How To Embed Facebook Video In WordPress Sites?

As a WordPress user, you have to be aware of recent trend and activities on the internet. Now a day’s, you can find the social media network “Facebook” is getting more and more popular everywhere. You know the trending Live Video concept of Facebook can ultimately generate billions of views single day.

If you wish, you can take great advantage of this Facebook’s popularity and can drive massive visitors to your site. Luckily the video plays the major role enormous success of the Facebook and thus adding a Facebook video to your site is enough to grab more eyeballs.

Facebook is a top social networking site that connects the users with other people of their choosing. This entirely free service allows you to post pictures, text, videos, and  so many activities either publicly or privately. Due to its addictive nature, the users spend most of their time on Facebook, and it has become a way of life for them.

Why Is Facebook Video Feed So Important?

Though YouTube remains the largest video hosting platform on the web, many people are looking for a way to embed Facebook videos on their site owing to recent explosion of Facebook Live concept and enormous fans popularity.

It increases the user’s engagement and wider audience reach with the same video from both your Facebook account and your WordPress site.

It is more helpful in increasing the likes of your Facebook page, which means you can also attain more benefits in your social media marketing.

Generally, direct upload of videos to the WordPress sites is not suggested as it may reduce site performance, but embedding videos from Facebook resolve the problem

You can take advantage of the attractive new live streaming feature and can embed that live feed from Facebook directly into your WordPress site.

In this post, we will show you, how easy to embed a Facebook video feed in your WordPress posts and pages. The Facebook Video Can be integrated into the WordPress site in following three Ways.

Method 1: Using the Video URL
 Method 2: Using embedded Video Option
Method 3: Using WordPress Plugins

Method 1: Using the Video URL

With this simple method, you can embed the downloaded Facebook video in your website with the help of “Add Media”. By this method, you can display your video in the specified position, where you want your video to appear.

But it is not preferable to embed videos directly from the Facebook using this technique because of the larger amount of bandwidth used by your server and it also causes a problem in your website’s speed and performance level.


Method 2: Using Embed Video Option

Step 1: Open your Facebook profile and locate the video which you want to embed on your WordPress site. Next, identify the embed code of the video by clicking the timestamp. First of all, be sure to check the video which you need for your site is posted publicly or private. If the video is in private mode, it won’t be playable by anyone, and hence it is important to use a publicly posted video.


Step 2: After Clicking on the timestamp, you will be brought to the unique video URL page where you can find “Embed Video” option.


Step 3: Once you click on that “Embed Video” option a pop-up box will appear with the embed code. Just copy that. If you wish, you can make some alteration in that link, like changing the length and width.


Step 4: Now you have to paste the copied code into the text tab of the WordPress editor to embed the video. Publish the post, now you can see the embedded video on your site.

Note: Just like on Facebook, You have the ability to make WP embedding Facebook videos to auto play or mute. For that add this attribute data-autoplay=”true” in the embedded code you copied initially.


Method 3: Using WordPress Plugins

The above two methods are the manual mode, even though they are simple, some newbies find it as daunting. If you are one among them no need to worry, WordPress comes with a quickest and easiest solution to eliminate the trouble for you and that is “Plugins”.

The plugins will make the process of embedding any public Facebook video into a WordPress blog simple by offering the shortcode. Whenever you want to add a video, you only need to copy the video URL and paste it in the shortcode; your video will appear.

As long as the plugin is activated, you can add Facebook videos to your blog. Here is the list of the plugin which can guide you in your process. Act wise and consider any one plugin that works most efficiently for your site.

Facebook Video Embed

Facebook video embed is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with the option to embed public Facebook video into your WordPress site without the knowledge of coding. This plugin has made the delivery of Facebook video through your WordPress website much easier.

To add the video, find a form which is available in the visual editor of the web page and simply paste it there with a shortcode. The free version of this plugin is bursting with great features and functionality.


WP Embed Facebook

If you have a WordPress website with good traffic and desire to drive more Facebook fans to your site. Embedding Facebook operations into your site are the better option and in that process. This WP Embed Facebook plugin will guide you.

Not only the video, but you can also embed comment, page, event, album, photo, profile and everything you find on the Facebook. For some custom embeds like comments moderation and changes, a Facebook App Id and Secret code will be required.


WP Facebook Live Video

If you want to show Facebook live video feed on your blog, then the WP Facebook Live Video plugin is the right choice, and it is much easy to use.  This plugin requires some work for installation, setup and after that, you can make the Facebook live video to appear on your website post and pages you wish.

Along with the live video, the comments of that feed will also show up below the video, and that can be turned off simply by making some changes in the plugin settings.


That’s it! You have successfully learned to embed video from Facebook to your site. Facebook live video feeds on your site gives you an enormous opportunity to increase transparency and credibility with your audience. So make use of this article in a best possible way. Whether you find any difficulties in this method, kindly share with us. We are ready to help you!!!

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