10 Best Compact WordPress Audio/Music Player Plugin

Whether you’re a musician who sells music or a regular blogger who want to engage the audience with your blog, then you will definitely need an audio or a podcast player to broadcast music on your site. You know embedding music to a website can enhance the user’s experience and also improves the feel of your site.

How To Embed Audio Files Without Plugin?
  • Go to the Post or Page, where you want to embed audio
  • There click on “Add Media” and click Upload Files” tab
  • Upload an audio file by selecting the file you wish to upload
  • Now, scroll down to Attachment Display Settings and set Embed or Link to “Embed Media Player”.
  • At last, Hit Insert into page” to add music to the page.

As like mentioned above, you can easily embed an audio file in a supported format, but if you need to give extra fresh appeal like playlists, customization options, etc. plugins are the necessary one.

No matter your budget, there’s a music plugin for everyone, Hopefully one of the audio player plugins rendered below will be the perfect musical appendage for your site.

Top Notch WordPress Audio/Music Player Plugin

Audio Album

If you need a music player plugin that looks not only good but also provides extreme functionality, then this audio album player is the one to use right away. This WordPress plugin is freely available on the official WordPress repository, and with this plugin, you can showcase the display the audio files on your site in an attractive manner.

This plugin allows the user to edit and customize the looks of the plugin in the way they like and this process can be done easily by just editing the style sheet of this plugin. The shortcodes come with this plugins offers plenty of options, and these lead this plugin to be popular among others


Some Essential Key Features
  • Unlimited styling and coloring schemes
  • Custom tracks as albums and playlists
  • A pop-up window as built in style
  • Easy control over the audio playback
  • Cross browser and mobile friendly compatibility

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Simple Music Widget     

As the name suggests, simple music widget is a simple WordPress audio player plugin which is used to display the audio player widget in the sidebar of the WordPress website. This plugin is extremely easy to use and comes with its own CSS and widgets for customization.

The audio player widget can be displayed with artist’s name, song lyrics, the cover image and even a short description about the song. This easy to use audio player plugin works well with all the browsers that support HTML5 audio element.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Supports HTML5 audio player
  • Responsive based on the site theme
  • Supports default WP Audio embed
  • Use external cover image and audio file
  • Custom CSS for easy customization

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Audio Player By Clammr

Clammr audio player plugin is a most powerful plugin that allows user to diplay songs and podcast in their WordPress site. The plugin make it easy for the site visitors to share their favorite audio highlights with their friends by bringing the concept of social networking to audio.

This feature drives more traffic to your site as the shared audio contains backlinks to your site. Hence if you are looking for a premium music player to grow your business don’t miss to download this plugin.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Brings social networking to audio files
  • Automatic website podcast publishing
  • Responsive and compatible with browsers
  • Standalone music player plugin settings
  • Integrated along full suite of tools

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Crazy Player       

Crazy Player is a great audio player that comes as free for every WordPress website. It is a super easy plug and play plugin which uses HTML5 audio API to work seamlessly on all modern devices and browsers. This trendy looking music player has appealing look and its looks can be altered easily using the styling and coloring option.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Modern and customizable design
  • 5-minutes quick installation
  • Mobile friends and browser friendly
  • Customized color and style settings
  • Supports lyrics while playing music
  • Autoplay option and Playlist playing

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HTML5 jQuery Audio Player 

HTML5 jQuery audio player is an aesthetically pleasing and fashionable plugin that allows users to add a single song or a music list to your player to the WordPress site using shortcodes. Not only the player looks good, its work and support is even great.

The plugin is very user-friendly, as the site displays playlist with album art, user ratings, progress bars, and controls. The paid version of the plugin is also available to provide advanced features like multiple playlists and widget support, responsiveness and much customization option.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Attractive and easy to customize design
  • Uses MP3 and Ogg audio file formats
  • Integrated with Easy digital downloads
  • Works well on all browser and mobile devices
  • Includes Autoplay ON/ OFF buttons
  • Drag and drop playlist manager

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CP Media Player

CP media player is a beautiful and popular WordPress plugin which allows both audio and the video file display on the WordPress site. It publises and support all the following files : MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA and WebSRT subtitle files.

This plugin allows playlist association to your media player and also changes its looks to match the design of individual blog as closely as possible. There is also a premium version of this plugin ready for use with some added features.


Some Essential Key Features       
  • Allows audio player publish anywhere
  • Supports audio player and video player
  • Includes several skins for intuitive design
  • Supports all modern browsers and mobile devices
  • Allows playlist association to your media player

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Compact WP Audio Player

Based on the Flash and HTML5 concept, Compact WP Audio Player is designed for embedding the MP3 audio file to the WordPress website posts or pages. This plugin offers a smaller and better looking audio player that can be adjusted to any size of the post area. This plugin is responsive and hence works seamlessly on all mobile devices and modern browsers


Some Essential Key Features
  • Responsive and browser friendly
  • Compact and compatible for IOS devices
  • Accepts both MP3 and Ogg version
  • Auto audio play option on page load
  • Embeds audio files for podcasting

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MP3 jPlayer

MP3 jPlayer is a WordPress music player plugin with lightweight and responsive functionality to adapt all types of themes. It allows users to easily manage the audio files from the admin area and the audio files can be played from the WordPress media library, upload folders and URL’s itself. It works effectively with all built-in WordPress options in adding your music.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Flexible multiplayer audio plugin
  • Maximum Style, color and layout options
  • Smooth downloads and pop out layers
  • Login options for music play and download
  • Includes a drag and drop interface
  • Continuous playback between pages

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Simple Audio Player

A well know audio player plugin with multiple comprehensives solutions for the WordPress site. This simple audio player plugin uses Flash as the default and HTML5 as the fallback option instead of other plugins which uses HTML5 as playback. For the users convenience, it provides many shortcode options to change the color and size of the media player.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Customizable flash media player
  • Standard audio player controls
  • Quickly alter the playlist appearance
  • Extreme level of simple shortcodes
  • Loads JavaScript on player provision

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Playlist Audio Player  

Playlist audio player is a fashionable WordPress plugin with built in playlist manager to quick and easy setup of audio files in the website. This plugin will add a HTML5 player at the bottom of the site and creates playlist of 5 tracks.  The pro version of this user-friendly audio player plugins contains the features like tracks shuffling, repeat all-one-off, and multiple audio control buttons.


Some Essential Key Features
  • Creates playlist of 5 tracks
  • Display tracks on frontend
  • Built-in playlist manager
  • Next and previous buttons

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Audio Igniter


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Dynamic Audio Player Basic  


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Soundy Audio Playlist   


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HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist    


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WP Mp3 Player 


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AA Audio Player 


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GTG Audio Player


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Each and every plugins in this list give you a way to add an audio player to your WordPress website. Whether you just want something simple or you prefer something you can customize, there are plenty of audio player plugin choices on this list that suits your website most.

Furthermore, I update this post frequently with trending plugins, so Keep visiting this site often and don’t forget to drop your valuable feedbacks!

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