cPanel vs Paid Alternative – Plesk, DirectAdmin & Interworx

On purchasing a web hosting or while setting up a site you may commonly come across the word control panel. Yeah! It is the most important thing in hosting, and a website without a control panel is unimaginable. It is needed to manage your site and server with ease without the help of any experts in server administration.

You may be probably familiar with the control panel called “cPanel” It is a Graphical User Interface comes along with hosting, and it aids you in managing your servers easily. Installing cPanel is very easy and with this, you can monitor all the aspects of your server, and also it ensures maximum security and performance to your site. By default, most of the web hosting providers render cPanel as the core control panel.


Choosing a cPanel Alternative

Most of the web hosters prefer cPanel, and we know that you also want the same one, but much like other hosting services, cPanel is not free and merely it cost around $14.95 per month. Henceforth many search for an alternative. In today online world there are the wide variety of tools and resources with advances in technology, So it gets tough to decide which control panel is best.

Before choosing a control panel, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of the panel you choose. Each control panel has unique and loyal feature, then which one is best? That’s why to fetch a bright idea we have presented this article.


Why to Pick a Paid Alternative?

Sometimes you may find some free control panel and selecting those are not a bad option but still it is not recommended for the reason of security and support. Generally, it comes with limited features and critical control layers that often make your server down by consuming too much CPU or RAM power.

A free panel may be perfect for simple personal websites, but if you are planning a site with high resources, then you will need a paid one. By paying a little amount you can grab plenty large valuable resources, user-friendly interface and advanced security features even for a simple site. With this type of control panel you can have full access on your server So, it is recommended to consider our article before making a decision.

Instead of collecting all the alternatives we have picked a best three (Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx) and provided the details regarding it. Thus, no more research is needed simply grab anyone among this followings.

Plesk (Parallels Plesk Panel)

Like cPanel, Plesk also has high popularity among the webmasters for the reason of its extensive support in both Windows and Linux. It offers user-friendly graphical user interface that makes users to engage with your site quickly, and its smooth design makes web hosting so simple. In Plesk, you can avail distinct versions and editions for each and every hosting requirement.

Plesk has the largest cloud infrastructure in the world with more than 300,000 servers and service providers. By getting a Plesk Server panel, you can grab more features and hence it is more powerful while comparing to others

WordPress Management

Ready to Code Environment

Automated website security

Multi-Platform Support


System Requirements

Memory – 512 MB

CPU – 800 MHz

Disk space – 10 GB

Supported Os – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 & 7, CentOS, CloudLinux 5 & 6, Debian  6 & 7, Ubuntu

Pricing Plans

Before choosing a control panel, it is necessary to check out its pricing. In Plesk, the pricing changes according to the OS and server type and also varies based on the number of domains. For example, if you choose five domains then paying just $4 is enough and for more domains you have to pay more.


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Rock solid Server Security – Securing the website is the foundation of the hosting and to have reliable site functions you have to secure your server from threats. To prevent you in this task, Plesk offers distinguished authentication methods, antispam and antivirus, web server security and network security tools

Intuitive Interface – Intuitive means easy to interface and essentially intuitive interface in need in a site for a focused experience. Here it is quite simple because of the adaptive control panel interface with retina and major browser support. It comes with a responsive design and Multilanguage support that means rich mobility and localization.

Webserver & Site Management – This feature makes your web server and the site to comes in handy by providing extensive assortments of web services, instant backup features, ultimate website creation tools and automatic application development that supports all operating system.

Integration Options – To retain full control on your server and business some integration is necessary and with the Plesk’s advanced core features you can integrate unlimited marketing, SEO, Analytical tools and many billing, CRM and Helpdesk systems like WHMCS, Ubersmith, Hostbill, etc.

eMail Components – today more business are managed through email in a very efficient and high automated manner. Plesk handles all your email needs by offering enhanced email components, email security tools and the broad set of 3rd party solutions.

DNS & Domains – One of the key feature that helps us to run a server is a domain and it has the ability to run as a centralized DNS for multiple Plesk servers. It also supports external DNS and 3rd party extensions.

Databases – To keep track of all your data and file-based applications databases are required. Plesk commonly supports the MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL and Maria DB. And to support these platforms in this control panel you have automatic database repair tools and many core features like backup, restore, import, and export.

Major Web Programming Languages – It is a one stop solution for users because of its multi-web programming language support. It handles all the web related languages like PHP, Perl, CGI-BIN, Java, Tomcat, Ruby, Python and .Net.

Extensions Catalog –To maintain a fast growing site you will need more plugins and services. The Plesk itself has all the add-ons and services for download.

cPanel vs. Plesk

cPanel is a Linux based control panel whereas Plesk is both Linux and Windows based control panel. Plesk requires more loading time when compared to cPanel and on the other hand, it has more detailed support than cPanel. Even though they have more contrast, they also have some rich functionalities like GUI and API commands. If you are looking a server panel for your Linux operating system, then choose Plesk else to go with cPanel.


