25+ Best Free Food & Recipes Blog WordPress Themes

Now a day’s most of the humans are not aware of cooking and when they try to cook they definitely refer the internet to gather some recipe ideas. Food and cooking are one of the most populated searches on the web and so building up a food and recipes blog is a good idea especially for the female who like to share their recipes.

It not only helps you in sharing your cooking skills also aid you in making some money in online. Even you can get more chances to interact with some professionals in the kitchen. To start a blog, you will need a website and for that WordPress themes are the optimal choice.

But, do you really need a special theme for creating a blog?

Obviously, a blog with the good theme will make you more famous and below is the collection of such familiar Food and recipes blog themes that inspire you to start blogging about food at an instant. In addition, you will find all themes are responsive, cleanly designed and contain inbuilt post templates to showcase your tasty food creations in an impressive way.

Keep on reading to find the right theme for your blog…

Premium Food & Recipe Blog WordPress Themes

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My Cuisine Theme- $69

My cuisine is the beautiful WordPress theme comes with ready to use option along with responsive and clean layout. The main reason for the familiar of this theme is its sweet and cool interface layout. Even though this theme is designed with the restaurant in mind, it looks best for the food blog.

The featured slider and the post option on the home page are simply amazing, and it helps the bloggers to drive more traffic to their blog, so, give it a try if you are longing for a modern and stylish vintage look website


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Neptune Food Recipes Theme – $59

If you want to make a high quality and user friendly blog about food, Neptune theme is the great option as it is the one of the best theme with more playful layout and beautiful background. The unique set of sliders and designing option make your site look more professional.

The Neptune is loaded with tons of features like integrated times, fonts, foodie features and also a unique reading mode that keeps people on your blog for a longer time.


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Basil Recipes – $49


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Chow Recipe Blog – $59


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iCook Food/Recipe Theme – $44

icook is an modern and uniquely designed WordPress theme which is specially assemble with gorgeous home page and post layout to provide top notch user experience. This user friendly blog theme with responsive design and clean layout make the blog compatible.

This icook theme is crafted by Tesla framework so that you can completely use this theme for your blog with full trust. As it guides the users to customize and manage your own theme settings without any advanced knowledge of web development.


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Divine Delicious Blog – $75

Divine blog theme is all about the designing and branding that perfectly fit in for food and recipes. In the home page you can see a three column layout with latest post and following post layout help out the users in spending more time talking about your blog. Also this theme helps you in making money with your blog, So what else needed? Just go for it.


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Tasteful Child Theme – $75  


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Social Chef Theme- $59

Social chef is a super simple recipes blog theme includes responsive and retina ready layout. It has all the features you needed in a food blog. The home page featured with full sized image background, header, the post with large featured image and each and every tiny thing make you mesmerize in this blog.


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Munch Blog – $49


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The Flavour Blog- $54


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Petit Blog Theme – $69


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Grain & Knot – $44


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Cooking Press – $59

Cooking Press is a premium WordPress theme with neat designs and nicely organised posts. Its simple features enable the users to view the recipe quickly and grab more attention from them. Over all the cooking press theme is the best option for the blogger who like to crave simplicity in posting.


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Pico Food – $59


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Food Blog Theme – $39


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Sprout & Spoon – $49


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Chef Recipe Theme – $49

The chef recipe theme is an amazing theme for a food bloggers who like getting more visual look and feel in their website. The theme has a full page image slider, responsive design and optimized with lots of functionalities to look great. The theme is best known for its big visual impact clean interface increasing user experience.


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Soledad Theme- $49


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Newspaper Recipes  – $59


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Recipes Dark – $49


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Food Recipes – $49


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Talisa – $44


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Healthy Living – $60


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Delice Plus – $59

Delice Plus, the name of the theme may look simple but its designing of full of awesome. This theme is packed with 7 different style home page layouts and you can choose it your home page layout as your wish. It contains modern style icons, fonts, Google snippets, colors, sliders and many advanced features that are trending in today’s blog.


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YumBlog Theme – $125


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Ingredients – $49


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Tasty food – $59


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Fork Bite Theme – $49


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Cuisinier – $48


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HandMade Food Blog – $79


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Veggie Theme – $59

One of the classiest and stylish themes in our list is this veggie theme, by viewing the demo you can know how good is this. The veggie theme is designed cleanly in straight forward manner to offer comfortable user experience.

The home page look of this theme is simple different containing post in the first and header later. And this advanced design worked well with bloggers as the most of them prefer this theme for their blog.


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Foodie Blog – $49


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Cook book – $59


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Naomi Blog Theme – $79


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Spiced Blog – $49


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Delicious Food – $59


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Food and Taste – $49


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Rozario – $49


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Meridian Recipes – $44


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Choko Food – $59


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Culiner Theme – $49


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Enoki Lite Food Blog – $59


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Foodica – $69


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The Kitchen Table – $44


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Organici Theme – 459


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Free Food & Recipe Blog WordPress Themes

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Light Cafe

Light cafe is a clean and minimalistic free WordPress theme with amazing image slider and awesome audio video integration. The background and the header design of this theme will show off your food and recipes photos in a modern and fun way.

The design is made to be secure with anyone who are stepping into the blogging for the first time. Also, this theme is well versed to make a right amount from the advertisement.


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Happy Food


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Cake Recipes


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Foodness Blog

Foodness is an interesting multipurpose WordPress theme designed exclusively for the food and recipes blog. This free theme provides great reading option with the very traditional blog layout along with standard sidebar and the social media integrations.

Its clean design will help you to showcase the recipes in an elegant way and even the post will be more admired by the visitor and they keep on visiting your site if you use this theme for your blog.


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Scoop Food Theme


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Recipes Food Blog

Recipes theme is a free WordPress theme developed for food and recipes blog or the magazines. The excellent interface and design makes the visitors fondling. Moreover the theme is responsive and so looks great on all devices and browsers. Also its social media integration allows sharing on the social networks in simple way.


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If you want to create an impressive food blog you should go with the templates listed in this article. Take as much time you need and explore the given themes preview to choose the one that best fits your style. Hope you enjoyed this article, if you have question or comment drop it in the comment box below!

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