CSS Hamburger Icons & Menu Designs

Hamburger menu is also one kind of menu, which is actually placed on the top-right corner of the website. It is in the form of three parallel horizontal lines that resemble a hamburger.

In this post, we have picked together a collection of awesome and popular CSS hamburger menu from Codepen.io for you guys. To get the code of the below ones, just click the Live demo buttons of the according one what you want to choose.

Pure CSS Hamburger Icons Transition

This hamburger icon has a good transition when you move the mouse pointer to the menu icon. Also, the color also changed to pink on hover, which will be a good option for your website. It was developed by Antonija Simic.

Tutorial          Live Demo

CSS Menu Icons

The code was created by Naoya, which was an awesome option hamburger menu. Here this example code has 12 various toggle effects for each. Just see the demo and if you wish you can make use it.

Tutorial          Live Demo

Fullscreen Navigation

It was made by Marcus Bizal, where the hamburger placed in the right corner of the page. While clicking on the menu, the subpages links are placed in it.

Tutorial          Live Demo

Pure CSS Hamburger Fout-out Menu

The below pen was coded by Erik Terwan. This hides and show css code is good design, which will save the screen area.

Tutorial          Live Demo

CSS Hamburger

The pen code was designed by Stix.

Tutorial          Live Demo

CSS Hamburger Menus

A pen by Rosalieelphick.

Tutorial          Live Demo

100% CSS Hamburger Animation

The code was developed by Grant Vinson.

Tutorial          Live Demo

CSS Hamburger Menu Button Icon Animation with Transitions

The below-mentioned css code was developed by Chris Bracco.

Tutorial          Live Demo

jQuery/CSS Navigation Menu

This code was created by Alan Dunning.

Tutorial          Live Demo

Vertical Color-Adapting CSS Menu

It was written by Ines Montani.

Tutorial          Live Demo

Another CSS Morphing Menu Toggle

It is another animating css hamburger menu toggle, written in .css using little javascript to toggle active classes by Matt Soria.

Tutorial          Live Demo

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