It is compact and quickly customizable.

Supports both Windows and Linux platforms


Security issues and slower loading times

Requires vast amount of server space for Backups

DirectAdmin – Often Called DA

As a paid control panel DirectAdmin is one of the best choices for Linux servers, and this panel comes with all the necessary things you expect for hosting. This professional and fast web hosting server panel is founded in 2003, and it is mainly designed to deliver an interactive GUI that stands out for flexibility and convenience in site administration.

With DirectAdmin, you can create and manage multiple sites and accounts smoothly. It offers web statics for analysis purpose and also assists you in all your steps. This panel is equipped well to manage unlimited domains and services.


System Requirements

Memory – 2 GB

CPU – 512 MHz

Disk space – 2 GB (After Linux installed)

Supported Os – Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, and FreeBSD


On the comparison, DirectAdmin has the simplest pricing set up, and it has no distinction among dedicated and VPS hosting. It also offers the highly acceptable mode of payment: Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and Lifetime licenses that suit every hosting needs. Look on the below pricing table for a detailed view.


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User features –  a user only decides the power of control panels and hence for that DirectAdmin includes user enabled features for the flexible management of Emails, FTP, DNS, statistics, subdomain, file manager, MySQL databases, website backup, Error page and more than that it also ensure high security by providing directory password protection tools and many advanced tools for better management.

Reseller Features – With the enhancing features, a reseller can easily manage all his accounts and statistics with ease and likely as a reseller you can handle the statistics, users, skins, IP assignment and name server with highlighting system information.

Administrator features – The DirectAdmin almost covers every feature that an administrator need and it contains creation and management of accounts, resellers packages, users and DNS administration. Allows admin to set up IP and licensing/updates more easily and admin can view all the services info and complete usage statistics.

General features – Other than the above mentioned features there are some more comes under general categories. They are integrated ticket supporting system, live updates, customizable skins, automated recovery tools, licenses and unlimited generic support.

cPanel vs. DirectAdmin

Both look similar but still different in server configurations, framework and user interface. DirectAdmin is expandable and hence you can add any number of add-ins and services but need some more cost whereas cPanel can be scalable without any added cost. And so it is clearly seen that cPanel is an excellent choice for advanced users.


Inexpensive and also requires only low system requirements

Neat and Clean Interface with modern designs.


Relatively Minimal services compared to others

Overwhelming configurations and Functionality

InterWorx Control Panel

Are you finding a robust management solution for your site then Interworx is an ideal one that you need in your business. It is highly featured with the rich control panel that provides a smooth and simple platform for both users and administrators.

Among all the control panel it is entirely different because it comes with automated billing systems, clustering setups, email alerts, security checkups, system upgrades and adjustable API’s that enable you to engage with your servers more naturally and easily. Other than web user interface you can manage all the functionalities with the command line and API.


System Requirements

Memory – 512 GB

CPU – 800 MHz

Disk space – 512 MB (Panel alone)

Supported Os – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 & 6, CentOS and CloudLinux


It is a top concern for most of the people while purchasing a control panel. Interworx is affordable, and it starts at just $24.95 per month. It is merely equal with DirectAdmin and it billing cycle is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. In case you want to save some in this plan choose annual hosting.


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Eminent Interfaces


This interface is designed for managing a server side functions and with this interface, you can configure and monitor all the add-ons and services that you need in server management. It’s versatile look, and themes allow seamless integration between the site and services without any differences. By the convenience of upgraded GUI, you can deeply track your server performance and can manage all the siteworx account.


It is a website level control panel that comes with exceptional convenience in managing a website. Through this extreme user interface a web owner avail tools for maintaining email, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, user account and access, DNS, domains and much more with simple clicks. As a plus, it has scheduled backup system and hence no worry about data loss or theft. Siteworx offers three different statistics utilities like Webalizer, AWStats and Analog to give you an in-depth information regarding your server performance.

cPanel vs. Interworx

As you can see Interworx has high powerful control panel but yet cPanel is dominant in hosting. Interworx is still better because of its modern and engaging interfaces and is interface is quite simple that extends with multiple add-ons.If you are choosing a shared hosting then instead of cPanel select InterWorx control panel.


Robust and fast response towards security issues

Intuitive interface with high-level overview


Doesn’t provides additional redundancy or availability

Single point of failure resulting loss in back-end configuration

Final Verdict!

Though we have mentioned the top control panel, each one has many pluses and minuses. Here we have presented the choice based on the features and user-friendly functionalities, and it is not done based on the pricing. Now we think all your doubts are cleared, so why to wait? Choose the one among our list based on your requirements and start hosting.

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