Must Have Essential WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Woocommerce is the WordPress plugins, which will be perfect for small business. If you have a plan to take over your online portal without much hassle, then Woocommerce is a great platform to start. It is a prominent online tool with high-quality features, support and user-friendly.

You should be very adherent about your online shop page, where it is a place and time for customers to decide whether to purchase or not. With the Woocommerce plugins, you can make your online store even better. You can use the professional and eye-catching Wooommerce themes for your blog. There are numbers of free WooCommerce plugins are available to supercharge your e-store.

Why is Woocommerce considered to be perfect?

  • It is completely free to download, open-source platform
  • Contains more features than eCommerce
  • Provides a lot of flexibility
  • Similarity with WordPress
  • Helps you to do content marketing better
  • It makes analytics easy
  • Have many customization options
  • Simple but looks professional
  • Very secure & familiar friendliness
  • Scope for growth

So, we try to come up with a fresh list of the most active install of WordPress WooCommerce plugins for free. Try to have a look at the best collections of plugins, which will give a better experience for the users of the WooCommerce website.

Free WooCommerce Plugins to Furnish your Online Shop

Woocommerce Multilingual

Today multilingual functionality becomes a major thing for any blog. So, WordPress platform offers WPML term to meet these viable needs. This Woocommerce Multilingual plugin permits you to translate your products and another page via WPML function. Therefore, it allows your shop buyers to switch language to their local language and order products without any difficulty.


Download Here!

Woocommerce Customizer

Are you finding for the GUI to built-in Woocommerce filters, and then you will need this WooCommerce Customizer plugin. It will quickly and easily customize many things like button text, labels, fields and more. But, you have to write php code for the purpose of using them. With this plugin, you may can use those filters from an easy to use settings page itself.


Download Here!

Booster for Woocommerce – Jetpack

One of the most famous and widely used ecommerce tools is Booster for Woocommerce. This is such plugin, which will overcharge your Woocommerce shop with various functionalities. It will handle lots of functions and actions with more powerful and rich features. This plugin will embed all the world currencies to your portal, where the user can change their currency as per their needs.

Not only this features, but there are also a lot of very long features may handle almost everything. It helps you to push up your blog with smooth and comfortable experience.


Download Here!

Woocommerce CSV Importer

Normally, you may not able to import the list of items on your website. But you need to install this Woocommerce CSV Importer to import the products quickly and easily. There are some nice addons are available with this plugin including import variable products, attributes, custom fields, premium and import taxonomies. Through this plugin, you can import and manage products in Woocommerce websites.


Download Here!

Store Exporter Plugin

This Store Exporter Plugin allows you to export the goods list on your Woocommerce based website. You may use this to update many details about your listing like shipping class, price or any other things. It will be useful for several things, so you can use it depends on the situation you are in. One of the best about this plugin is, it can be used to backup your store.


Download Here!

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

It is quite better to install a WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin to your online store. Why because, your users can switch currency instantly to check the product price in their preferred country currency.

It can be used as a shortcode or a widget, where it has three types of widgets namely currencies switcher, currency converter and currencies rate. Also, the plugin allows you customer making their payment in the selected currency itself.


Download Here!

Bulk Discount Woocommerce Plugin

If you are running some offers on your online store? Then this Bulk Discount plugin will helps you to feature the discounts to the product. It will be the only possible way to build different discount for the buyers.

You can preset the number of units and offer discounts on, and convey that you are going to give only for those units on your products. With this plugin, you can do whatever as you wish for showcasing discounts on a product.


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YITH Woocommerce Catalog Mode

Yith Woocommerce Catalog Mode plugin is the most useful one for WordPress user who wish to move their Woocommerce site into an online catalogue for some time. When you have a pretty cataloged layout for your product, then it is quite easy to attract many customers to your online store.

The plugin replaces the default shop with a catalog view store. Catalog mode will permit you to show off more products and capture exciting prospects only. It will maximize consumer’s loyalty, and you do not lose visibility.


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Woocommerce Image Zoom

The products image zooming is the most necessary one for your online shop, where your site dealing with online shopping. When you show your products details clearly, then the customers can come to get it. Because the buyers are always prefer about what they are getting and how the quality will be.

So, install this Image Zoom WooCommerce plugin freely to magnify the item images on mouse over and set the zooming features quickly in a short while. It is very easy to use, no need to any extra settings.


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YITH Woocommerce Social Login

Social Medias are phenomenal manner to tap into a large stream of loyal consumers. If you like to allow your valuable customers to access your portal via Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account? Then you have to download this YITH WooCoomerce Social Login plugin and active it in your WordPress dashboard. Most of users are prefer to social login, where it will increases the conversion rate as well as your sales too.


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Woocommerce Product Slider

Are you interested in embedding any kind of highly responsive slider, which will efficiently features your products and business? Then you have to use this Product Slider plugin on your web page. It will help your customers to look at the wide range of products appropriately. It allows you to display our products in a nice sliding manner and build a strong connection among the clients.


Download Here!

Woocommerce Export Customer Email

This Export Customer Email plugin is used to export all your customer emails into a single file and allows you to download it into CSV format. It simply adds an additional link under customers tab and helps you in email marketing.


Download Here!

Woocommerce My Account Widget


Download Here!

Weight and Currency Shipping for WooCommerce


Download Here!

Woocommerce Gift Cards


Download Here!

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce


Download Here!

Woocommerce PDF & Print


Download Here!

Email Inquiry & Cart Options


Download Here!

Pushover for Woocommerce


Download Here!

Woocommerce Product FAQs


Download Here!

All the above plugins are designed for your comfort to enhance the usability and features for WordPress website, which you are running. It will give you an opportunity to increase sales and reduce costs. Therefore, start your online business with WooCommerce!!!

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