How to Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Email marketing?

In the world of Internet marketing, there are tons of actions to promote your website on the online, but none are as reliable as email marketing. To stay in touch with your most promising visitors and gaining momentum on the web, Email is the most dynamic approach.

Also, we all know that to be successful in online marketing; you have to satisfy two primary goals. They are increasing the web traffic and nurturing the leads you have. The Email marketing helps you to do both by generating splendid emails.

Website traffic is exemplified based as the numbers of people view your site and the length of time they spend on the web pages. When someone comes to your site, that visit is recorded, and any links that individual might click and follow are also recorded. These analyses give you an idea of your website popularity.

In this article, I have presented you a clean and genuine tips and tools that can help you in good email marketing campaign. So keep on reading…

The Importance and Benefits of Email Marketing

Despite the rise of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, email has remained as the competent and powerful way to connect with people. Even though there is much logic that makes email as the top marketing strategy, here are the three top reasons.

Email is the #1 economic communication channel; from the latest study it has found that more that 90% of people are using the emails on the regular basis

The possibility of reaching anyone in the world that means you can reach any individual with your marketing message and can boost your site effectual.

It provides the ability to contact your clients on a regular basis, sending daily emails creates a persistent connection between a site and their customers.


Essential Tips to Increase Web Traffic via Email Marketing

Many of you may hear that the “Email marketing has outdated” and isn’t going to work anymore. Not at all! The newbie who is stepping into the marketing for the first time will send out some random emails if it is not ranked means they declare that email marketing is dead.

But as an expert who works with marketing all day, I firmly state that email marketing is working, and it will be beneficial as long as you are doing it in right way. To be prosperous in email marketing, you should know and follow the given cue.

 Make an engaging Email list

Generating a solid email list is essential to create a strong email campaign. Try to add people who are really interested in your email marketing because an uninterested candidate list marks your mail as spam.

Frame the contacts based on the interest

The email send by you can be read by the people only if they are interested so, pay close attention to your contact people’s interest. In order to receive the list of your subscriber’s interests and relevant information making a website, the survey form is the best thing.

Optimize your experience for mobile readers

The email sent by you only impresses the people if they are presented in the format your target users consume. It may be mobile or laptop, so makes sure to design your email to adapt the screen size adopted by the user to view on.

Make your Email Subject Compelling

In fact, the maximum of email recipients decides whether or not to open an email based only on the subject line. That’s why it’s so important to craft subject lines that are compelling enough to get people to click through. Keep it short and simple!

Add easy to share buttons for social media

Include social media buttons that lead to your social pages either at the top or the bottom of an email. It gives an opportunity for getting unique followers to your pages and driving traffic to the social page.

Top Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

By using email marketing, you might be getting a lot guests for your blog but what happens if you stop working on your blog due to lack of management timing? Your blog will eventually die, and your loyal readers will probably forget you.

If you keenly observe, you can see that managing the blog and emails at the same time is the only drawback of this marketing. But you can easily overcome this by using email marketing tools. In this post, I have shared top 5 email marketing plugins to ensure that you drive traffic successfully.


At this moment, one of the largest and popular email marketing service providers is none other than MailChimp. More than 7 million customers are using MailChimp because of attractive features. This tool will guide you in creating the professional email newsletter and emails for your subscribers.

MailChimp offers exceptionally affordable pricing plan; even there is a free program for all who are just starting out. Up to 200 email subscribers, you can use the free service, and after that, you have to shift to paid one which starts from $20 per month.


Key Features:
  • Hundreds of e-commerce integrations
  • Flexible drag and drop designer option
  • Powerful and robust marketing automation
  • Advanced analytics and real-time reporting
  • Comprehensive suite of mobile apps

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Within Few months of launch, SendInBlue Company has named a cheaper and superior alternative to Mailchimp. It not only offers email marketing where in turn SMS campaigns is also available to improve the user engagement.

Like MailChimp, sending blue also provides a free plan that allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month. The price of the paid plan differs based on the number of emails send per month, and it typically starts from $7.37 per month.


Key Features:
  • Active drag and drop design functionality
  • Customized and Unique templates for emails
  • Mobile friendly looks to fit on any device sizes
  • Personalized campaigns for user engagements

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GetResponse is easy to use and whole cheaper email marketing tools provider than many of its competitors. It provides a variety of advanced features auto responders, third party integration and many.

GetResponse is not just a tool to send and manage emails, but you can create beautiful landing pages to convert your readers into subscribers.It offers up to 30 days free trial for newbies, and after that, there avails some pricing plan with starting rate $15 per month.


Key Features
  • 500+ Impressive predesigned templates
  • Generic delivery of high personalized emails
  • Automate the marketing communications
  • Advanced segmentation and optimized emails
  • All from one intuitive analytics keyboard

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Looking for an easy, user-friendly program to create and manage your email marketing? Check out Aweber, Many users love aweber and find it easy to work in the email marketing even if they have no prior experience with it. AWeber offers month-to-month, quarterly, and annual plans for each of its tiers. The least-expensive plan, for up to 500 contacts, is $19 per month. Also, this company gives 30-day free trial full refund options.


Key Features
  • Automated email with drag and drop editor
  • Autoresponder follow-up for delivered emails
  • Over 700+ mobile ready email templates
  • Aweber Stats App and Atom App to work on the go
  • Holistic view on managing and tracking subscribers

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OptinMonster is the best affordable email marketing software for internet marketers, bloggers, developers, and all other small businesses websites. If you want to grow your email subscribers and improve your lead generation efforts, then you will need OptinMonster. It includes a great selection of features for all customers, regardless of the number of contacts they have.


Key features:
  • Visually stunning drag & drop builder option
  • Ability to convert abandon visitor to customer
  • Well timed popup to grab visitors’ attention
  • Increase your ideas and conversion with A/B testing
  • Animation effects to catch instant visitors attention

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Email Market is such an adequate method for your website to getting your articles seen and clicked on. Use the tips and plugins presented in this post and do powerful emails marketing that outplays and get you more traffic to your blog

What do you think? Will you use email to increase your blog followers? Share your tips, and experience in the comment section below. Love to hear from you!!!

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