How to Find What is Trending Viral Topics in Internet using Content Discovery Tools

If you want to look the perfect and smart then staying up to date on current trends is more crucial. In our world, so many things are blooming each and every day. Earlier for any latest buzz we have to check them on social Medias like Twitter, Facebook but today one of the best ways to perceive them is by using content discovery tools

The trending topics may be on universal affairs, celebrity gossip, sports deals, political scandals, the latest development in technologies and many. Because not only the business person but everyone is interested in learning recent trends

Be a content Curator

If you are a blogger, then it’s crucial to follow the latest topics on the internet, because posting something on current ensures you that people often visit your website. By this way, you can also increase some decent traffic towards your blog.

Then the content discovery tool will be more beneficial to you to make the post on the basis of latest events and it also makes you desperate than others.  So, to become fruitful in the web development you should focus on current events.

Most of the online platforms and tools like content discovery tools are increased to provide priceless hot topics to readers. In this post, we have highlighted some of the best content discovery tool which aids you in sharing and discovering the best content online.


Nuzzel is really an incredible and leading content discovery tool in the USA and to access this tool you have to sign in with your Twitter account. By that, you can know what your friends are learning and sharing in other social Medias.  Whereas the non-twitter user will find the things that are commonly shared among the people.

And also, you will be provided with the feeds of news covering thousands of topics and headlines that are much closer to your interest. The Nuzzle is also available as an app for both Android and iPhone users.


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It is bit related to Twitter, and it let you gather, organize and personalize all the relevant events all over the world in the single location. This is the best way to stay in touch with your favorite blogs and it also includes recommendation count and sorting features so; you can pick the content you want easily. feedly is really a immense platform to find out the excellent topic for your blog and this tool also provides an app for free.


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This website is dedicated to show you the most shared content in the past day, week, month or year relevant to your interest. It also provides currently trending news and predictions on the contents that are going to be a big thing in future.This tool comes as both free and premium and if you use premium, you can extract the results by sorting based on the specialized channels such as Facebook and Google+.


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Google Trends

As we all know Google is the widely used search engine among the worlds and like that Google trends also has enough craze among the people who like to find out the topics that are most searched on the internet.That means with Google Trends tool you can visualize the globally trending Google searches and it is the optimal one to find out what is mostly preferred in your country or around the world.


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From the Buzzfeed, you can find most shared thriving content in the social medias and this site mostly highlights the culture related social content. It is said to be the famous and the fast-growing news and entertainment site in the US with increasing viral hits.


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Klear is a simply designed and easy to use content discovery tool that provides the social media analytics and it extracts you the top interactions that happen every day on the social media networks. This tool comes with the unique data that offer high rated data-driven marketing for business and enterprise in a effortless way.


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Linkedin Pulse

Linkedin pulse is the competent daily news app for Android and iPhone users specially released in order to offer on the go access to daily news in our advancing world. It presents you with the news feed that is massively shared on your favorite blogs and social media sites every day.


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Hacker News

If your view is targeted towards the technology and the start-ups, then Hacker news is a valuable place for you. It also provides a up-vote feature that allows users to vote for fresh and interesting content on their site.


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Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a tech related tool where you can discover what’s trending in technology, games, podcasts and books. Through this site, you can share and geek out latest techniques and products every day. It is the best place to discover the brnd new things in the tech industry.


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Ruzzit is a social viral filter that helps you to find out the most shared and liked content on the internet, and this site displays all kinds of contents such as videos, articles, and links from the familiar sites. Instead of showing popular, it focuses on providing the relevant info to the people based on their interest.


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Tumblr is a blogging platform owned by Yahoo, and it allows users to set up and manage their own blog without cost. With Tumblr, you can easily stay current on trending microblogs and news of everything like sports, recipes, movies, etc. and also it is a fantastic bookmarking site.


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Reddit is a very useful social media news aggregator with many funny sections including jokes and amusing memes across the internet that keep the readers fully engaged.

On the home page of the Reddit, you can see what’s being voted up by the users based on your preference and interest. So that all your desired trending stories can be found easily.


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It is an emerging firm analytics site that targets on tracking and providing the hot streaming data that drive the business. Bottlenose offers high qualified cloud-based solutions that help the enterprises to find out the emerging patterns in the business in real time.


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Imgur is an awesomely designed and user-friendly image hosting site with massive assortments of images sorted based on the viral, newest and highest scoring. And also, it allows people to upload the photos that you want to share without any payment.This site is perfect for bloggers and other artists who want to promote their website images and albums.


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Alltop has commonly known as an information filter for the reason that it gathers only the quality news from the quality site. This news aggregator tool even has a trend filter to feature your interest based article comes from the variety of sources.


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Most of the people think Quora is just a Q&A network but its really not. Other than Q&A it also shows you the top stories and blog posts which are in trend among the peoples. On Quora, you can subscribe to specific fields and also make discussion on the field what you are interested in.


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So, basically behind all these content discovery tools social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ also plays a decisive role. And through these above suggested sites, you can stay up to date on your favorites in much easier and faster way. If you have found any other tools other than the above list, share us via comment.

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