit of your site.

 Best Aspects: Monitors and organizes the info and keywords that improve site’s performance


Another worthy site audit tool you have to keep to perform quick and straightforward manner. You can find this audit tool treasured as it offers tons of information for every page in detail. The only drawback of this site is its design as the generated report looks clumsy and so it hard to understand.


How it works?

All you need is a website URL to get started and click on browsing to get the details of the web page. It provides each and every section of the web page in detail like text information, header tags and SERP preview. The download and sharing of the generated report are also available.

Best Aspects: Allows to analysis all page, also highlights the parts that are relevant to SEO.


Varvy is a great side auditing tool that reviews your site and shows whether your site follows the Google guidelines or not. This auditing tool provides a broad, comprehensive report of your sites performance in the different aspect less than a minute.


How it works?

 Visit, on the homepage, enter the URL of the site you want to test.  It takes some minutes to perform actions then you can see a detailed review on the aspects like Google bot access, mobile compatibility, security, accessibility, page speed, images, sitemaps, and links.

 Best Aspect: Highly focused on image strengths, notifies weak texts and necessary changes.

 Seo Site Checkup

Seo site checkup is a free site audit tool that provides instant website review. It also performs analysis for your competitors’ site in six different categories. By registering for a free account, you can check more than one website in a day.


How it works?

First, register a free account with Seo site check up, if you want to check your main website then, and there configure your account with your site’s URL else you can skip it off. For site audit just provide your website name. Then instantly a report will be generated by covering the factors like SEO, speed, server and security, mobile usability and advanced SEO.

 Best Aspect: Generates great report that can be shared via email or can be downloaded as PDF.

 Panguin Tool

Are you looking for a site audit tool for small level business? Then you will find this tool more useful as it is free. Moreover, the wide number of users has found this tool more appealing due to its easy to use interface. To use this tool you should have a Google Analysis account profile then only you can view your sites organic report with Google algorithm update and its impact on your website.


 SEO Optimer

Seo Optimer is an in-depth audit tool that lets you to analyze your website and also guide you in determining the things that are needed to improve on your website along with success report. The free report can be shared on Twitter and can be downloaded as PDF.


 Zadro Web

A simple and easy to use site audit tool comes with SEO audit to render a detailed report of a website performance and SEO stats. This tool presents page authority, domain authority, load time, Google page speed and many technical aspects listed on your site along with the list of top keywords.


By using the above assorted tools you can easily identify and fix the hidden issues and SEO holes on your website and that’s also at free of cost. Have you ever had any experience with these tools? Or what site audit tools do you prefer to use? Let us know via comment section!

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